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Madagascar -  healing human karma and multidimensional activations

It’s been awhile, since I had to embrace waves of personal processing, layers of human conditioning and karma, resurfacing in the forefront of my experience.

Hence the wish for some new beginning, a bit of fresh air in my writing expression. Breaking down the complexity of my human landscape, I’m sharing some of my recent experiences. Hopefully it can illuminate some of the on-going field dynamics, potentially serving others on their own Home-coming journey.

Taking part in the Facilitator Conference it really seemed like spot on with my awakening journey in this lifetime. Stepping into the generational/ancestral karma in order to re-connect deeper with the original human DNA. 

I wish to share some personal insights about the relationship between (distorted) feminine/masculine dynamics in connection with on-going inquiry about paternal figure, that is sought out by wounded feminine.  Embracing “Christed” part within me, I recognized (subconscious) need, that tends to offer spiritual guidance to those that are looking for direction. The invatation for me has been to deeply eqalize with the field of unkown in order to bring forth alligned guidance from the Soul. Intervention (in my case the group of Tall Whites) has became truly adept in influencing the field, might I find myself in need of the quick answer. I also had strong feeling, that this particular group has lost sense of coherency, since they had to RE-define their mission. When part of their old masters (Annunaki) withdrew, it opened some inquiry about their actual “purpose”.

Anyhow, as the identitety of spiritual guide was released within me, I could welcome back some of my initial guidance. When (part of) the healing work has been done, how can I truly embrace the energetic memory of Lemurian Times? This notion has been present for me even before joining Openhand, due to some of the regressions in “my Lemurian experience”.

The idea that finally landed tend to be a trip to Madagascar. After all, that’s where one is supposed to find Lemurs, creatures that reflect the name of the ancient land/time in the story of our planet.

At the same time, I would be accompanied on this adventure. Travelling with someone - that is equally comitted in re-alligning the distortions within One’s own field - what can actually go wrong, when Openhanders join on the adventure? And eventually, what is the truth of our connection beyond the surface level appearance of adept spiritual students.

So the journey has begun with genuine feeling about enhancing the feeling of flower of life. Re-creating the sense of toroidal flow, where it might have became stuck in the wheels of time.

Let’s bring it out of the woods, was my sense when reaching our capital and embarking on travels.

Flower of life miha

The portal has opened, as we literally catched the flight by the minute. The day of strike, at the airport in Paris and the invitation towards (energetic) opening of the space, tends to begin early on. As we already surrendered in missing the flight, some actual opening appeared and we run directly through it into the plane.

Hannah celebrating arrival at the plane turned out to be the last time when particular figure of flower of life appeared to be in one piece. During the flight it broke in two pieces, leaving us with fragment for each. Maybe it can be restored through mutual amplification.

hannah flower of life

Baggage has been another story, when arriving on the Island of Madagascar. As our luggage didn’t make it on time, the reflection spoke to the necesity of travelling light through that portal, when moving back in time.

In the meantime, also what’s been left from my baggage was stolen. Maybe it was the welcoming gift from the place, that literally strip away, all that connected me to any sense of societal identity.

Well, I couldn’t take it so lightheartedly at the time, even though the experience with African police brought me the sense of transcendental awareness. Why taking it so Seriously? It seemed so paradoxical to witness the hierachicaral structure of people, that doesn’t really (want to) know what their job is. At the same time everyone tends to give the impression, that they are doing it really well.

Local streets (and higher-dimensional guidance) turned out to work way better in that regard. I was able to get back, at least my passport and some pappers of my recent writings. It gets so easier to navigate life abroad with European passport in hands, I’ve always been so grateful for it.

Decent part of my recent Soul mussings is gone, as the computer obviously ended up somewhere down the line of Antananarivo streets. It’s my assumption, that some of the text specifically about Ra energy, just wanted to be blocked, before I was actually able to publish it. However, I trust that some more of the “Atlantean practices” will be illuminated, waiting for another occassion.

In that process of eqalizing with sequence of events, I had to embrace that feeling of the violation of my own field, whilst simultaneously feeling acceptance/forgiveness.

