Quantum Solstice Shift Vlog..."Ignite the Flame", With Openhand

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This is a crucial time for humanity and the shift. Leading into the December Solstice 2020, various celestial conjuncts are taking place signalling the possibility of a quantum shift in energy. With this in mind, I'm inviting you all in the Openhand Virtual Community to join me on a tour around Britain, unravelling density and channeling in the light. Find out how to share your video clips, photos and music to help ripple a wave of light around the world!...

Do Share Your Support and Comments to help ripple the energy. Heart
And do send me those video clips from your sacred site...
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With a big bundle of love

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Thank you Open for guiding us in such a powerful meditation yesterday - I think it was one of the most powerful guided meditations I have ever experienced. Afterwards I just felt I wanted to be quiet and alone rather than chat and went off for a solitary walk.

For those among us who are not very tech/FB savvy, can I just mention, that had I wanted to join in the Zoom meeting afterwards I wouldn't have known how to do so. I can't be the only one who doesn't know how to join a spontaneous Zoom meeting - so 'idiot-proof' instructions would be appreciated in the future. Of course it could just be me.....Confused Face


22/12/20 Solstice Journal Update: What a wonderful connection we had through the LiveStream yesterday. From the bottom of my heart (Heart), thankyou so much for all those who tuned in and made it so memorable. I could feel you all clearly in the ether, like a great cosmic hug around the world - much gratitude. Likewise to all those who stayed on for the inpromptu zoom meeting afterwards - such a lovely warm connection to see you all. My heart was melted! The Sun Emoji

Do share your thoughts/feelings about the meditation. I could palpably feel the very paternal/maternal energies of Jupiter and Saturn holding us. I could feel the expansiveness in the Third Eye, and generally, the sense that something pretty Biblical was transpiring - the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius no less. Tremendous!

For all those who couldn't make the LiveStream, I recorded it and share it here below. The meditation and sense of the connection with the conjunction will certainly be applicable right the way through December. So do take some quality time out to experience it...

A Big bundle of love out to all of you out there. Know that you are cherished and loved beyond measure.

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Hi Open ,

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Vlogs leading up to the solstice. I have been in a lower vibrational state recently but have finally moved energies out (both physically from my home and spiritually) that I fell off the high vibration band wagon a bit. I have been literally looking into the face of dark energies around me and feeling so oppressed. Having encounters with greys and also in particular an Annunaki - a fierce and  powerful one.   I knew I was distanced from my spiritual family but I also knew I needed to rest in that place for a moment in order to find my way out ....

I did bridge the greys over.......however still working on the Annunaki one.  - there seems to be more messages from this one. 

This Christmas day- my present was to sit in my now, nice peaceful quiet space and watch the vlogs from beginning to end. I loved all of them .... the Rosslyn Chapel touched me very deeply indeed, as well as the other videos. So thank you so very much. Praying Emoji Your journey was beautiful, touching, and uplifting in more ways than I could express here. 

...My vibration is returning to the higher states and your livestream solstice meditation and vlogs today helped so much . Thank you Open. It is such a blessing to be a part of this Openhand family.

I long to live in a place like England...- There is magic it seems all around. I am asking the universe to show me where to go. 

Sending lots of love Heart





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Hey Betsy,

Great to hear from you - thanks for sharing a snapshot of your recent story.

Maybe it wasn't so much "falling off the bandwagon" though?

If something pulls us in, then it most likely means there' a fragment of soul that has some afiliation there - the annunaki were not "all bad", as neither is any being. So I would say work to empathise and see what connection you might have - integrate that without judgment of yourself and then see how that now feels - that's my suggestion.

Wishing you well

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I don't know if I want to pose a question or say something that I have been working with as well. Because this post and the subsequent reply seems to tie well with what I have been feeling as well. 

The question might be, how can you then be committed to the journey when the ego is going to do what it's going to do? 

The mind seems to come up with many intentions to be committed and be the light, to feel purposeful , motivated yet what happens is sliding into lethargy or addictive behaviours. Yesterday I was reading the article - the spiritual path as the infinite game and it made a lot of sense. It's not about getting anywhere like the mind intentions. And today I can feel a rejuvenated sense of surrender and acceptance. But I think basically what happens is that the mind attaching itself to positive experience and finding ways to sustain it, control it thus maybe overriding other lessons. But what needs to happens will happen and maybe one can accept it without resistance. And from that place commitment can naturally arise without intention. 

