Inspiring Music (2)

Our inspiring music (1) thread got pretty full and unwieldy - thanks to all the great music! So I felt to share a new thread here for all the latest inspiration you come across.

What resonates your vibration?


Have you come across Sigrid yet? She's a tremendous young singer from Norway, who in a world of glitz and glamour, of social media climbing, seems to be totally authentic and real, and yet popular too. Check this one out...

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Oh thanks for posting that! Wow how nice to see a young singer not made up to the hilt etc (sigrid). very authentic! And her presence shows a great humility! I really loved it.

And Auroras vocals at the end gave me goose bumps! 

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Love the song from Aurora, very otherworldly vibe..

Recently I've been listening to the guitarist Estas Tonne, in this video he collaborates with an amazing singer, Istvan Sky. Awesome music and vocals.

A few days ago I came across music from the British-Portugese Nessi Gomes. Her songs make me feel like melting into myself and embrace all my perfectly imperfect human-mess Full moon emoji iconPraying Emoji



This Christmas I'll be out in nature, and encourage all of you to connect aswell. Our heartfelt connection to Gaia is going to become of ever increasing importance as the Shift unfolds...

One of the number 1 things I constantly find myself expressing in the Openhand work is the essential importance of unreservedly expressing yourself - set the soul free. Self realisation work is made so much easier and simpler because of it. As the wave of the soul rises, it connects you with the shores of the presence, but then also starts to clear out the density that gets in the way.

That's why personally I find the music of Jont and his vibe so inspirational. He just lets it flow. Be inspired...

Came across this today and it reminded me how deeply this movie, especially this song, has always touched me. The raw vulnerability, initial resistance, pain, confusion and - ultimately - surrender to the divine. 

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It's powerful Hannah for sure. Thanks for sharing. To me it depicts brilliantly the separation of ego from the God within. "God" does nothing to us. The separation is picking up a flow which the ego is interpreting as being from outside. "God" doesn't want anything from you - the movement of the One inside is willing you to be yourself. There's an awesome mini series out on Netflix called "Messiah" and the character in this plays the flow expression wonderfully, completely and willingly surrendered to it, whatever comes up. It also deals very well with the importance of empowering others to make their own decisions. It's worth watching...

Beautiful, thank you so much, Open. I had a great healing with my mother during her final year and helped her cross over. Tears. xoxoxoxoox

Can you remind me how to do this, please? I copy and pasted the embed code, but in preview, it just shows as the code. Thank you! :>>)) ~Laura

Sure, it's easy to embed videos. Simply go to the video wherever you find it, youtube for example, and click the 'share' button, then get the code for embedding and sharing. When you come to post here on Openhandweb, simply click the >_ button in the grey bar of the comments box (far right), then post the code there. See below...

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Thank you for the embed lesson! I wasn't sure how I did it the first time. ::++))

In French, Arabic, and Hebrew, this is a poem by the (late) Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, put to music by the great Rodolphe Burger of France. To my ears, it is as beautiful as the Song of Songs, and I think you will love it, especially if you speak French and/or Arabic. I added it to Youtube in 2012 and it's had almost 63,000 visits and many grateful comments. I was there at its premiere at the Odéon Theatre in Paris.  A 35-minute journey into the Beloved. Enjoy.. ~Laura oxox



Thank you for posting this Open. It really resonated with me as my fiercely independent 96 year old dad had a fall a couple of weeks ago, made worse by hospital staff. I know he has no fear of moving on and I can see the conflict in him – part of him really wants to go home and part feels it has to carry on fighting to achieve the 'best' outcome the hospital staff want for him. I can see it in his moods, one day fighting back and the next wanting to leave. All I can do is watch and support him in whatever way feels right in the moment. This gave me an opportunity for a much needed emotional release as while I try to support him as he fights his 'monsters', I am grappling with my own....



Hugs to you, Pam. My father is transitioning as well, far away from me. I send love every day. He has separated himself from everyone.

I am falling asleep here in Portland, Oregon, to my own videos tonight. Here is the beauty of beauties, "Migration" by Carlos Nakai and Peter Kater, full album with photographs by Edward Curtis

Good night and love to all, ~Laura


Thank you Laura - love and hugs back to you. I am so sorry your dad has separated himself from you all - that must make it especially hard for everyone.


Beautiful selections, thank you so much. Peace peace peace. xoxooxox