Openhand Facilitator Summer Conference 2024: GLASTONBURY

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The Openhand Facilitator Summer Conference kicks off today in Glastonbury, with facilitators coming from far and wide, from the USA, Europe and India too (looking forwards to seeing you Vimal!). It's a chance for us to dig deep into the field, on all levels, and gain a broad insightful view, of what's exactly shifting and shaping the planetary field. Why is life moving the way it is? And most importantly, how can we help realign it? That's primarily what we'll be working with. Intrigued? Come join the daily journal.

Forming Connections Across the Divide

Last year was tremendously deep and rewarding - we helped heal a key aspect of the Intervention, the Annunaki, and to extract them out (watch the video here). It's meant the field has opened up greatly as a result. This year, there will be different objectives, a key one being to better anchor our Star Being brothers and sisters in the ether to support the Shift.

Working from Gaia's Heart Chakra

This year we'll be working from Openhand's hometown, Glastonbury, which is widely recognised as the heart chakra of Gaia. For certain, we'll be tuning in with Gaia and seeing where she's at in relation to the 5D shift right now. What about the old karmic contracts that are still yet to be unravelled? (I sense Big Foot will be making an appearance in the ether to help answer that question). 

Travelling out to the Avebury Stargate

We'll also be travelling out to Avebury, not far from here, which is also a key planetary Stargate. Of course it's been the area of many of the phenomenal crop circles in past years, which Openhand has been greatly privileged to experience. Like this one, a couple of years ago, which spoke strongly of a convergence happening with the Star Being Nations - bridging across the multidimensional divide...

Intervention energies have been interfering with the field of late, and thus far this year, we've seen no authentic ones. But our fingers are crossed, and no doubt the Star Being Nations will find plenty of novel ways to connect with us and keep everyone on their toes!

Join in the Adventure

So if you're intrigued, do join the journal this week, it's sure to be a wonderful alchemical journey. We'll be sharing pictures, comments and videos to inspire and uplift. 

Great to have you along for the ride!

Love and well wishes   
<<< Open 💎

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15/07/2024 Facilitator Conference Conclusion

It turned out to be an absolutely fabulous facilitator retreat here in the heart chakra of Gaia - beyond words. It was as if, as a group, we all transcended the body and stepped into the quantum field. There we inquired, infused, realigned and connected with the most extraordinary array of interdimensional energies. It's there, where you can truly make a difference to the Shift.

I very much felt like we supported the reanimation of Gaia's lower kundalini, especially by the removal of ancient Annunaki technology, so the energies could begin to rise. It was signified by the mass moving on of a 77-strong pod of Pilot whales ascending into 7D, which converged with the work - I'd been made aware, prior to the conference that, at some point, something like this might indeed happen to signify that essential shift.

Following which, we felt a wonderful resurgence of lower elemental energies here in Avalon, with the resurgence of Lady Avalon herself. We connected the lower realm with the higher, and so as you might expect, it was this that then facilitated a wonderful infusion of higher star being energies, who were now able to anchor across the bridge. 

What an absolutely stunning time we spent together. Beyond words, an unforgettable experience.

The sky grabs my attention, immediately prior to the final session... 

Wow, what a stunning Star Being cloud. They did say, that this year, they would speak through the clouds, as opposed to crop circles. For sure, they didn't disappoint...

Our final connection in the studio - what a stupendous place the Healing Waters Sanctuary turned out to be...

Our closing group picture, instigated by the elementals - is that the Buddha sneaking in down in the right corner? Or is it a gnome!!

I could feel so many wonderful energies tuning in during this retreat. Your presence was felt and very welcome.