The level of betrayal has been reflected in recognizing that playfulness of the young children, that caught my attention, was actually used as the mean of distraction - whilst things were being stolen. And in the process of “sorting out the crime”, I could feel that some people that seemingly came to support me, have been involved in the activity themselves.

Eventually, I had to empathize with their situation, feeling an absolute sense of powerlesness in their life. It’s still difficult for my being to witness human beings, that are willing to cause great harm to each other in order to fulfill their (percieved) needs. And than - as the “westerner” - how many times have I been in the position of (subconsciously) causing harm to other sentient life through my way of being?

Immediately I was brought to the dynamic that has been present, since my arrival to the country. Feeling the welcoming of the Elders and some ancient presence, that is completely disociated from the current society, lacking any sense of connection. At the same time locals carry this feeling of resentment towards tourists, due to the history of (French) colonization, whilst at the same time tourist represent their only way of hope towards better life…

Yes, I had to embrace that ultimate feeling of responsibility, for all that misconceptions and constant projections among different groups of people. It touches me deeply on the Soul level, that realizaton that humanity has become so deeply invested in various constructs that continuously set people aparat. Most of the humans have lost the capacity to look deeply into the eyes of another and recognize divine presence in the mirror they are looking at. How many Souls will eventually find their way out, as the Shift continues to unravel further?

Tuning in that karmic sense of responsibility, that seems to be stored on the level of my being, I was able to let go of my “foreigner story”. I am not the foreigner in this human story anymore, eventually I became part of it. The invitation to sink deeper with the Island, presented itself in the form of an ancient baobab tree. It is growing in the North of the country, next to the ocean. Locals believe to be the oldest growing tree of the species  and it well represented an entry point for my Consciousness to arrive more fully on the adventure.

Baobab tree

There is obviously lots to be realigned and  we’ve encountered the statue of golden angel on multiple occasions. It reflects also the movement of golden tiara, an energy implant, that tends to be blocking the infusion from 6th density field.

Tiara in the air

She is taking that band from her head, but obviously wants to defend it with the sword.

Golden angel sword

In my personal story, there is a need to truly soften in the vulnerability of my human expression. Since my “source of energy” (money and credit card) for navigating life as the tourist in 3rd world is gone, I need to let go of the “old masculine“ way of leadership. It felt scary to be dependent and in the need of asking somebody else for help. Thankfully, Hannah is happy to embrace this part within herself and reflect it in the supportive way for the mission.

Wait, what is the mission about? After layers of karma are being processed, I guess the infusion of higher-dimensional light might take new level. Cosmic Embrace is definitely going to sink deeper into the Earth.

The landing station appeared to be at north of the Island, within the formation of red rocks called Cirque Rogue. Standing at top of the crater easily conveys other worldly feeling and serves as the portal. We’ve got strong etheric support of Whale nation, amplified sense of connection to original humans, and softening of the inter dimensional gates - as some star being nations started to observe our journey. 

Hannah cirque rogue

Let’s where it takes us further. Who knows, we might even encounter some Lemurs on the way?

miha Sea&portal

I want to add an apology for possible spelling mistakes and image sizes in this writing. It takes some time in getting used to create this text using phone and Malagasy internet connection.

Thanks for joining us on the adventure.👐


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Here is new chapter on our journey of starseed awakening! This time we are embarking on the adventure of discovering some of the roots and actual sense of cosmic family, here on Earth.

And just as I started to write this message here, something moved deeply in me. It feels like "Openhanders on adventure" are being embraced by the sense of their own cosmic energies, as well. In the totality of this adventure, there are many years of the engagement with Openhand, that Hannah & me have immersed into. Sharing our co-creative endeavors on this platform, feels like coming home for my human self, that has benefited from countless reflections throughout this process of "cosmic emergence".

It is this priceless feeling of being able to reflect back, the sense & interpretation of authentic energies, whilst having fun in creating those videos. I guess, that's that magical way of being, that I yearned to step into for a while. I hope you can find some meaningful reflections in the video or simply share in the feeling.

Sending warm greetings & much love 🩶

Miha 🌳

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Thank you for these fun and vibrant videos! I really love how playful they are - really brings the sense of adventure. I feel I am on the ride with you both - free wheeling and enjoying discovery! Thank you for sharing and the whales made me laugh Hannah!

