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Our inspiring music (1) thread got pretty full and unwieldy - thanks to all the great music! So I felt to share a new thread here for all the latest inspiration you come across.

What resonates your vibration?

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This one I dedicate to my soul, and all the other awakened (well, working on it lol) souls out there! BFFs for LIFE!😉💜💜💜🙏

"Allow the world to vanish when you go into it. To listen is to search for new opportunities, to seek fresh challenges. The most important book you can read is about yourself. It is open" - Erling Kagge, Silence: In the age of noise


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What a lovely song Open, and the scenery is breathtaking...Thanks for sharing HeartHappy cat emoji icon

On the subject of astral travel though, would you care to expand a little?

My intuition (and knowing from another reading) is to use the solar plexus and heart chakra combined as a "pivot point", and then the activated lightbody as a vehicle. I could well connect into the astral plane this way but am still not sure how to travel to other places. It is of course easier in dream-time...but I'd like to learn how to do it consciously too.

Any insight would be welcome!

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Hi Lyra,

Mostly when people speak of "astral travel" I believe what they're referring to is going out of body (to some degree) and travelling on the 4D plane. This can be done by deep relaxation and visualising a rising, like climbing a rope for example, before then travelling. It's something I apply in the journeying aspect on the Openhand retreats.

My much preferred method though is to go within and access all dimensions inwardly. Then to explore the synchronistic reflections that manifest externally as you journey internally. So in effect you're always travelling!

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Hi Open,

Aww okay I see. Thanks so much for the tip.

I agree with you that going within is where the real magic(k) of ascension is. But I've just got to learn the out-of-body method too!

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This song is potent and the compilation album which I randomly found on my brand new computer back then, LOL, throws me back to my returning to Kansas with my daughter from my time living in Germany. (traveling I had not expected)

Each song got me through to another way of being meStar Emoji peeling layers back and melting my dense armor from that point on for me to have a breaking-open of my heart a few years later.  It was once again another phase of this lifetime of transmutation and getting closer to my soul.  Thank you for the throwback Praying Emoji

Dear all,

i wanted to post this song in the forum for a while, but somehow the musical genre not being so widely spread in spiritual circles had me hesitate a bit. Now it's overcome. The song is about music, but in the sense of music being our own inner song playing an endless symphony. A poetically excellent work!

This song touches me in a million ways, so profound, so beautiful, so true, from so many perspectives. Makes me cry everytime i sing along.

with love,

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Thomas! I just listened to this and my heart leapt—not only for the dynamic and penetrating words and melody BUT I kept envisioning gathering those of us here that play instruments and sing. 

A long felt wish of mine has been to be in a band. And I feel very strongly to share with us all here that maybe those I’ve been looking for are HERE in this group—a galactic, moetley crew :-) 

It seems perfectly odd that the way to create an original Openhand music group would be to synthesize and gather from all locations around the world. 
Band practice in my garage every week!!  Via zoom 
I’ll get Martin to book us gigs <3 

WHO IS UP to for this ?!?! 
I feel song writers, musicians and singers strongly in this group. 

And I am more serious than playfully dreaming now... please reach out to me if you can see this vision as well! 


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I am positive we have very savvy and wizard-like beings in our group to work through the technical part of meeting up and creating an awesome musical group.  I can feel it in my whole being.  If all those cool musicians that have the instruments, right agents and groupies can gather globally and connect to make one video (Playing for Change) OPENHANDERS across the galaxy can do it too!  And we don't really even need to have a good mixing board LOL, just soul alignment and individual instruments tuned and great big smiles...

I am going to wait for a week to see if others chime in here and on a post I wrote to Vimal.  
After that, I'll start an individual thread in the FORUMS for the band and gather the members :-)   
It would be a lifetime dream come true just to create even one song and get it recorded with a handful of lovely musical souls. 

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Sending in my Mini CV for the Open Hand Band:

Paul: Keyboard Player/ Composer/ Arranger/ Singer/ Music Teacher and keen meditator/ forest walker, very happy to be of service to work on a song together,  even just for a bit of Fun. Zoom would be difficult to do live practice due to latency over the internet. However I would be very happy to work on a song with others, sending tracks back and forth and layering them together to make music that way. Also if you want a quick listen I have a couple of mellow songs here:

Music for the Cosmic Space Traveler (Youtube)

and something a little more Funky here:

So let us know my Dear Open Hand community,  if you want to make a song together. With Open's Video making skills and the wonderful art I've seen from time to time displayed here, I'm sure we could combine all our talents and come up with something very cool and full of Soulful goodness!

Stay Light

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What a fantabulous idea - an Openhand band!

Yeah, I like it.

So here's a suggestion: someone comes up with a tune with lyrics, then we each record ourselves putting down parts of the track. I could use garageband and imovies to put it together.

How about that?