Much love and well wishes to all.
<<< Open 💎❤️🌈

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For all your work, and for bringing us along. The pictures are divine. This week has been a lot of lower chakras work, including deeper looks into something I've been avoiding looking at but a trigger has brought it closer to surface. I've been having to temper it's full emergence because of where I live but I'm still nipping at it every day. So much sadness anger powerlessness coming up, and the same old issues of feeling unwanted and unwelcome. Saturday was a deep depression and paranoia, but Sunday I forced myself out to the park nearby with my cat and that helped immensely. There was a reminder by way of a stranger's behaviour that my energy will draw to me that same energy and a new incentive to start interrupting those bouts so as not to dwell in them. Throughout the day I continued doing the things that uplift me and felt renewed, and was able to accomplish the most pressing tasks I'd been neglecting. That's how to get some dopamine flowing, not screens! Besides more and more I feel how it just sucks my energy from me and leaves me feeling low. An opportune visit to YouTube brought me Russell Brand's monologue on that e$$ed-up law that got passed here and I'm struggling with it, even as the city I live in moves to add fluoride to the drinking water. When I lived in BC they held a public referendum for this matter, giving the people the choice (we said no!) but now it's FORCED on us without our consent!!! But as certain as the dualistic nature of this universe, i now feel galvanized by it and feel an increasing incentive to change how I live because my interest in this madness is waning by the day, euphemistic ally speaking. So feeling a deep mourning for my old life, the animals, trees, freedom, justice...but OH has shown me that what's coming, one way or another, is the re-balancing so needed. May we all wake up and learn and free ourselves! May the dragons ever soar! So grateful Open, thank you, and thank you to the facilitators!🙏❤️

P.S. Just woke, feeling same old depression, but clearer insight allows me to see it's from same old child/teenager me not having someone like my father to latch on to, who'll make things fun, give something to look forward to. And it's summer that has triggered it. I keep trying to repeat the good times in my life. I see how I still rely on higher energy people to boost my own energy and sulk if I don't have anyone. I am the original energy vampire, something that irks me so much in others. Oh the irony! Now I understand why I'm such a magnet for that energy. I know exactly what my path is now but teenage me resists, always looking for the next thing to entertain and distract. Which is why the one in me that desperately wants and needs realignment and reconnection is glad the internet has become so dangerous. Even my teen isn't down with that anymore. But she still wants to be entertained. Reading Resurrection last night and resonating again with the need to push past the thing I resist so much, boredom. Not having anything to do. That's the modus operandi: if I have no one to boost me then I do stuff to get that feeling of reward from doing. And if I'm struggling with low energy and pain I reach for the next thing: eating, getting high, etc. I keep trying to give myself things to do, go to school, attend seminars, still looking for external fixes. Avoiding to exponent infinitum. I came across the term Wallfacer, and somehow applying that term to me, as in, this is it sister, this is the only thing you need to be doing now, this is the job you need to get on with, is helping me focus and commit. And seeing clearer how I keep reliving the same old life is galvanizing change. Do I have that patience to sit until the mud clears indeed. It's high time I put my money where my mouth is. It's a relief to see all this, takes the depression right away. And also heartening when I realize how lucky I am in a sense to have been afforded the opp rtunity to do this work. It's time. Now stop fooling around woman! Deeply indebted to OH.🙏❤️


13/07/2024 Facilitator Conference: Lower Dimensional Energies

Leading up to this Facilitator Conference, I was made aware that when it became urgent for the lower dimensional energies of Gaia to begin to ascend on, the Whale Nation would speak first to indicate this pivot in the Shift, and that somewhere on the planet, there would be a mass beaching of pilot whales. Whales are cosmic travelers, holding the ancient wisdom of the galaxy. So their movement is always massively significant.

In the last couple of days, I've been seeing the numerology 77. In our meditation on Thursday, on the Glastonbury Tor, which tunes directly into the heart chakra of the planet, we were removing old Annunaki implant technology that was limiting Gaia's Torus by preventing full embodiment of her lower field, after her (out of body) shift at the galactic alignment of 2012 (see post below). To be clear, what must precede Ascension, is the full integration of soul through ALL chakras, so as not just to go out of body at the shift, and still be tethered to lower density energies. 

This would risk the Simulation being able to regenerate here after the Shift - something that actually happened at the conclusion of the Atlantean epoch - which was only a partial Shift.

The work was highly successful, and you could clearly feel the regeneration of her lower kundalini: we were held in the oscillating movement of the lower dimensional field.

Yesterday, we travelled down one of the key leylines emerging from the Tor, and heading out toward Avebury. There was much transmission of energies, stirring up density as the light broke through. You could feel it all the way down the ancient pilgrimage trackway. It seemed to clearly point to the release of energies, rising from stuck leyline density.

It was out in Avebury that I learned 77 pilot whales had beached in Northern Scotland. We connected into the pod on our way back to Glastonbury. Whilst it is extremely sad to see these majestic beings beaching, to be clear, they are NOT stranding. They are choosing to beach, so as to ascend out of this density and move on. It's a bittersweet feeling. But they are happy to be moving. Their nation has suffered greatly at the hands of the planetary Matrix simulation - especially now, as the "5Jeez" satellites radiate down on every scale inch of the planet. It causes turmoil and great pain to their inner navigation mechanism. That's not to mention the widescale pollution of the oceans and nuclear irradiation.