Lol I seem to be answering my own question. 

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Hi Vimal - looks like you're doing a great job of answering your own questions Thumbs Up Sign

If I might add, I think a really good approach is to set sail in the direction of your highest heart felt intention. BUT, then allow yourself to work through all the challenges and blockages that draw you from the path. Remember, there's no ultimate destination, but a progressive journey of unfolding.

Best wishes

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Hi all
Just wanted to share great picture of conjunction, it's from Guatemala. And there's a news today of Hawaiian volcano waking in witch goddess Pele live. Now, Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and fire and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. Got the feeling that Ring of fire is on fire.
NamasteJupiter Saturn


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Hi Danniel - what a tremendous picture - thanks so much for sharing.
I've been feeling to bring an Openhand retreat to Guatamala in 2021 - maybe that's just perfect!

Much love

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21/12/20: Solstice Vlog Update: So here we are, the amazing conjunt of Saturn Jupiter arriving at the Solstice - a truly Biblical sense to it, especially in light of everything that's going on around us. Plenty of commentators herald this as the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" - the great awakening. And I've had plenty of personal feeling and synchronicity that this is indeed accurate - wow! The dawning of the "New Age".

BUT, don't expect it to be all love and light - as if you would Smliing

I think what's absolutely synchronistically fascinating, is that the UK government announced stronger lockdown measures yesterday, in effect cancelling Christmas for millions of Brits - a sudden turn around from the previous policy of opening up for Christmas. They're blaming a new "mutation of the rona". But I sense something else is going on. The shadow state behind all this knows these astrological conjunctions well. I imagine there's a realisation of the likely uplifting impact of all of this, and they misjudged allowing the opening up. There is a strong upwelling here and around the world beginning to take place. Whether intentionally timed or not, it's certainly highly synchronistic.

These are tremendous times we're sailing into and through. You have a wonderful opportunity to awaken to a degree beyond imagination. Where you're tuned into the divine voice of the cosmos continually; where fear and control fall away from your reality; where you know yourself as the eternal one continually. To me, that's the opportunity this shift represents.

It is a quantum shift, but just as with the galactic alignment of 2012, don't expect everything to happen in one day - it obviously won't! It's more the beginning of an opening. A highly significant one, but with many more auspicious events and conjuncts to follow in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. This is sure to be a rollercosater from here to the culimating Event.

Make no mistake, these are phenomenal times of great opportunity. And I do believe this immediate conjunction today offers one of those priceless moments. That's why I felt compelled to do the LiveStream Meditation, to help people take advantage of that.

Here's where you can find it... Openhand Facebook Livestreams

The Conjunction takes place around 4pm GMT - the livestream will complete around 3pm GMT to give you a chance to choose the best place you'd like to experience it.

And to build the sense of the energy of the event, and provide an overview of what this Saturn Jupiter conjunction is all about, I felt to share this wonderfully informative video by AstroShaman.com

Blessings to all in these Biblical Times!

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 This conjunct is also highly significant for Australia and the Originals, because the Pleiadies comes into alignment with their key spiritual centre on the planet, Uluru (Ayres rock) at the time of the conjunct. We've been asked by Katie in Aus to hold the heart space open immediately after the Livestream to also take account of this magnificent alignment.

Biblical indeed!

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And so we are here in this moment stepping into something new (we call it Age..), something yet unknown and sooo waited for. We are full of hope and our (many of us but maybe not all) hopes are those of the completely different life. But can we imagine what that new life might look like if we have never experienced it, if we never lived it..?

For me energies were building up for few days and on the day of Solstice I had a feeling of energy running through my body, as if the train passes through inside of me. Some sense of worry and anxiety. My plan was very clear – I go to one of the most sacred sites in Ireland to meet the Great Conjunction. Since the very morning weather wasn’t promising the clear sky to see planets, it was very misty with continuing drizzle, grey skies covered by thick clouds. One moment I caught my mind wondering whether there will be crowds on the Hill or else am I going to “participate” alone, crazy being (in such weather)? At that moment I lifted my head and it was 11:11 on the oven clock – ahhh! The support of angels is with me…