Blessings for such inspiration

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Yes, Open, I feel this is the easiest and most workable way forward. Finding who we have for the project, what instruments we have to work with, then sending the tracks between us, each adding our own layer/ layers as we go. But first agreeing on a vibe/style and getting some lyrics together for our song.

Piano/ Vocals/ Arranger

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Count me in for the band! It's funny I've been getting so many musical syncronicities and feedback loops recently. I can't ignore it. 

I play banjo and some didgeridoo. Also sing. 

Let's see what we can put together! How exciting!


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Hey all, Everyone that has shown interest in getting the band together, 

I have started a new feed in the Forum under Spiritual Inspiration called OPENhand garageBAND.

I was hoping to get us connected with a common place easy to find and still be available to others that come across this and interested.

If Vimal, Lyra, Paul, Megha and Richard, Open, me and now maybe Barb-- if you all are ready to get a cracking' let us meet up there for the initial brainstorming and organizing.  It is challenging for me to navigate through so many daily posts these days and remember where we are in a conversation.   

I am really loving this idea and feel super good about it :-)  


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This is a lovely idea Gwyn - beautiful energy behind it. Thumbs Up Sign

I don't have the time to get personally involved, especially with all that's developing and unfolding right now, but if a group of you want to get together and create some musical vibes, then I'm all for it!

Much love and support

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Here is something for when we find ourselves bouncing between an inner polarity, and perhaps then encountering some less-than-reputable fellows in the ether. Rakhe Rakhanhaar - it's a mantra that means complete protection. Or in another sense, zero protection. Because what I AM is nothing, and everything...


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Yes! Heard this one when it came out hehe. Angel Halo

Mei-lan is awesome. She also does live stream performance on social media(Fb/instagram) sometimes, I'd recommend anyone interested here to tune in. 

Plenty of you will know gongmaster Huzy from previous Openhand retreats and his virtual performance at Avalon Rising World Ascension Summit last year. Here he is playing a thoroughly haunting new instrument, the shamanic harp Navigara, that he personally made! Breathe, sit back and relax, let it carry you off...

Wow, I'm loving this one. Courtesy of the Polish Ambassador and co. When the path gets a little tricky, maybe to help us shatter some deep rooted illusions...Remember to trust - pure awareness is the light, and pure expression is how we shine. 


Have no fear, we're gonna break it all down, we are "Shaking the Tree". Peter Gabriel at his best...

25/12/20 Openhand Journal Update: Okay, so it's vision quest time - heading out into the "wilderness" - the dream time at least! - to go into openness, let go of the past and any of its fixations on consciousness, to let in the flows, memes and ideas for the coming year. Thought 2020 was big? Well, as they say, "get your game face on", because I do believe that was only the beginning, the warm up. 2021 is going to be epic. And instead of the usual consumer, docile, in-the-Christmas mode sleepwalking, how about we  make way for a new invigoration, a personal revolution in 2021?

So as I begin my own vision quest this morning, out in the energy fields, this is the track that most jumped out on shuffle. "The Questions are the Answers You might need, do ya know what I mean?" The time for the spiritual warrior has well and truly arrived. So step up all your misfits and mavericks.

What's revving your engine at this time?...

Amazing performance. And the cosmos speaks...

Time to let go of what we've learned, and of what we are still being told, from Earth Not Above!

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Hey Open, I'm glad it resonates. 

I haven't listened to HÆLOS in a while, but got led back to this performance just today. Haunting is definitely right, haha, what a sound!

from Earth AND above Heart

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Wow Lyra, right there with you - certainly rippled some sweet lovely light my way today - huge thanks Thumbs Up Sign

To my mind, too many people speak of "spreading the light" and "raising the vibration", are happy to put clicks and ticks on social media (which is mostly owned by the powers that be) and yet for some inexplicable reason, are reticent to share some "love n light" with a comment on an independent website.

Come on folks, let's build those ripples of love!

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Hey Open, you're welcome! Smliing Music is very much a huge part of what gives me joy, so I'm more than happy to share them here. 

You do raise a curious matter on that...Well, only if there is a like button on here for each post! I'm sure I will be more than happy to click on it instead of taking time to compose a thoughtful comment. (not) TearsTears  Jokes aside, I do find that when there's an expectation, even just in the back of the mind on how joy needs to be expressed or perceived, then it can dim the light and greatly constricts the energy flow. The lower mind likes to build attachment and identity, where it feels safe...And more often than not when we are lovingly expressing the self, like making a simple comment among other things, we'll need to step out of that (or it just wouldn't feel right). So for me too, it's a constant choice to let the sense of self rest upon the zero point field/sacred ground of being/Cosmic Phire (and be tested by it so to speak), instead of anything else the ego mind might conjure up. I find that greatly helps the flow of love and joy, and henceforth the expression of it. 


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