So it's abundantly clear, this mass beaching, timed to meet the reanimation of Gaia's lower kundalini, is telling us that the lower energies of the planet are now firmly gearing up to ascend and move out. So whilst bittersweet, it recognises the systemic suffering here of Mother Nature, at the hands of humanity within the Simulation, and that it's high time to get on with the Ascension.

I felt to share this piece of music to honour the Whale Nation, and to thank them for their service here, in holding the ancient wisdom of the galaxy. They are now in 7D. May you find peace, rest, and coherence 🙏

With a heartful of love and gratitude 
<<< Open ❤️

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There's been strong guidance for me to check more about the unravellings of your current journey, and I'm happy to read about the transformations in Gaia's journey. Thanks for sharing many of the insights and the process. 🔎

I feel to reflect and add some perspectives about the developing dynamics, especially in connection to Gaia. I wish, it can be of some use and bring greater awareness about the dynamic. Here are main topics:

"Out of body ascension": It resonates strongly, something I've been observing, yet failed to find the term to describe it. I am just writing about this in the scripture, that might hopefully elaborate more about the process. Maybe just to share some highlights here, considering also the fact that the majority of human population, seems to be part of the stuck element in lower densities. 

Cognitive dissonance & misplaced compassion: Some while ago (in the meeting at La Palma) those reflections were offered to Gaia and landed in a particular degree. But to capture the essence from the viewpoint of Gaia - human being can be simply seen as the portal. Therefore, they might channel the energies of Intervention, in that way feeding the matrix, or that aspect of cancerous growth. Or, they can transmit more of the higher-dimensional frequencies, so as to bring greater diversity and cosmic energies to the surface of the planet. From that vantage point, human beings holds the potential to assist in the transmutation of Gaia's lower body and therefore she's very keen on taking more risk with them. In some way, that's the key element of harmonising some of the previous (less successful) attempts of that process. Personally, I can greatly empathise, why Gaia is so keen about shielding her children, even to the point of potential explosiveness/toxicity...

Retarded kundalini: Infusion of devic energies is happening progressively, at least that seems to be the only viable possibility. For example, I've been working some more with the elementals (faeries, gnomes, forest devas) recently and was made aware of the strong anchor that they hold in lower densities. Yet, in order of being able to be fully implemented and integrated in the environment, the understanding and connection with them needs to be made somehow in the middle realm. Now with the current development of society, those beings were somehow pushed aside and greatly lack actual space for their expression. In greater process of Gaia, this example speaks to me about the challenges of integrating higher-lower Self, if I compare it to my own process of awakening. Gaia seems to be in the process where whispers of her kingdoms seems to be completely pushed aside or even absent (missheard?) in the process. In order to facilitate smooth transition from higher to lower densities, that might be the calling for awakening starseeds, I guess?

Gaia & Starseeds: That's where we are touching that concept of "human beings as portals" again. Many of the Contracts formed in the 5,6,7-D seems to be gradually coming to the surface. Maybe starseed movement needed way too long, to recognise (it actually feels to me that the main challenge was about implementing) some of those Contracts. For example, let's consider the relationship to the land/nature and how the ideas of hippie generation originating from the 70s failed to make any tangible impact on the surface of the planet. Some of it might be actually implemented within the awakening movements of last few decades. In that regards, the main emphasis within this process tends to be in instigating grassroots movements. What do I mean by this?

Whilst (the old) human consciousness is very keen about operating through strong paternal leadership, that's not how Gaia works. Especially in relation to awakening starsouls, the leader-follow dynamic has caused some confusion as many people came up with various ideas about healing the Earth/nature over time. It may seem that people, who are empathically/passionately working with Gaia, don't have space and struggle in current society, I would say that it's actually the case. That often times creates challenges in people's livelihoods, as long as there is still (internal) dependency upon the resources coming from the old, matrix system. But nevertheless, all of those people are held and supported in their process, actually invited to channel their endeavours completely outside the matrix. Their own journey is actually to co-create a process of establishing a Pathway and energetic blueprint to the New paradigm, therefore re-connecting with the 5,6,7-D. There is a strong urge for me, to echo the feeling of Gaia, to all of those Whispers of nature and Robinsons in the woods out there. You are seen and amplifying the connection to all sentient Life is greatly cherished within your endeavours. Thank you for all of those embodying the voice of change.

