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Openhanders on adventure


Madagascar -  healing human karma and multidimensional activations

It’s been awhile, since I had to embrace waves of personal processing, layers of human conditioning and karma, resurfacing in the forefront of my experience.

Hence the wish for some new beginning, a bit of fresh air in my writing expression. Breaking down the complexity of my human landscape, I’m sharing some of my recent experiences. Hopefully it can illuminate some of the on-going field dynamics, potentially serving others on their own Home-coming journey.

spiritual humour

I saw 'spiritual humour' in the forum description but there does not seem to be a specific topic on that, so I figured: let's do this!

Did you hear about the dyslectic spiritual seekers at the wildlife convention? They're still looking for the fowler of life.

My mate got a cat recently but he brought it back pretty soon as there seemed to be no end to the little annoyances it gave him. I said well, you should have expected that from a lemniscat.


When looking do I truly see,

When listening do I hear thy truth?

In the mirror, is that me?

cast aside, the fears of youth,

In form so brittle, senses tuned,

more majesty than meets the eye,

your meaning, which is but assumed,

Where does thy purpose, really lie?

You sing the universal song,

from every cell about your space,

the blissful, unifying ohm,

that brings divine love to this place.

I feel your body, in my hand,

River Reality : Journey of Remembering


Dear Community,

River here. I love expressing myself through films and songs, where I enjoy listening to my soul speaking through. I always feel the journey here on Earth is all about remembering who I really am and expressing myself from there.

I am truly honored to be able to share my content with this amazing community. Much love and magic to everyone.

Beauty in decay

Following one of the recent Openhand 5D exchanges, we were dispersed to freewheel and be attentive to the field. Glastonbury abbey grounds provided the ideal setting for me. I was transfixed by the bare trees against the abbey ruins, like a scaffold awaiting the layering of creation anew. I felt the shift as a season, transforming and recreating but on a cosmic level. I was being asked to see the beauty and purpose without fear, as an observer and therefore, a co-creator. This was an invitation to surrender the ego's paranoid grip and step into the flow.

Magdalene inspire


Magalene inspire, 

My heart with vibrant love,

Achieve love's lofty spire,

Merge your twin flame's dove.

Through the ethers reach,

soft hand that glows with bliss,

In gratitude you teach,

The love of sunlight's kiss.

Awaiting Eagle's dawn,

Our faces now upturned,

before our hearts were worn,

Omega light we yearned,

But now the christed peace, it beckons,

In cosmic heartbeat, merely seconds...

Radiantly, our auras glowing,

Ode to Open Portal.


Ode to the Open portal.

Openhand mysteries that unfold,

like a bud in transformation,

To release perfumed, multidimensional truth,
In sweet scented, solfeggio harmony,
Propagating the tremulous love-light song,

That whispers from heart to heart across the void,
In cosmic, care free dance,
Undulating and writhing endlessly,
Like Pan’s elemental retinue, wild and free,
Fearless exploration on the bridge of conscious enquiry,