The time is now


The time is now.


.No more, no more, to bend the morphic field,

No more draining with the moon,

You must desist now, stop the meddling, yield,

For the realigning wave will wash us soon,

You did not learn in Sirius, shook with rage,

And engineered our race to meet your need,

You tried to seal our life florce in a cage,

To imprison our potential through your greed,

No more to slow the spin of torus joy,

Gaia’s kundalini stifled slow,

Although benevolence reached you to employ,

The greater plan, it’s over, time to go,

We must be free, to dance and to create,

To writhe in flows and dance with the divine,

And let the quantum lead us to our fate,

To follow now our blueprint, truly shine,

For too long has our flower been adrift,

We welcome now the freedom of the shift.


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...of course theres the glaring error for the pundits. The torus/source wouldn't lead us to our fate. That, of course, is an egocentric concept. The ( unique) flow would express in the moment, not towards fate, but as an actualising expression. I know you noticed that but were probably tactfully silent. But I can take it on the chin.....