Beauty in decay

Following one of the recent Openhand 5D exchanges, we were dispersed to freewheel and be attentive to the field. Glastonbury abbey grounds provided the ideal setting for me. I was transfixed by the bare trees against the abbey ruins, like a scaffold awaiting the layering of creation anew. I felt the shift as a season, transforming and recreating but on a cosmic level. I was being asked to see the beauty and purpose without fear, as an observer and therefore, a co-creator. This was an invitation to surrender the ego's paranoid grip and step into the flow.

Skeletal trees, iteration upon iteration,
The craftsman’s brush poised in quiet repose,

Awaiting magical muse to strike,
As lightening,
heavy rain on palms,
breeze chiming through bamboo,
the haunting cry of an owl,
It matters not,
what comes and goes,
What is swallowed by the tide,
or reclaimed by the land,
Only that love's expression swells again,
To dress the bones of yesterdays legend,

With a wondrous carpet of moonlit dew,

ready to create and love anew.





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