Inspiring Music (2)

Our inspiring music (1) thread got pretty full and unwieldy - thanks to all the great music! So I felt to share a new thread here for all the latest inspiration you come across.

What resonates your vibration?


Have you come across Sigrid yet? She's a tremendous young singer from Norway, who in a world of glitz and glamour, of social media climbing, seems to be totally authentic and real, and yet popular too. Check this one out...

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Oh thanks for posting that! Wow how nice to see a young singer not made up to the hilt etc (sigrid). very authentic! And her presence shows a great humility! I really loved it.

And Auroras vocals at the end gave me goose bumps! 

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Love the song from Aurora, very otherworldly vibe..

Recently I've been listening to the guitarist Estas Tonne, in this video he collaborates with an amazing singer, Istvan Sky. Awesome music and vocals.