When just stepped onto the grounds of the place the feeling of worry and anxiety has melted in the mist and left me completely. I got a sense of very sacred and peaceful energy there. Also, some signs and synchronicities were speaking clearly. I was drawn to go to the Celtic cross first. While standing there a strange feeling of light appeared out of nowhere. I looked above and really – clouds were brightening up, thinning and changing their shape at only one spot just more less above where I was at that cross (have video and photo). It was already close to the time of conjunction and I was drawn to one of the ring forts. The angelic guidance lead me to do a walking meditation – I did some circles around this place counter clockwise dedicating to ascending energies and clockwise to descending. There is a Stone of Destiny on the ring fort known as the King's Seat where the inner pull was directing me. When connecting with this stone and then “hugging” it something extraordinary happened – I felt very subtle wind blowing even though the weather was absolutely calm. That wind has brought to me something deeply ancient, it was speaking from the Ancestors or Elders energy, wooo! I have never experienced this connection before, it will take some time for me to get understand those feelings.

But the last hour of being on that site exceeded all my possible expectations. At around 4pm (just before the time of Saturn - Jupiter Conjunction) I noticed people coming from all sides to the Stone of Destiny - it was beautiful to watch them appearing out of the mist, as if this stone pulled them out of there (as it pulled me too). Wow! What a heartfelt energy has formed in this gathering! I had no doubt all these people were here with the reason (could be 20 of them or more, but not from a single group). Many of them (if not all) clearly were energy workers. My excitement was rising... I was diving into the feelings of unity, calmness and peace, conscious being, warm and compassionate community, it felt amazingly good even though no one of them I knew. Even dogs were carrying around extremely friendly and loving energy. At that moment it was clear to me - this is how we want to live on this Earth. The world of fear, worry, anger and all other heavy stuff for the moment faded away and disappeared. As if there was no more that 3D world as we know it, but only This One, giving the pure sense of transition into 5D consciousness. Magnificent moments! For me it was a biggest celebration of this year (even bigger than Christmas)!

That is my experience of this winter Solstice. Though... I understand clearly how much of intention, desire, work and effort humanity must put into it to get "there"... A big big Hope...

With that a bit of warrior's energy in the form of music:

Heartfelt thank you, Open, for igniting the Flame and for all your energy put into this precious work you do Praying Emoji

Much love to everyone from the bottom of my heart

Wishing you a peaceful festive season HeartPraying EmojiHeart


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Wow Asta - thanks for the sharing - very moving indeed. It's wonderful to hear an Openhander personal account from the day Thumbs Up Sign

I had goose bumps when you described the Hill of Tara - synchronistically it's the one place I felt a strong pull towards but didn't manage to get to on my Tour.

The Hill of Tara to me speaks all about sovereignty - it is said around 142 Kings and Queens reigned there (with much celtic/druid energy). So it felt like an important statement to share that energy of sovereignty with people. Alas I didn't make it this time, but I know I will pretty soon and aim to share what clearly is a wonderful energy with the community.

Here's an image of the Hill which to me speaks volumes. Not least, it very much looks as if built in the infinity shape...

Thanks so much for sharing - greatly appreciated.

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20/12/20: Solstice Journal Update: I'm aware I called my last Vlog the FINAL one in this journal. I thought with all the work done I could take a rest now. How easily the Sapiens mind can play tricks! Last night I was drawn out to Avebury once more just to experience the energy fields again. In the afternoon as I arrived, a Black Dragon was hanging ominously in the sky, and it did feel as though the area had been interferred with eneregtically. It was the site of my last Vlog, a key magnetic leyline into the area and for the planet. So I spent some time meditating with it, which seemed to help.

But as sundown took place the real peak experience of the tour so far - just when you thought it was all complete!

I was drawn up onto the hill and the fairy portal circle where the journey had all begun from. I thought it was to watch the sunset - the sky was reasonably clear. Various star constellations were beginning to appear. But one star fixed my gaze - it was far brighter than all the others, and in direct line of sight from where I'd been given to sit - South/South West. Steadily as the sky got darker as the star brightened. I wondered which star it was? Not the North Star for that was behind me. Not Sirius, because that was lining up with Orion's Belt. Then it dawned on me, "duhhh". It's the Saturn/Jupiter conjunct of course! LOL

This realisation sent my heart racing, fast and strong. So I sat and focussed on the conjunct - meditated with it. Immediately I could feel the third eye opening wider and stronger. It felt like my head was beginning to expand. Then I could feel as if being held in some kind of immense tractor beam, that held my whole body. This sent the heart into some degree of palpitation for a while. But things then calmed and I was happily able to bathe in the immense energy of the experience. It was simply awesome, and I felt important to share it with you all.