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Miha and Hannah,

Thank you for sharing your harmonious cosmic adventure. The first time I watched, I was very focused on the verbal dialogue and the verbal messages being communicated, the second time I watched I couldn’t help focusing on the birds singing, the water flowing, the trees dancing…it reflects to me the many many layers of the cosmic realities that coexist within time and space. I could feel the expansion of consciousness through the expressions yet nature allowed a grounding presence to permeate.  

very lovely 💛



As the Easter weekend is approaching, there has been a new creation in the making here. It was quite the birthing process, and seemingly coming out "too late". But besides the learning that has happened through it, it also happened to be that the content aligns with the time of the year we are approaching, where the emphasis is on the biblical journey of the last days of Jesus' life. The energy that is conveyed in the video approaches the character metaphysically, and invites the awakening of Christ energy within (as well as the feminine aspects). 
Also, what is the role of this energy in the Shift and how are Starseeds invited to support the process with embodying it? 

Miha will take you through the local woods to the Source - and back - and brings that energy alive through his expressions. So get comfortable and enjoy the journey, hopefully it will bring some Easter inspiration!

Much love 🌸💙


With great pleasure I'd like to share here the latest creative process we've been engaged in 🎬
Connect with a deeply energetic sharing of the Starseed journey to and on Earth, while enjoying visuals from the La Palma retreat, a stunning creative project at an airbnb on Tenerife, and a tour through the living space here. Sparking remembrance of higher dimensional existence, spaceship travel, floral and faunal guardians and gatekeepers, and much more! 🦆🌳 

Much love,
Hannah 🌸🌊


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This is just beautiful guys - yet again, you've captured a beautiful energy between you.

What could be a better antidote to the illusions of the Shadow in society, than expressing our Starsoul gifts, animating them, actualising them, and bringing them alive!

Whether it's what you're physically building and creating, or the video of it that you've put together. Sharing your creativity is sharing your energy - sharing your souls. Which then brings alive the Flower of Life in others.

Thanks for the heart for sharing you journey here on Openhand. It's deeply inspiring.

Much love

Open 💎

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So so lovely thank you to the both of you for sharing this beautiful work, and being so genuine and loving. I'm overcome with your warm, heartfelt expression. It was so nice to see all that nature and especially the trees, and the ducks as well, I used to live somewhere that had a Muscovy as a pet and her and i bonded. Ducks are wonderful gentle beings. You have reminded me of who i am and im grateful for that. And thank you for inspiring to transcend the craziness of the matrix and get on with the true mission and journey. Wonderful, thank you! barb


Journey continues 🌳

Settling back in the woods, my sense of Home, it didn't take long to hear the call for the next journey. In the meantime, Hannah compiled a beautiful video, that can easily connect you with the landscape of our endeavors so far. I wish it can inspire and reflect some resonance to the greater adventure, that all of us are undertaking in this Paradigm Shift. 

There is some alchemy in it, that seems to be the Echo of our next destination... 

It's back to the Openhand flock, how about reunion on La Palma?🌴

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Wow! What a soulful message and so many divine creations!

What amazing constructions and adventures you guys have been weaving this last year, and so beautifully captured Hannah!

I loved watching and listening to you toning on top of the world with the birds 

Wishing you good travels and special connections on La Palma Heart


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This is tremendous Miha and Hannah - hats off to you. It's so uplifting and inspiring. 👍☀️🌈

I recall building a natural structure like this at the old Openhand retreat centre - it was so heart warming and connective with Gaia - what a blessing that kind of work is.

I'm sure many who visit will be inspired by what you've created - and capturing it on video too! Priceless.

Much love and well wishes

Open 💎



Mora, mora & new beginnings

“Mora, mora” is the expression you would probably hear most often, when travelling Madagascar. It comes across each time, when locals might feel the need to calm down tourists on their journey. It’s often used also among themselves, simply as friendly greeting. Phrase can be translated as “slowly, slowly - let’s go with the flow” and it reflects the nature of our home-coming travels.

Within the intensity of our adventure, we were happy of being able to make gradual transition back into the Woods. We actually allowed ourselvea some of that "western comfort” - like Premium van, world cola& bag of fries.

