Telepathic like moment

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Hello. I had a telepathic moment. Was curious what others thought.

I had predicted ahead of time BASED on a overwhelming feeling that came over me one night while sitting down at my computer a piece of information pertaining to someone that would come into my life soon, but I was not yet sure who it would be.

I felt a strong feeling over me on this night, and I also saw images of this person from sort of a 3rd person view almost, it was weird. I also “felt” a conversation that happened with my name involved during this time, it was almost like I was peering into a movie inside my head almost. I find out 2 days later, or 1 day later I can’t remember, that I was 100% correct. I had wrote down it would be the gender I saw in my head, and sure enough it was.

I’m curious what others have experience with this kind of phenomena?

Also what’s the purpose of it? Why would we be designed to be this intelligent? Why is it not wide spread discussed instead of organized religion? If humans are telepathic, surely it would be the talk of the century, we would study it even in schools. I think it’s a magnificent discovery, and it’s a part of who we are apparently, I can’t be the only one. I know people talk about intuition, but I feel like the notion of intuition is played down in our society. I see it as something greater than mere intuition, I saw and predicted a piece of information I did not yet know.

I would love to hone in on this skill, but I have no idea how. It’s difficult! I also have no patience to sit down and hone in on it! I don’t feel like it’s a very useful skill though, but it is interesting.


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Hi Snow Wolf,

It's wonderful when that kind of experience starts happening - intuiting an occurrence before it happens - in this case, meeting someone. 👍

What you're actually referring to is the Law of Attraction, but could also be the Law of Resonance. It depends on what the experience turns out to be.

You clearly drew the other soul onto your path, and vice versa. I would say you have a "Soul Contract" to fulfill - that you could each beneficially illuminate the other's pathway in some way.

Soul Contracts are formed mostly before you incarnate - and so they are very important. Thus, people may get premonitions, dreams and intuitions that someone is about to show up that way. The energy field between you will have woven to make it happen.

You ask how to hone it?

What you're really asking is how to align with the path of your soul?

It requires bundles of patience!

But there really is nothing else that's real or of true value going on anyway. So at some point, it would be worth discovering, as it will save a huge amount of wasted time and unnecessary suffering.

Best wishes

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