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Our inspiring music (1) thread got pretty full and unwieldy - thanks to all the great music! So I felt to share a new thread here for all the latest inspiration you come across.

What resonates your vibration?

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There was a god

There was a way

There was a path

There was a norm

There was a way

There was a rule

But there is a heart it beats in you

I Am free! I am free! I am free!

I am free! I am free! I am free!

I am free! I am free! I am free!

I am free! I am free! I am

It knows what’s right

It knows what’s wrong

It knows what’s love

It sings its song

It wants to run

It wants to laugh

It wants to smile

It wants to be free



He deals the cards as a meditation
And those he plays never suspect
He doesn't play for the money he wins
He don't play for respect.

He deals the cards to find the answer
The sacred geometry of chance
The hidden law of a probable outcome
The numbers lead a dance...


Dear Openhand family, 

I'm so glad to present you, the music video River and I made. I wrote this song a couple of months back during our travel in Himalayas. Some of the visuals where shot during our various hikes in the mountains and really represents the trust and freedom we touched at that time. I came back to Goa and recorded this with a very talented producer and violinist who added lot of beautiful emotions to the song. River flowed back and joined us after a couple of months to shoot the rest of video and worked his craft. Moreover we had a lot of fun through this process. I trust you will enjoy it. Victory Hand We would love to hear your feedback Slightly Smiling
Much love Heart


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Just watching this a fresh having seen it a couple of times before and I'm even more blown away!

The lightness and simplicity yet also the intricate layers are just beautiful! It really speaks into the Soul with such a catchy, memorable chorus, I think it's going to keep coming back to me frequently. Amazing, keep going Sky and River, you have something really special, what a lovely collaboration! The imagery is delightful and completely compliments the song.

Heart Tilly


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Thankyou dear Open and Tilly for your never ending support and encouragement. There's so much love in this community,  it frequently brings me to tears. 

A lot of work was put behind making this video come alive by all those who contributed especially the producer who did such exceptional work. So I really feel its the collective work and soul energy that's shining through. I also wanted to give up making this song and video couple of times as I was also inquiring what's the point ? To be honest producing it and presenting it before this lovely community was also one of the reasons  that kept me going. Personally I have learned so much from the process of making it and also from the end result. I also got some truest reflection from Open from the facilitator gathering which I honor. That's the point I feel , when we engage in something and put ourselves out there then that's when we get the reflections we need. 

We hope to collaborate more in the future and do more of such creative projects and I know we will learn something each time.



Something about my first and then second and then third experience here at OPENhand...
every time I "sink into" the energy here and tap into the SOUL family, I reminded of the surge of being alive.  



I love the energy this guy brings in through his voice, so otherworldly. 

Somewhere in my heart in ancient times I wandered
Through these valleys I have climbed among these hills
Faces from a past I’m haunted by their mem’ries
Lives and loves I’ve lost I feel them in me still.

New ground
Far as I can see
New ground
Underneath my feet
In a stranger’s land
New chance to know who I am
If I have the strength
To begin again.

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Woe that's totally captivating - the energy he brings to his expression.
A powerful example to us all.
Thanks for the share.

Open 🙏

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There are no words to describe how it feels in the heart to this music by Mei-Lan except that it takes me to another place.  The resonance of her singing touches me deeply and as I sat there singing along, I felt wave upon wave of heat coming from my hands through my spine into my heart.  I didn't want it to end and could sit there in meditation listening to this particular one all day. Thanks for sharing it.  


I've been going through quite a resurrection since contracting "covid" some weeks back. I cannot begin to describe yet how it's stripping out the old DNA, but it's nothing short of miraculous. I plan to be sharing more in the days ahead. Meanwhile this really inspired...


I'll be heading out traveling again in 2022. But, "no matter where I roam, I will come back to my English Rose, Lady Avalon". Perfect Christ Consciousness expressed too...

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You and me are so often on the same page.
There's no escaping it, things get tough down here in the "desert" when you're listening for guidance but the signals struggle to get through.
There's no way around it but to surrender in the desert until the next watering hole shows up!

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It's true! Feels like we've done this before. Vulcan Salute Harp Emoticon

And yes, there is no escaping the densities after all, but it matters less when we can always find the courage to surrender and expand. 

I'm still working on that. The energies in my field can get interesting. I'm given to help a part of me move on, while partly experiencing the karma of the destruction of Lyran home world once again. It feels like I'm being impaled energetically in the solar plexus, which says a lot about the different realities I find myself in between sometimes! ...


When this piece of music first came up to me few days ago I found these vibrations quite interesting. But then quickly enough (in the middle of the track) I got that is not just for listening and put it "on hold" for a meditation...

Actually, for the meditation I may suggest the whole album Solfeggio Harmonics Vol. 1 by Source Vibrations which includes 9 pieces and is made to have increasing sound vibrations with every piece. I tried it this way and must say for me it seems to be quite powerful tool if one would dare to support the inner meditative work with this music (make sure you have them in the increasing frequency order and without the ads interrupting, I have it on Spotify for this reason...).

Also, I have to put a warning here from my experience that this is very mastery made sound and has a powerful effect in a meditation - it may trigger things in chakras. I would say if that happens then its better to pause on this particular frequency piece of music and work with what has been triggered - Openhand tools are perfect for this! Then repeat it again (maybe with the next meditation starting from the lowest frequency again) and see if still there is some work to do. Only then continue to the higher vibrational sound.

In this morning's meditation I have gone through all 9 pieces and at the end with the last one of 963Hz the feeling appeared as if the solar plexus would be itching. When the music finished there was a feeling as if the band has been tightened around my solar plexus area, so had to work with this using the Openhand Bow twice, then the Multi Dimensional Chakra Meditation and the Bow again. Wow! For this reason I would suggest to dedicate some time in case it works as it did for me.

Felt to share the music and my experience with it Hungry

And then there is Vol.2 ...

With much love and blessings HeartPraying Emoji