Comfort premium

Within this last part of our journey, things started to eventually settle down, which accelerated the integration process. In my last writting, I wish to offer the reflection of our journey, convey some (energetic) insights and share few more snapshots from our Path towards home.

I would like to begin with the image of Indiana Jones, painting on the wall, at our last accomodation. The archetype that captures our sense of adventure through foreign land.

Indiana Jones

What is the adventure about? We’ve been travelling back to the roots, as reflected in the name of our last flight provider. Hop!, translated to me as “Hopi” and resembled the nature of the connection with Elders from the area. We’ve encountered “Tanala - forest people” in the rainforest of Ranomafana and “Vazimba - cave people” around the Tsingy area. Initial prophecy of Hopi people has been reflected to those groups, as we have been able to re-claim ourselves as “people from the stars”.

Hopi flight

In terms of One’s personal journey it’s been about re-kindling the connection to various starseed characteristics. In terms of my expression through Cosmic Embrace, it felt like inception of some sort. There’s been nearly constant invitation of establishing multidimensional bridge. Whether anchoring the infusions of higher-dimensional light at secluded places in nature, or equalising with the density of given environment and holding space for catalytic unravelling. It truly felt like some sort of preparation about the intensity of energy work that seems to be on the horizon for me.

So, there’s been that scent of Remembrance in the air. For example, we decided to have an over-night stay in the town of Antsirabe on our last day. Rather than travelling directly to the capital, it felt way more relaxed to stop there. On that occassion, we figured out that our accomodation is set directly next to Gem-stone market. The guidance couldn’t be more palpable, I was invited to tune deeper in my connection with Crystalls. It’s been probably dormant in me since long times, as I’ve never considered myself to be interested in forming that connection. Nevertheless it only takes a dim of light to spark up the candle that has been resting for eons. Forming interdimensional bridge through the use of Crytalls, transmitting higher-D frequencies through sound,… “We’ve done it before”, so did Lemurians spoke to me. Throughout our journey, I’ve been invited to find coherent expression of my Soul gifts and blend them accordingly through the human expression.

GEM Stones antsirabe

Let’s just stay with the bag of Crytalls, that I’ve obtained on that market, inspired by the pull of the Soul. Just to realize, some hours afterwards, that they have caused another “incident” in my baggage story. My backpack didn’t pass the security check at the airport and I was called to report on my stuff by policeman on duty. The role of “dumb tourist” assisted me on that occassion and I was able to soften the authority figure with innocence. Anyhow, it’s been another occassion of learning how to blend higher-dimensional flow, so that it can be whilstand by human beings.

Bag of crystAls

And than there’s been that deeper remembrance, of that feeling called Home.    It manifested so strongly, just before we reached down from the Sky on our last flight. Flying just above the clouds, sensing the touch of Sun through the window, and seeing some of the mountain peeks…Our landing process reminded me about the sense of “descension”, reflecting my own journey, here to this Earth. When our plane “entered the layer of clouds” and the visibility was lost, I was reminded of the “in-between spaces”. It spoke to me about the times in my life, when I was feeling lost in my body and absent to the direction of my own journey. We had to eventually land on the ground - that I was able to restore my compass on the Path.

Flight above clouds

“Mora, mora, my friend”, I heard the familiar voice, once again. This time it’s been coming from within, it felt as the Echo from that feeling sense of Home. Within the landscape of this 3D reality we still had to make our way from the airport. The accident on the high-way that closed the road for awhile, pro-longed waiting for the train ride, that would take us from the capital back to the woods, seemed like another drop within the ocean of this travels.

Before we were to actually reach forest house, Hannah gently whispered to me. “We haven’t even reach Home and I already miss the sense of shared travelling.”

“Don’t worry, we have just begun our ride to higher-dimensions”, would have been my sincere answer. As the adventure in Madagascar is brought to an end, it seems that the journey to the abode of One, has nearly begin.

Into the wild

Mora, mora, my friends. Let Us seize this opportunity and cherish every step on this journey. Who is up for some multidimensional ride?


