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The desert where I dwell.(Short story)

I felt this heat on my face and slowly opened my eyes to the bright open sky, where the sun was shining brightly. It was strange, I could feel sand on my palms. I slowly rose to my feet and gazed around in awe. I'm awake in a desert, where all I could see were vast sand mountains and desert wind.

When you listen to your soul

This short film I've done a year before, I was in my home, and I just followed the feeling to climb up this mountain and this magic happened. I've listened Open, says just the same. just to go with the feelings without any intention and let the magic happen on its own.

I would love to share it here, Atma Namaste Praying Emoji


Inspiring books

There is a lot about music here and also movies and videos, but not so much about books, so here is the place for sharing your favorite books, quotes, lessons or impressions. Someone once said that book is the most important invention of humanity, I think there is some truth in this, it's kind of most deep and intimate experience for the author and reader. 


OPENhand garage BAND


Hello musicians, singers, lyricists, music techies and lovers of music. 

Let's start the conversation HERE -- I have collected names of those interested so far.  At the moment we have — Richard W, Megha, Paul, Vimal V, Lyra, Open and myself-Gwyn.

Thank you so much already for just chiming in.  It is so obvious the gears have been turning about how we can make this happen.  And I am really excited to just get started in whichever direction we feel comfortable with.


I felt drawn to start a new thread here for sharing fascinating images of the sky and possibly sharing interpretations, after I spotted the image below on the horizon somewhere above some canyons in Brazil. Particularly, the rainbow colored light caught my attention!

Praia Grande

Energy Shifts and Creativity

I continue to have incredible shifts in energy in the last week which has been pretty intense. Today was especially dramatic with heart clearing. Good news is the creativity has spiked as well. These lyrics came out today and I thought I would share - seem to go hand in hand with the clearing. Hope you enjoy.


I am a secret that I couldn't keep

The dreams of the dreamer who talks in his sleep


Safe but unseen in the depths of the night

I am the shadow that runs for the light


[Break / Chorus Here]


Amazing Inspiring People...Who Inspires YOU?

Throughout my life journey there have been the personal stories and words of amazing people that inspired me to be myself and to follow my Soul's heart beat. One of them has been Maya Angelou, an extraordinary woman of immense wisdom and spiritual depth.

I wish to dedicate this forum to all the extra-ordinary people out there who reflect back the magnificence of expressing Beingness in all forms. The form and the formless unite :)