What was I given to say in the "last" Vlog? These times are Biblical! In fact an interesting word to use, as some believe this is the mythical star conjunction announcing the birth of Jesus. And others are also saying it marks the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius. My Guided Meditation LiveStream will be perfectly timed tomorrow to experience the conjunct, as it will finish an hour before the event takes place - so you can benefit from the meditation and then go to a place to experience it for yourself.

These are remarkable times indeed. Let's take maximum advantage of them. Speaking of which, here are three Openhanders doing just that. Thank you for sharing your snippets guys - They're really uplifting...

Here's to a Biblical Solstice Guys!

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Hi Open. Thanks so much for sharing this. I kept getting the words 'star of Bethlehem' so that would fit. Asta, Megha and Rich, thanks so much for your beautiful sharings and for your clips. This film makes me shiver!

Let's stay open to the incredible energies of this time. With all blessings to everyone tuning in! Praying Emoji


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What an amazing experience to travel with you, Open, so many extraordinary sacred places.... I have loved every minute you've shared with us. I am so grateful - I cannot imagine the time and energy that you put into the creation of so many beautiful vlogs. Your commitment to all of us in this community and to the work you do, inspires me every single day. 

These dark days surrounding the Solstice have been challenging for me on so many levels. Joining you here, on your site, connecting with everything you offer, every day, has been a lifeline. I hope you can feel the love and gratitude flowing to you, not only from me but from so many others who, like me, may find it difficult to express feelings that run so deep and so true. Thank you, from my heart to yours....

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Hi Janet - it's always good to be appreciated.

Yes a great deal of work went into the trip and the production of the vlog - yet it was all a great pleasure too - the feeling of divine service.

When people tune in an share their appreciation, it adds something to it all that is beyond words.

From the heart, "thankyou" Heart

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19/12/20: Final Solstice Shift Vlog - the Elders Speak: phew, after a marathon build up of travelling, meditating, energy work, filming and editing, here is my final Solstice Shift Vlog to share with you all (although I will also be sharing some lovely clips you guys have sent me too Heart). This is from my final day in Avebury, appropriately where I began the journey. The sun was speaking strongly, as were the elders. One of the sharings came from the highly sacred West Kennet Long Barrow, an ancient Neolithic Burial Chamber, where I've taken Openhand Facilitator Groups previously - a highly magical place, and this was no exception.

Here is the video - do share your thoughts feelings...
(and also see details below it of a Solstice LiveStream Guided Meditation I felt given to do on Dec 21st)

With so much energy flowing in at this time, the incentive is to help us all in the community to harness and capitalise from it.

Let's infuse some energy!

The is where you can find it...

Openhand Facebook

Blessings to All

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Thank you so much, Open. I haven't watched today's vlog entry yet, but am grateful for it.

Just wanted to say that the energies that are coming through right now are truly extraordinary - crystalline - and I am hoping that everyone is 'making the most of it' and tuning in.

For me, the earth plane has become like a temple, with many layers of angelic and multidimensional help and support in attendance. This is going to be an extraordinary few days up till and throughout the Solstice and I for one am going to be working with my twin flame to align with and anchor the energy (just a few miles up the road from Glastonbury,  though may be drawn further afield - we'll see).

Blessings to you all at this extraordinary time and holding a space for the beauty that is to come - I can feel it in the ethers.

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Dear Tonya ,

On my travels I felt pulled to go into a particular shop and I bought a crystal for the first time . Its Calcite also called Iceland Spar . Since then the shapes I see in meditation are complex and beautiful beyond explanation ! 



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That was some epic journey!

I just wanted to express my gratitude for giving us the opportunity to share in the extraordinary energies of the amazing and powerful places you visited. For me not only did I feel a connection to the energies of the sites, but also a powerful, unifying energy linking us all together, from which I draw comfort and strength in these uncertain times.

As for the dragon - you could even see his eye!

The words that come to mind are 'Bless you for that which you do'.


PamPraying EmojiHeart

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Thankyou for your kind words Pam. It did take an enormous amount of energy covering the distance, doing the energy work and then recording it too. But it was a real inspiration to feel the love and support of everyone in the community.

Bless you.

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This was just amazing . Thank you Open ! 