In sharing parts of our journey with the community here, I wish to express gratitude for everyone sharing some of their energies. We truly cherish energetic sense of connection. Thanks Open, for the continous reflections and  your “overseeing role”, it felt greatly supportive🙏

Sending best wishes👐
Miha 🌳








“It feels like reaching home, but something is off here. There is this strong cultural/societal difference, that separates us from the rest of the community. And even the environment has changed drastically, the area is dry and covered with dust, definitely we wouldn’t have expected to find it like this.”

That’s been our first impression as we walked through the village of Bekopaka. We passed the main (and only) street to find ourselves under poignant tree, which felt like a gatekeeper in the area. Kids were approaching us in growing number, we simply stood out through our appearance and those young Souls simply couldn’t hide their curiosity. From their side it’s been the on-going inquiry: “do you have some candies, what is your name,…” and similar phrases to call out for some of the foreigner’s attention.

Tree village

In the meantime, I had to equalise with the journey that brought us there and reflect the nature of our visit, to the “Elders” of the area. No, we haven’t met some of the tribal leaders that could be addressed in that manner - it was telepathic connection with the ancestral spirit, that was so present around that tree.

Just to get some sense of the region I wish to convey our Path there. We had to rent 4x4 vehicle with driver to get us there from Morondava, the caital of the east cost. Even with that car, we had to cross two rivers in simple self-made ferries that served as the bridge. In starting our journey we were told, that this is going to be the “last expedition”, before the rain season starts. This part gets caught off the mainland, for some months, as it becomes simply unreachable by transport.

Ferry bekopaka

After sleeping over in the village of Bekopaka, we headed out to the Tsingy de Bemahara, early on in the next morning. It was told to be the last tourist visit of the season in the national park. In the Malagasy language, “tsingy, tsingy”, means walking on the tiptoes. The rocks of eroded limestone form the landscape, that needs to be literally walked upon with soft footprint.


So what is the connection between the Elders, tsingy and our visit of that region. What seems to be reflected just as we were heading in the forest, turned out to be that cute little lizard. To me it spoke of reptilian Consciousness - that was strongly present on the Earth plane, since the time of dinosaurs. As he was posing on that rock and looking up into the Sky, I’ve got the strong sense that this Consciousness is ready to ascend.


As we entered into the forest, it didn’t take long that we encounter the Lemur. And he approached us in unique way. Running down the tree, it was first time on our journey, that we saw particular species walking on the ground. “Lemur(ian)s have stepped down from the tree and anchored themselves on the ground again.” That feeling has strongly strongly resonated to me.

Lemur on the ground

After those two encounters we were ready to climb up towards the top of the Tsingy. It was the sense of journeying through inter-dimensional landscape, where I could be met by the Elders, once again. They knew all along, about their own “mission” of walking on the Earth plane with soft blueprint, balancing out the over-consumptive “reptile Consciousness”. They carried the sense of regret, for what has taken place in the meantime, as humanity seems to have slipped down the alley of destroying most of the natural environment, once again.

Climbing tsingy 🧗‍♀️

Nevertheless, we were able to reflect the sense of acknowledgment about the guardianship, that has been hold by those Elders. We reached the top of the Tsingy, where the bridge into the middle realm could be easily formed once again. Yes, we were able to reflect the sense of accomplishment all the way back to the Lemurian Consciousness within ourselves. The sound of aligned frequencies has been resonating through our energy points - as we were singing simple sounds through our chakras. That’s one of the ways to anchor higher-dimensional energy into the Earth-plane. And just how Home-coming it all felt like. Even in this dense body of “Homo-sapiens configuration”, I could palpably feel much more fluid body infused with frequencies of light.

Singing Tsingy

It feels like, I am becoming able to more readily attune with the Consciousness of the New Paradigm. And it’s going to be like walking on tiptoes with the awareness of the world that lies underneath it all. The communion with all sentient life on the planet is actually possible, when we truly integrate the journey of our Souls, since the beginning of this earthly Odysee.

In last years, I’ve experienced numerous iterations of ascension journey - bearing some similarity in reaching the top of the Tsingy area. When One stands on top of the rock structure that has been crafted over eons, seeing even the remanence of tectonic movements within the solid plates, it can easily amplify the energetic memory. I had to eventually came to the complete acceptance of the pain, that has been carried within my cosmic heart. As the Elders in the Tsingy, carried the responsibility about the current state of affairs in the area, so did my Lemurian heart hold on to the sense of grief about the paradise that have been lost, eons ago.