Islands in the Storm: The concept, that has been described in DIVINICUS keeps coming back to me at various occasions. Yet, I feel to add essential understanding from the viewpoint of modern society. Whilst being engaged in development of those Islands, the initial step in the process is about cleansing the structures (and the energy imprint) of the old system. That means that particular land locations, where people might be working with, somehow become unrelatable to the energy (including people!), solely operating on the old system. Just when the space is cleansed, Gaia is able to assimilate the infusion of cosmic energies at particular location.

Personally I'm connected to some of those projects, that in my eyes contains the vast potential of being transformed towards the pockets of awakening consciousness. Therefore I've been wandering - why might it be so difficult or almost impossible to find traces of those projects in the elements of modern society? Even though it might sound that the spiritual identity is talking through me, I've come to realize that I have to "lower my vibration" in order to present those topics when speaking to people, that convey the energy further in the societal systems (especially media). And through the lenses of my human consciousness, it reflects exactly the viewpoint of Gaia and the bridge she's walking upon. Closing the gap towards society enables greater infusion and connection with cosmic energies, whilst it cuts off a degree of "matrix consciousness" with the elements of awakening population in it. Will there be a point where those worlds stops interrelating at all? Personally I developed greater trust in the unravelling process, somehow recognising the vast potential of starseed movement and even the mysticism carried within the energies of Gaia. "We haven't yet seen all of her capacities," I am re-assured whilst writing those reflections.

And that is eventually supported by the energies of Golden Tara. For me it's a blend of higher-dimensional aspects of Gaia, merged with awakening potential of starseed movement, held in the feeling of (cosmic) Unity. Therefore the grassroots concept of starseed movement enables the diversity of various cosmic energies throughout different locations on the planetary surface. That's how, hopefully, celestial energies become anchored in the body of Gaia - resembling the key energetic points of the network in the middle realm.

Back to the modern DNA-ge. The challenge of restoration is being seen and acknowledged by Gaia. As with the process of transmutation, it's specifically the invitation (also for herslef!) to develop the trust towards cosmic unity on the planetary surface. The story of Whales, speaks to me about the ascension of ancient cosmic travellers - they've done their job here. And it feels like opening the stage for humanity, as to recognise the immaculate opportunity within this process.

Best wishes to all on the ground🏞️,

miha 🌳

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This is perfect Miha - a colourful and essential compliment to what we're experiencing - as if you are actually here!

Yes, the elementals are speaking loudly to us at this point; who've been under utilised, but a very powerful way to anchor these new energies that are infusing this location right now. A vibrant and powerful influx is happening - it feels like waves of energy to shift the balance of power here more back to alignment. And lady Avalon, together with the elementals, is very much moving into the ascendance.

Come join the party!

A revelation is unfolding as I write.

Bright blessings to all tuning in.
<<< Open 💎

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14/07/2024: Celebrating with the Elementals

It was a wonderful concluding day here on the Facilitator Conference, with Lady Avalon - the custodian of this mystical island - in the ascendance with her marvellous elementals. The clouds over the Tor were simply incredible for much of the day. There have been no crop circles thus far, but right from the outset, we had the sense the convergence of various higher dimensional groups would speak through the clouds. 

We were not disappointed. Who needs widescreen TV!!...

So we took off into the fields, under the gaze of the Tor for a fire ceremony. "I just know that something good is going to happen"...

The fire dragon rises...

Tilly serenades us with the Shamanic flute...

Vimal and his haunting Indian Shiva serenade...

It was a wonderful mystical evening...

Evening peace as the flame slowly dies...

Bright blessings to all 
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12/07/2024 Facilitator Conference: Gaia Complexity

We uncovered a profound Gaia complexity yesterday, here at the Facilitator Conference. Upon deep meditative investigations, through sensitivity and field empathy, coupled with essential illumination from the higher dimensional Ascended Master Team, it became clear that back at the galactic alignment of 2012, where Gaia had essentially birthed into the new 5D paradigm, she's gone quite strongly 'out of body'; in that she had vacated the lower densities to a reasonable degree. This was also actualising ancient karma of hers, with a tendency to explode 'out of the body'.

Coupled with this, Intervention energies have taken advantage, embedding further, which is why we've been feeling much inertia in recent times by Gaia, to accelerate the unravelling flow from the lower densities - she simply couldn't!