I am back to the pretty dense corner of my world ,but I can feel such amazing energies still.coming through. Pam and I recently sat in meditation and it felt as though I reached out to elementals through a wide swathe of my country . And the sacred geometries and ( it felt like ) large areas seemed to be unwinding with my energetic effort . I know it's weird but even in my sleep I am dreaming I am collaborating with Openhanders I have never met and unwinding energies in places I have never visited ( Texas !) .

Despite the repressed density on the outside ,inside it feels like coherent, connected freedom 

Thank you so much ! 


Although one might question the naked and vast prairie landscape, where my idea of a forest could be a clump of 4-5 trees coming from western KS, there are sacred spaces out here. Often they come in the form of a land owner taking responsibility and stewardship for the land, listening to what the land is asking to gift one with.  

Therefore, sacred spaces are abundant here on the plains.  The trick is finding them.  

I have been wanting to visit Harmony Farm now for a few years "trying" to find time that matches an event the creator of the landscape does seasonally. But it was only up to now, after being reminded when speaking to a friend, that the message came in really  strongly,  this was the time to visit AND oh what a glorious, sunny day it was. 

In the midst of the energy upheaval and intensity of shifts in the density and dimensions, when my heart feels heavy and my head is pulsing, I am reminded when I do get out into the nature of my homeland of this lifetime, my heart lights up.  It was here that I first encountered joy and love. I have come to accept the rolling, rushing wind. And my inner child says "thank you" when I lay myself down on the wheat field and look up into the Kansas blue sky.  As I lie there on Mother Gaia, I feel the pulse of the heartland reverberating strongly.  

"Joy was just the thing that he was raised on
Love is just the way to live and die
Gold is just a windy Kansas wheatfield
And blue is just a Kansas summer sky"


Sending warmth and peace for the winter season <3. g

18/12/20 Solstice Vlog Update: So here is my compiled trip to London in the latest video sharing, "London Calling". It was a pretty full on trip as I'm sure you'll concur. However I did find the light shining through the cracks and for sure a lot of energy was moved. Do share your thoughts afterwards. Blessings to all...

In reply to by Open

Hi Open,

That was fascinating, the emptiness in London.  Many stores have little business here on the coast because consumerism has shifted to buying online.  On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, just those 2 days alone generated 19 BILLION dollars U.S. in online sales.  That has jammed up the postal system so the mail has slowed down greatly.

As for wearing masks, the people are encouraged to report you if you don't wear one or wear it improperly.  A local restaurant owner has been turned in many times by someone or by many people for having her nose not covered correctly.  She has hired a lawyer to fight them and the restaurant association is helping also.  The propaganda is massive here too.  Yesterday the governor said restaurants were shutting down to take-out only and no inside dining through March of 2021!  They just shut down for 2 weeks and reopened a week ago and now she's saying they have to shut down again for months to inside dining.  They can't make enough money to stay open just doing take out service as many won't go then, so some have gone out of business already and most likely more will.  There's not much here now since it's a small town.  The stores have replaced many areas with tons of alcohol and getting drunk is encouraged and laughed about.  It's like they want you anesthetized to it all so you're easier to control.  I don't consume alcohol.

Every day the tv has reminders to report violators who don't wear masks and there's a big fine if you don't wear them.  Can you believe it??  Snitch on your neighbors for daring to use their freedoms!  A few restaurants have defied the mandates and stayed open to the public when they are mandated to close.  The fines are hefty at $126,000 dollars U.S.  It's just unreal how nasty things are with the black energy.  I wish more people would rebel and I think many are about fed up, including myself.  I talk with people whenever I go into town.  

So I'm working to keep energy up.  Laughter seems to help others.  I talk to someone in a store and they're willing to engage in conversation on these topics.  A man the other day said he was feeling so down and my comments had cheered him immensely and given him hope.  I find making things funny seems to cause people to laugh and breathe a sigh of relief that life will be ok somehow and gives them strength to keep going.    So that's life, or lack of it, here on the West coast of Oregon.

Today my internet services have a yellow instead of green light so will see what that's about.  I had the feeling it was a message that I've been too vocal about standing up to the black energy. haha  It's a wonder I've not been thrown in facebook jail, but I haven't.  The yellow lights are a warning so I'll call the provider about it.  I'm also looking for places and ways to let the torus flow as it chooses.  I know we're powerful energetic beings,  I've just not been sure how to do that so your vlogs are helping me tremendously!  

