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I felt drawn to start a new thread here for sharing fascinating images of the sky and possibly sharing interpretations, after I spotted the image below on the horizon somewhere above some canyons in Brazil. Particularly, the rainbow colored light caught my attention!

Praia Grande

Energy Shifts and Creativity

I continue to have incredible shifts in energy in the last week which has been pretty intense. Today was especially dramatic with heart clearing. Good news is the creativity has spiked as well. These lyrics came out today and I thought I would share - seem to go hand in hand with the clearing. Hope you enjoy.


I am a secret that I couldn't keep

The dreams of the dreamer who talks in his sleep


Safe but unseen in the depths of the night

I am the shadow that runs for the light


[Break / Chorus Here]


Amazing Inspiring People...Who Inspires YOU?

Throughout my life journey there have been the personal stories and words of amazing people that inspired me to be myself and to follow my Soul's heart beat. One of them has been Maya Angelou, an extraordinary woman of immense wisdom and spiritual depth.

I wish to dedicate this forum to all the extra-ordinary people out there who reflect back the magnificence of expressing Beingness in all forms. The form and the formless unite :)

Self-Realisation Music from Openhand Gatherings

I've been asked too many times about the wonderful music I play at Openhand Gatherings, so I thought to share some classic ones that often come up. Music has been a massive part of the Openhand journey - when I sit in the space with people, the tracks literally pick themselves by guidance from the ether. The have such power to break through and open up. So I'll gather a few together for you over time.


Heart wisdom knows everything
happening in my life.
I hold thoughts of you.
It takes compassion to connect with
a higher perspective.
The older I become the more
I trust my higher heart to tell me
what I need to know.
I trust that I’ll receive what I require
when I need it.
Abundance is
feeling my needs are taken care and
all is well.

Calm after the Storm

Look into the mirror
for fears,
so you aren’t led
down the frightful path
of others.
Soul connection is light
vibration that fills the heart
until it can no longer be contained
and spills over.
May it seek lighthouses
that shine strong during
inclement weather unleashed on
rugged shores.
May it soothe emotions that
lash out and have no bounds.
May it help
the sleepy collective move
through the mist to find
the morning sun.
On the beach,
I pick up pieces of my soul

The Iris

The Iris

Like after rain,
Like in spring,
In the Heart of the Eye

Like a radio tower,
Like an antenna,
In the Heart of the Eye

In the Heart of the Eye
lies a treasure,
a miracle,
a flower,
The Iris

Make that Heart shine
like the sun
like a flame,
and it will bloom

Bring that heart to life
with attention
follow your dreams
and it will bloom

All Just One

Was feeling a bit out of sorts on my way to my morning meditation spot by the lake today. Cued up an Openhand video and it reset my day. Was reflecting on the message of the One while witnessing the unity of nature and this writing came. Thanks Open..

All Just One

Will the tree forsake the ground
Or the tides outlive the moon
Can the music claim the sound
Or time leave much too soon

Do our shadows all have names
Does light long for the sun
Will the fire burn the flames
Or is it all just one