Crown Tsingy


Awakening into the energetic memory of this ancient land, I was invited to shift my perspective into the Future. It felt like, I had to get deeply lost in my human story, in order to reflect the Pathway forwards - to those that are embarking on the evolutionary journey of Ascencion, for the first time in their existence. Reaching the Tsingy after three weeks in Madagascar reflected to me most of the challenges, that every human Soul might be facing in times of this planetary gateway.

Hats off to everyone that is dedicated in walking this Path, my wish is to keep reflecting the bridge for the emerging Consciousness.

Bridge Tsingy


The energetic blueprint of our journey continued in the small Tsingy, that seems to be more accessible to the public. It is located just next to the river and it can be easily reached by feet, without any actual climbing. Yes, the journey of Ascension might offer different possibilities. Also those, that are not ready to “climb the spiritual mountain” will be offered an opportunity to reach the next stage in their own evolutionary journey. This place seemed to be also nice occasion to celebrate the presence of the Elders and reflect the invitation within our energy work. It’s heartwarming when, I could feel part of their group ascending - whilst some are holding the energetic bridge for all that are yet to come.

Small Tsingy

So we ended our visit of the area in the heart of the Bekopaka village. The main square at the time of the sunset, seems to reflect the nature of our journey. Asking about the food without animal products in African village seems to be similarly adventures as talking about our multidimensional nature on the internet. It’s highly likely one would be misunderstood. Anyhow, we could be meet with some rice on multiple occasions - after kindly denying the offers of chicken sauce, that simply never counts as meat in this environment. But such is the nature of this human existence, we simply have to cherish every possibility of the encounter that touches the core of our Souls.

Bekopaka sunset

I had to release the tears of feeling privileged and embraced in my expression. The intensity of environment simply doesn’t offer the light-hearted way of connecting with higher-dimensions. Yet in the midst of the most raw, authentic and chaotic societal experience - I could find the transcendence in the eyes of my travelling companion. I noticed, that similar sensations has just reached Hannah, at that moment. It’s been another day of traversing the portal on our journey - we’ve become used of meeting in Silence.

That seems to be the most tangible way of sharing the energy of our travels in the environment, where language is just one of the many bariers. However, I trust that the impulse of our visit can be felt by those, that are hearing the call of their own Souls.


Before checking out with my current writing, I wish to share some snapshots of the journey back to the coast. It’s been the continuation of adventure, as even our car and dedicated driver had to surrender in their mission. As the car broke down “in the middle of nowhere” we were offered a lift by some other tourist vehicle in the area. It all seemed to orchestarted, so that we could reach baobab avenue, plant a tree and head back to the seaside…

Baobab planting

Baobab brothers

Grow well little Baobab, the big Tree is watching over you...

Baobab avenue

The pathway ahead.

That’s all, before we start the travels back to (an earthly) Home.

I wish you stay connected to our journey & sending much love and some sunset vibes to everyone. 💜 

Moments of rest with the Trees

Sunset baobab

Weaving the tapestry of light at the seaside

Sunset seaside

Miha 🌳 


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What an epic and colourful journey you guys are having.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share here - it's deeply appreciated 🙏

It's definitely a case of "Back to the Future" for humanity as a species - retracing roots, reactivating/realigning buried DNA and creating a chalice for the Soul-Ray-Harmonic to dance within.

What a dance you guys are having - a beautiful reflection for us all.

Much love and well wishes

Open 💎




Madagascar part II

Time works differently, when travelling an African country. As if someone has wrapped time-space continuum in tight package. Simultaneously it is being released on its own will. And it’s all happening in cycles, that seemingly create  circles converging into spiral.

The notion of “divine timing” comes hand in hand with the capacity to let go of “when”. There ain’t any problem that can persist for too long - even the Intervention has to adapt in order to fit in. And whilst the flow can be easily traced through minutiae of life, it’s just a matter of “when”, it would eventually hit the wall again.

I’m trying to convey the sense, that things are happening slow, when measured through time. At the same time the intensity of the happenings is so palpable - that it makes you feel alive within every step of your journey.

