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Magdalene inspire


Magalene inspire, 

My heart with vibrant love,

Achieve love's lofty spire,

Merge your twin flame's dove.

Through the ethers reach,

soft hand that glows with bliss,

In gratitude you teach,

The love of sunlight's kiss.

Awaiting Eagle's dawn,

Our faces now upturned,

before our hearts were worn,

Omega light we yearned,

But now the christed peace, it beckons,

In cosmic heartbeat, merely seconds...

Radiantly, our auras glowing,

Ode to Open Portal.


Ode to the Open portal.

Openhand mysteries that unfold,

like a bud in transformation,

To release perfumed, multidimensional truth,
In sweet scented, solfeggio harmony,
Propagating the tremulous love-light song,

That whispers from heart to heart across the void,
In cosmic, care free dance,
Undulating and writhing endlessly,
Like Pan’s elemental retinue, wild and free,
Fearless exploration on the bridge of conscious enquiry,

And if we are to shine..

I would like to quote this beautiful poem by Tahilia Hunter;-



And if we are to shine

May we shine as the stars do

Which glow brightly in the darkness

And illuminate the beauty of all that surrounds them


And if we are to heal

May we heal as the forests do

Which regenerate following the harshest of fires

And the coldest of winters


And if we are to grow

May we grow as the plants do

Slowly with stability

The Music that's Inspired You Through 10 years of Galactic Alignment?

Hi Openhanders - I'm intrigued, what's the Music that's Inspired You Through 10 years of Galactic Alignment? So many great songs and meditations we've played at the gatherings, so much upliftment. Do share what uplifts you here below...

7 RAYs Radio

Music is the elevation of soul. The vibration reverberates within our temple body; it tunes our strings; and it moves our body to wiggle, flow, stomp, expressing self fully.  OPENHAND celebrates music as a tool for self alignment, self expression and self love. 

I would like to play with anyone out there that is getting all hyped on the flavors of 7 Rays. How is our sensing body feeling into these unique expressions of energy and what music out there is harmonizing with them?  

The desert where I dwell.(Short story)

I felt this heat on my face and slowly opened my eyes to the bright open sky, where the sun was shining brightly. It was strange, I could feel sand on my palms. I slowly rose to my feet and gazed around in awe. I'm awake in a desert, where all I could see were vast sand mountains and desert wind.