Planetary Shift Facilitators: Healing the Annunaki

Submitted by Open on Sat, 07/22/2023 - 02:21

It was a truly historic Facilitator Conference this year in Avebury, where principally we connected with the Ancient Architects of the Matrix, the Annunaki. The best way to help shift our 3D reality into something much more aligned, is to reverse engineer the errors of the past. I'm pleased to say we were able to get them on board, heal them and then enlist their support in unravelling karmic distortion at a planetary level. It's sure to ripple benevolently through the field. Explore the high alchemy adventure.

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Dear Open ,

I found myself talking about the Sound of Freedom to an audience of volunteers of an organization that provides palliative care support to children suffering from cancer . The topic was child abuse . The fact that we were speaking about it and discussing the cycles of abuse ,felt like a breakthrough in of itself. Something in the field has shifted. 

I was able to tune in only sketchily during the Facilitator conference as I am plowing through some hefty karma of my own( which also is about facing fear ,abuse and standing strong for the sake of my daughter ) ,but I can feel the knitting together of the two disparate streams of consciousness . And an emerging realisation that the more one controls ,the more stringently one is controlled . 

Enlil and Enki were almost like Twin flames in my knowing . A flash of insight makes me see how the dynamics between the two have given rise to much of the morphic field we are all experiencing at the 4 D karmic level. And that's where it is unravelling as well once they repair eons worth of karma . 

It feels like we are at the beginning of if something new for this galaxy . A front row seat into transformation.  How exciting ! 


Utterly fantastic! Most definitely encouraged and inspired, as always. Getting to see more of what takes place and more of the wonderful group of people involved helps me on a personal level overcome my "shyness" of worrying whether i'd fit in or be liked, or even whether i'd be intimidated by the unfamiliar surroundings of an unfamiliar country. Don't feel that anymore, and even see how those things would be a perfect invitation to explore and realign in myself. Just have to be brave, and you all inspire that in me. Most definitely time to stop procrastinating and dithering because i feel very called to be there, not just to the land but to the work. I realize though as much as I want to jump right in, i still have much lower work to do, and that's ok. I've a feeling there'll still be work to do when I'm ready. Also a doubt; what makes me think I even can do this work? Well at this point I've had enough glimpses to know I may be suited after all, and just the desire in me to be involved I think speaks to my ability. Seeing a bus yesterday with "lead the way" on the side really spoke to me so no sense being shy about that either. Time and work will tell. That Chakra toning gives me chills everytime! So potent! And the adventures of hiking about through natural places makes my inner child leap with excitement and joy! Laughter has always been an important staple in my life and is a large part of my nature, and to see such great sense of humour and sense of fun is incredibly heart warming 🥰 "I see expanding waistlines." 🤣🤣🤣 Some queries came up watching the video: what would humanity be like had it not been tampered with? What would original humans be like if we'd been left alone? Also what would happen to the greys and tall whites once they're no longer needed? Just some thoughts. Really buoyed by all the positive outcomes and happenings! Your unwavering determination and dedication and refusal to give up are incredibly inspiring! Thank you thank you thank you so so so much!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🙏barb

Thank you Open for allowing me to be part of this great adventure. I hope I am invited back next year. 

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To have a great adventure requires great adventurers like you John 👍

And so yes, of course, you'd be most welcome any time.

Much love and well wishes

Open 🙏

I'm not at all surprised now that there haven't been any new crop circles, especially authentic Star Being ones. Why?

It's been made clear to me that this last week was mainly about the healing of the Annunaki in the 4D field. It was a massive and ultimately successful undertaking. As you'll see in the video, it was a deeply moving experience. Time and space needed to be given for this. The pain of the past honoured so that healing could begin.

Perhaps now, with the healing process activated, other crop circles might appear.

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎

It was nothing short of a miracle that this video came together in just 3 days after getting back from the Avebury Facilitator Conference. It turned into a documentary that ought to have taken 3 weeks to edit! There is definitely a healing window of opportunity available that wanted to be anchored at this time. I trust you benefit from the video and appreciate the massive healing potential of the work. Profound thanks to all who participated in the work and the film's making.

Do let me know what you think of it ♥️

Bright blessings

Open 💎


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