Hence we were given to work in Gaia's heart chakra by connecting deeply into the Tor. You could literally feel the quantum field oscillating around the mound, but with the convolutions limiting right flow...

We we're tasked to remove some old Annunaki 4D technology, instigated from the 4D, that had been originally inserted via sound vibrations. At a key moment, the evolved Annunaki - the "Anu" - came in to support taking the technology away. It was most welcome and made a huge difference to the kundalini flow... 

There was then much infusion of 5D dragon energy, metaphored through the gathering clouds, to then hold the bridge from the inflowing higher dimensional energies... 
There was a lovely feeling of success and fulfillment following the afternoon's work...
I do feel it will bode very well for the Shift at a planetary level - let's see how Gaia's kundalini begins to move going forwards.
Bright blessings to all tuning in.
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In reading this sharing about Gaia going strongly out of body, it resonated greatly within my being.
I'd like to share what I've been noticing over the years in doing breathwork with myself and with others.  
When breathwork revealed itself to me along my journey, I had been connected within my heart chakra and above.  Learning and applying "spiritual" concepts that I've learned along the way.  I felt I was going to intellectualize my way to enlightenment.  If only I read enough books that I would eventually arrive at this place my mind was dreaming up called enlightenment.
During my first breath session I realized I was living out of body for most of my adult life.  I had learned a great deal by this time in my journey but was unable to anchor down any of these new found awarenesses and energies.  They lived mainly in the intellect and I resorted to fanatizing what enlightenment looked like or felt like in my mind. 
I knew where the work lied ahead after that first breath session.  I needed to learn how to feel my emotions as they arise and become the observerver of what was coming up in any given moment.  Working towards feeling these emotions as they arise unconditionally.
As I've continued down this path, I'm learning how to anhor down into the body to ground these energies that are wanting to come through my being.  Integrating and healing past traumas and opening up to the divine beingness that has lied dormant within my being.  
What I've noticed in doing most of my breathwork training pre-pandemic and continuing to breathe others post pandemic is how out of body most of us are experiencing life.
How are we to make conscious aligned choices if we aren't in our bodies?
The pandemic has heightened peoples sympathetic nervous system.  We are walking around in this fight, flight, freeze and fawn energies.  Easily manipulated by external stimuli.  Walking around as if everything is a possible threat to our survival.
Stuck in old ways of being that is tied to our collective "toxic shame"/shadow.
I just held a breathwork session last night and this disembodied energy continues to reveal itself to me during these times.  It serves as a reminder to me that in order for us to anchor the energy of the divine we must learn how to feel "ALL" of our feelings while living in these bodies.  "ALL" of our feelings matter and our valid.  Learning how to feel our feelings unconditionally is a doorway into soul embodiment.  
I'm also noticing how a lot of people are wanting to reach and live in higher states of consciousness but are not willing to do deep inner work that allows for us to anchor these energies down through our being back into the earth.
Maybe humanity is mirroring this this disembodied energy that was being picked up in the field.
There seems to be a disconnect in reality that is keeping people stuck in the mind.  Maybe it's the very thing that is allowing this machine to crank on as business as usual.  If we keep people out of their bodies they won't have time or take the time to self reflect and remember their birthright as divine beings of light.
This is what has been revealing itself to me over the through the breath.
The time is now to feel it "ALL" and coming fully alive! 

With Love and Gratitude, 


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Thanks for this affirming reflection Chad - you're spot on about the need for embodiment, as opposed to detaching into some 4D bubble. It's an old kamric wound from Sirius, that our work needs to help people with.

You said...

I just held a breathwork session last night and this disembodied energy continues to reveal itself to me during these times.  It serves as a reminder to me that in order for us to anchor the energy of the divine we must learn how to feel "ALL" of our feelings while living in these bodies.  "ALL" of our feelings matter and our valid.  Learning how to feel our feelings unconditionally is a doorway into soul embodiment. 

Indeed. Right on. Great that you're working with people that way.

Bright blessings
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11/07/2024 Connecting with Gaia

Yesterday, on the Summer Facilitator Conference we had a fabulous day out on the ground. We're in the heart chakra of Gaia, so the aim of the day was to tune in closely with her and discover where she's at with the Shift. In essence, what we discovered was that she's still weighed down by karma and intervention blocking energies that are retarding her shift, and so the density was pretty tiring to work with.