Following the period of acclimatisation and much needed restoration we spent some days at the seaside. Afterwards our adventure headed down south and we merely just transitioned through central part. There seems to be much yet to come. The nature and energy have shifted strongly and the relationship with the place has grown rapidly. There is already this strong feeling of being “on the radar” of various energies, but let’s take it step by step.

Whale nation speaking/singing to humanity

The initial connection was established at the Cirque rogue as mentioned in my first writing. True feeling of multidimensional attunement surfaced following day, whilst at the coast. It’s been such a wonder witnessing Hannah, as she was swimming, playing with the beach sand and singing to Whales. Personally, I felt almost indescribable sense of connection with the flow - when swimming in the ocean. The molecules of water that were touching my skin, suddenly became intelligent force that has been inviting me to dance. How do I truly wish to express as my body merges with the water - feeling the sense of interconnected streams of energy in the ocean? There is so much intelligence in every single move that happened to me, containing also clear sense of direction.

Whales have been speaking to me about the alignment that is possible - if we are truly able to slow down enough in order to witness the intelligent Web of Life around Us. And that seems to be the only way for humans to be able to attune with the flow of animal kingdom, once again. Not just, that from the waters, the dynamic rings true for land species as well. 

The energies that have been transmitted through Whales, appeared to me as aligned frequencies originating from Sirius constellation. There is intelligence in every movement within the energy field and whales are remaining this memory as part of their species.

Wise owl guidance happening behind the scenes

Since the initial connection with Owl spirit, I had to wait for awhile in order to get some tangible signs. The illumination came as we visited National park and went on the might hike in our “quest” for Lemurs. Eventually we ended up in with the group of bird watchers, that had the equipment to point to the owl in the canopy of trees. Innocent wisdom, that is the easiest way to describe the appearance of particular bird…  If you are searching in the dark/shadow, one needs to have a Hood source of light in order to find the target. The owl spirit continue to impress me with it’s simple guidance, that is gently inviting us to find the Truth, even in shadowy cornerers of our Psyche. I’ve been able to attune my sight in order to keep finding the guidance that keeps us on track, whilst visiting new places.

For me, there is even the energy of countless experiences from the constelattion of Orion, that is contained in these encounters. When One has traveled through the darkest battlefields in this Universe, the sense of “light-bringers” comes with much experience. Through light will be found, when those that are seeking become ready to acclimatise with it. Orions have once again reminded me, that as energy Workers we didn’t come here to “flight” the shadow of human existence, but Rather to wait on the opportinities, when we can expose our Light.

Lemurs - amplyfying the sense of remembrance

It’s going somewhat deep on our journey and I haven’t yet touched my initial inquiry.  Yes, we have actually seen the Lemurs.

In the way to our accommodation in the park they created initial performance. Wow, our conscious was side tracked within the canopy of trees for nearly half an hour. You have to see them jumping amidst the branches balancing their skills with the tails. And just how they pick a leaf, fruit or even mango and have some “snack” whilst their activity. The communication, that can sound just like “chatting among themselves”, can also appear as some concert to the human ears. Even seeing the offspring, the babies  carried on their mama’s back and effortlessly clinging for dear life in that acrobatic show. Lemurs are cute, they are cool - you know kind of friends you like to hang out with. And they seem extremely connected to the trees, so my personality just have to like them.

I had to wait for the next day to our “official tour” in the park to get to know more of their nature. Particular species that we encounter seem to rest/sleep more during the day. This enabled me to start eye-gazing with the Lemur, that our park guide spotted in the hole on a tree. Forming a telepathic bridge into the species, I suddenly felt the expansion of my Consciousness. The sense of innocent being and light-hearted expression amplify the sense of remembrance. Once, I must have been one of them - probably not in that particular form, but in their state of Consciousness. They carry that strong connection to the mission, even though it’s definitely not something that they would be trying to achieve. It’s all about restoration, balancing the harmony of Life within the given environment, whilst being open-heartedly present with their own expression. They are even the “activators” of the  specific tree they reside in, as they germinate the seeds so that it can sprout and grow in the environment.

Wow, is it possible, that single Lemur family reflected me the sense of “spiritual concepts”, that I’ve been unveiling awhile? Within this active movement of the Flower of Life, I was feeling the remembrance of the Seed of Life, whilst holding the vision of the Tree of Life.

