Get out my hair



Get out my hair.


There’s a grey in my hair,

I really feel you there,

Growing tired, uninspired,

stop your fiddling, it’s not fair.

You’re feeding on my light,

I feel heavy, I feel tight,

Sometimes angry, sometimes sad,

 these feelings make me mad,

Subtle whispers in my field,

and my wounds aren’t properly healed.

Leave my consciousness today,

Leave my head, my DNA,

Align yourself and go,

Embrace toroidal flow,

Now’s the time to face,

How you’ve hurt the human race.

Enough now of this drama,

Leave now, embrace your karma.

Little Grey, we are the one,

But your fiddling here is done.

,Andy Praying Emoji




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This is amazing Andy. You have a gift! I really liked the humor in it and how you rhymed it so well. The grey is uninspired but you are!