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Our inspiring music (1) thread got pretty full and unwieldy - thanks to all the great music! So I felt to share a new thread here for all the latest inspiration you come across.

What resonates your vibration?

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Here is one by Chester Bennington that split my heart wide open this morning, especially with what is going on in the US right now. As a word of warning parts of the video are dark and triggering. 

Then driving to work I hopped out of my car to move a turtle that was in the middle of a busy two lane road - but got there too late - he’d already been hit. 💔 The metaphor was viscerally clear though - this is no time to stay in our shell. 

Dear Open,

I would like to share my New EP of Solo Piano Songs. It's really a portrait of some of the inner feelings that Star Souls living on Planet Earth can find themselves working through. I'm hoping others in the Open Hand Family will be able to relate to it, hence my posting the link here:

Please feel free to listen for free and/ or support the EP. Music is one of my main ways to reach out and communicate with the world so I'd love to have others feedback.

I include the original EP description notes: I feel if I should share anything, I should share this. What does it feel like to be Human at this time? These Four Songs tell a story, a story of inner feelings towards Humanity, both in being one myself, and in sharing a planet with other humans. Through the story I hope you will find some beauty and hope, but be warned, for there is also the fire of anger and the despondency of hopelessness. Where are we going? What are we we doing? What's going on? Will we make it through to the other side?



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I have always loved the sentiment in 'Don't Dream It's Over' - 'they come... to build a wall between us... we know they won't win'.
And to further this sentiment, 'Walls Come Tumbling Down' by The Style Council seems incredibly appropriate right now - a strong call to action for us all. I also love to dance around to their other hit, 'Shout to the Top' - really uplifting when you wake in a funk and need to dance around to shake yourself out of it!!

A soulful song to enjoy!

'6 years ago we started The Wanderer to bring movement. Movement in hearts and souls. With sounds and a voice as a medicine. To contribute to each his transformation and give strength on each his path.'

Felt compelled to share this beautiful song. I hope it feels you all with as much love and truth as it does me.


I happened upon this song on an album I haven't listened to in years and couldn't believe the appropriate nature of these lyrics for right NOW - a reminder + call to action indeed!

This is the music that is playing in loop for me. I often feel like a compete alien and so it reminds me of what I came here to do.

If you're feeling the understandable challenges of Lockdown at times, then know that you're not alone, and it's okay to hurt sometimes. Let's always honour our feelings. That way we can move quickly through.

Here's a masterful performance from REM to help you...

My eyes are wide open I see you clear My toes touch the floor Our world has been shaking on Oh what's your soul saying? Oh is your world changing? Your face tells me always Things your mouth often spares And I hope you know I'll do what it takes To bring joy into your day Oh what's your soul saying? Oh is your world changing?

Perfect timing Hannah - I've just been out 'shamanising' in the meadows and levels around Glastonbury and come back to this. What a blessing!

Thanks so much for sharing Heart

I came across this little story by the musician Avi Kaplan about coming through his darkness, oepning up inside and then the alchemy that came out. Felt to share it with you because it's pretty inspirational. And one of his songs below that, which I found completely outstanding. It's worth working through the density folks!...

The artist David Grey produced this music in his bedroom on a cheap mixing machine when in a financial mess. He managed to crowd fund enough to print the first 5000 copies. It sold like hot cakes and the rest is history. "Let go of your heart, let go of your head", when we have a passion and unleash it, miracles can and do happen...

Thanks Marije. I just came out of meditation also, during which I felt the impulse to play this exact same song. There was a boatload of powerful energy moving especially during the heartful Alleluia's at the end. The false father energy had attempted to... scare my soul into fragments for but after feeling through it all I let go, and I was still there, looking back at him.

Then I was deep in a coffin mummified and buried and forgotten in the earth, buried under layers and layers of density, with the awareness that there were miles and miles of collective humanity buried the same way, still asleep. The scene shifted to 4D in the outer atmosphere where I could see everyone - white, frozen and shattered. There were many of us in boats now, and the heart of our breath was bringing warmth and vitality to the white frozen soul shards, and more and more were beginning to move and feel again.

There was a strong realignment within me as well that seemed to somehow connect with our entire Openhand family, and I was wondering if the feedback loop would hit as well. Wow.voltage emoji iconHeart

I have really been enjoying this song and clip from the latest Coldplay album:

And from the same album is this sad song that seems very suitable to help with processing father issues.

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Wow - thanks for sharing the Coldplay song - the first video, Everyday Life. I'd just finished a meditation, where I could feel the intervention energies around the earth like a cage. I could feel into them. Most importantly, I could feel higher dimensional energy piercing through the cage. As I finished, I wondered would I see a synchronistic reflection? And there was the clip in the video of the people in a sweat-lodge-style cage - it resonated deep, so thanks OK Hand SignPraying Emoji

It's winter here in the UK and icy cold today after the recent storm Ciara (how they come up with such beatiful names!). I came across this video by Jonna Jinton and found it mesmerising...

Beautiful selections, thank you so much. Peace peace peace. xoxooxox