It’s difficult to put it in the words, but the analogy of the sacred geometry symbols might point to the awakening of this “ancient way of being”. The inner journey goes hand in hand with the outer. Even though there might be slight delay in the perception of it through the human experience, the Lemurs reminded me that what goes around, eventually comes around. And so will the ancient Lemurians, this time in slightly different form.

Through this reflections of the animal kingdom, I’ve spoken of some present energies on the journey and it feels like just touching the pinnacle of it all. I wish to find some space afterwards to illuminate more of the dynamics, but due to the nature of our travels, I am stopping here.


(Please check the text on the link of mu webpage, if you want to see some of the photos - I couldn’t upload it here):

I wish to complete this writing in sharing about the nature of energy work in the park of Ankarafantsika. After some of the Lemur encounters, connection with the Reptiles around the Lake and some hike with local guide we ended up at the Canyon. It was created by movement of the landmass that gradually shifted apart from each other, manifesting tremendous structures in the rocks. 

It turned out to be great place to turn into the “Pain of Separation”. Feeling into the density of this rocks and forces that are released as the land is cracking open…Once equalising with the feeling of being torn apart, the sense of individuality emerged from the experience. Like the jewel becoming visible in the Crown. It almost felt like remembering the times, when “the mission” has called me away from the Soul family, all of which has gifted me with the experience of this Life. Yes it’s about time for me to reconnect, the Seed has been planted within the Earth’s realm and nothing can stop it from sprouting anymore. Divinity “has infected” the Soul of humanity once again and eventually every Soul in this realm is/will be given a chance to reconnect.

On our way from the Canyon we spotted a figure from the bush in the woods. It was really speaking strongly to both of us, as we simultaneously felt the presence of the “Sasquatch”. On some deeper level it seemed, that “the mission”, has finally landed to us as well. The times of “original humanity”, expression from the divine spark of our beingness are upon us. The re-alignment is happening through the humble expression of wholeness and inner union, that we’ve been invited to convey. 

It is with great privilege to have the sense of your Souls accompanying us on the journey. We are able to feel You, thanks for the resonance that people have offered on  different levels - it is received with gratitude.

As with this Life in separation, that has been given to my Soul as the gift of remembrance, I am sharing this writing also with the remembrance of John. He is one of the Souls, that has been very present on our journey, lately we had strong connection through the dreams. As the news of his passing have reached me, I could feel the sense of sadness and yet tremendous joy of reconnecting with “his kin”. John, thanks for holding the anchor on the other side, I poured some of the emotions in this writing as the honouring of your spirit.



Wow Miha,

What a fascinating sharing! I felt really drawn in by your words and find the story and photos leave me waiting eagerly for "the next chapter" The descriptions of all the people and dynamics involved in the loss and theft of belongings were so vivid, I feel you have such great writing skills - even on your phone!

Tilly Hugging


It's a deeply insightful adventure and rich sharing Miha - thankyou so much for sharing your insights with the community 👍

So I guess you made the connection that somewhere, the Flower of Life flow is breaking down?! Meaning, that it is likely breaking in you guys somehow? No surprises, because until we're completely released from the various densities of the matrix, like the Ra energy and Tall Whites you've described, we have to keep exploring, keep integrating and keep stripping out. Those energies are rife in the field.

I did mention a while back to watch if there's any contraction (of the Flower of Life) possibly happening in the base chakra. If that were to be the case, then we might expect some convolutions happening in the physical 3D as the Soul's full energy struggles to infuse through the lower densities.

These journies can be so insightful that way!

It's great that you could see the blessing in it. And yes, I guess Ra did not want the world to see your views about it. Because you can be very insightful. So do share them when you've recollected your throughts.

Much love and well wishes
Thanks for sharing,

Open 💎

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Open, you are spot on with the reflections. It’s still  challenge for me to “compress” myself in this density and the environment here continuously invite me to be grounded and keep bringing me to the roots.

On the note of broken flower of Life, to me it is also way deeper - still carried in “my Lemurian heart”. However equalising with the reality of emergent Consciousness it is being re-created through the Torus, as it seems.

Much love to you & best wishes to the community.