Our approach was to deeply empathise in her energies, and bring in accelerating, cosmic frequencies to support the re-emergence of her repressed kundalini. It became clear there's still yet plenty to do in that regard, before a smooth, accelerating shift can unfold. Rest assured, there are plenty of pathways to resolution, and the window of the Galactic Convergence has yet a few decades to complete. Nevertheless, the sense of urgency for her to get on with the job is palpable. It's a case of working steadily, compassionately, patiently, but persistently. She has suffered greatly due to the Intervention energies here. So it's going to take some time, and a considerable amount of work, by many sensitives around the planet to help her heal and realign into 5D consciousness.

Out on the ground, getting into the feeling contemplation...

Time to go deep...
The young gatekeepers arrive, with friendliness and a degree of trepidation...
Connecting in with key tree locations that hold the energy of the plateau...
This was just such a magical portal location, which we opened through the dimensions, providing a route for benevolent Star Beings to come in. Such a magical and mystical experience...
Singing chakras to support the activation of Gaia's kundalini through this location...
It was beautifully fulfilling for us at an energetic level. However, it was also very clear that there's still much of this essential healing work to be done as we advance forwards in the Shift...
Vimal Freesoul picked himself up a free chair on the way back. But wait, how's he going to get it all the way back home? I know - he'll fly it, like a magic carpet!!
Bright blessings to all tuning in.
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10/07/2024: Facilitator Update

We're diving very deep into the complexities of the untangling field within the Shift here in Glastonbury. Our first day has been all about journeying through ancestral and root nation karma. How does that greatly influence our personal journies, but also, that of humanity as a whole?

The Golden Tara of the 6th Density came to us almost right from the outset - a great sign of the coherency of the field we were holding together. It was a welcome suprise. But very soon after that, a distracting "Goddess Entity" came in and tried to usurp the energy - to colourise and taint it, so as to block the Tara. Essentially to own the authentic energy and misdirect consciousness from it. This entity was backed by Ra, that was trying to influence by raising vibration into a degree of bliss. Which comes with the risk of disconnect from the lower chakras, thus rendering people vulnerable to misdirecction and control. But we've seen plenty of these misdirecting dynamics over the years, so we weren't fooled!

So we worked with the entity, that had a huge insecurity around true sovereignty - and what it actually means to be "regal" - a grace with humility that needs no external validation. Having resolved out the entity, we were then able to journey back through the quantum field, using this blueprint as a key to unlock doorways of convolution - where populations had been disempowered by placing icons on pedestals and worshipping.

We encountered Mother Mary too, who'd also been duped by Ra, to create another icon to be idolised - making the ideal unattainable to those who worship her. As I've illuminated in the Openhand Book, RESURRECTION, in actual fact, the "virgin mother" was the daughter of Ra, and the first of the hybridised mothers of Homo Sapiens - hence the story that she too was born of "immaculate conception". 

We've encountered Mary a number of times since the launch of the Book. I'm pleased to say she now sees clearly through the deception and has extracted from it. She's holding a loving and aligned space in the 4D field to help people get more of an aligned sense of the divine mother - more aligned with the Ray 9.

(Discover more about RESURRECTION here)


Once more, we also encountered BIg Foot, the most evolved of the Lemurians, and one of the key seed species from which Homo Sapiens was then hybridised - down graded. BIg Foot was/and is, completely interconnected both with 3D earth, and higher 5D consciousness. We worked with the grief of having lost that, but also the joy of the reclamation of aspects of that configuration to carry forth into the 5D Human.

So there's plenty happening in a rich journeying experience.

Getting down to it in the studio...

Alex & Kev, flanked by Taras...

Tilly & Bon

Ann & Andy...

Thomas, Vimal & Rachel...

A wonderful environment for deep journeying...

Bright blessings to all tuning in.
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We had facilitators arriving last night from far and wide - birds of a feather coming together. How wonderful it is ❤️

I can tell you we went very deep very quickly, even around supper. Different Star Being Groups were connecting and Big Foot, from 5D, made an appearance too. It's going to be an alchemical week for sure.

We caught some initial snaps on arrival...

Looks like Tilly is going to be water fasting for the week!

Vimal, all the way from India, yet still with a spring in his step...

I just knew Big Foot was going to make an appearance!...

"HOW", it's high time for a pow wow...

The week taking shape in the field...

Meanwhile, Owl looks on - let's hope he's going to bring some wisdom!...


Here's a sense of the energy of the gathering from a previous year. Enjoy...