Thank you so much for that.

NamastePraying EmojiHeart


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Much gratitude for your vlog(s), and keeping up with continious stream of breaking through the 'old structures', while opening to the light.

I am finding myself so diligently unwinding The Path, and especially since 11.11. portal gaining momentum for what is coming. Your work, and sharing it online, has been of great service for me, serving as a light tower to illuminate The Path at many ocassions.

I did my 'pillgrimage' today, headed towards my holy mountain to make a resume of this year's journey so far. For human-in-me, as well as humanity the journey resembles The Great Awakening. Working through the 'black-snake' energy, as you put it, the Life once again surprised me with massive infusion of luminous essence.

It feels, like it's all set in place, for me personally, as well as collective - the journeys of ascent are coming together. With all the energies around solstice, and synhronicites pointing towards it,  monday has been chosen as my day D. Surrendering deep into my subconscious, supported with the flow of 'theta waves', I am going to complete this Shift within. It feels like just about time to fully awaken Divinicus/Christ within me and immerse into the field of Unity counsciousness.

I feel very blessed for your presence in 2020, eventhough all that I've really encountered was your 'virtual presence'. Your way of being truly inspires me, and sending you biggest embrace of appreciation. Tunning into the ether, while sitting with my evening fire, I am wishing for a glimpse of this feeling to find it's way through.


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Dear Open, So good to see the city from your perspective.  Gratitude for the guidance on how to reverse the polarities on the obelisks, a useful tip.  Hoping to escape to Avebury for Solstice - let's see! K x


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My take on the Rona pan-de-mic is that it’s not being orchestrated by any individuals or group of individuals, but it’s an outworking of humanity’s history & of the energies affecting the planet. We’ve had pandemics & plagues before in human history many times, much worse than the current one, & they have all been real in the sense that many people have died of the illnesses, which are typically caused by bacteria or viruses.

The difference currently, is that it’s playing into humanity’s fear & paranoia much more than in the past, for many reasons. One reason, in my opinion, is the extent to which it’s being fanned by the mainstream media & especially by social media.

The pan-de-mic is a progression of everything that has been going on, in the natural world & in the unseen realms. There’s no conspiracy or hidden agenda, in my opinion.

It’s all playing out exactly as it’s meant to. We are all exactly where we’re meant to be, including the planet herself & everything on it, viruses & all. I’m for accepting & embracing the current circumstances, learning from them, experiencing everything on offer & going with the flow....

In reply to by StarHawk

Hi Starhawk - thanks for sharing your view - I certainly agree that this is an outworking of humanity's karmic history. Thumbs Up Sign

And, to me, a big part of that karma is handing over sovereignty and power to a collective group of controllers who don't appear to have the interests of the collective at heart.

Orchestrated or not?

I think it's very instructive to watch the media and world governments - how when they introduce a new theme to the narrative, it all comes together at once - the same themes appear on the same days and spoken about with the same themes of terminology, such as "Build Back Better" which is the meme introduced by the World Economic Forum that has openly stated "not to let the pandemic go to waste". And if you investigate the themes around what they're terming The Fourth Industrial Revolution, it's clear, there is a great deal of concert and orchestration behind it - it's being openly stated.

The new lockdown measures introduced into the UK today, which effectively put the UK in quarantine, were done immediately after the Parliament broke up for Christmas. Accidental timing? I don't think so!

There's a very insightful overview video on the subject at the beginning of this article to get a sense of the global orchestration of all of this...

Navigating the New Norm

PS - I changed some of the terminlogy you used, such as plan-de-mic, and c0r0na-vir, why? Because when you publish terms like this, the search engine algorithms cause an immediate drop in traffic to the website (sometimes by over 50%) - yet again a powerful indication of orchestration of a particular narrative and censorship of anything that doesn't concur with it.

Best wishes

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17/12/20: Solstice Vlog Update

Are you there yet?
Are you living, breathing, eating the path?
Why not - there is nothing else!

Every single moment offers the opportunity to push a little deeper...
In which moments are you living on repeat...same old, same old?
When are you truly awake and when are you merely sleep walking?
Where's the true expression in your relataionships?
Which are the moments you simply switch off when you could be meditating?
What about that yoga session you promised yourself?
How about that deeper shift into high vibe eating?
What about that night walk under the stars?
or setting the alarm a couple of hours earlier
to go out in the cold and damp to hear the dawn chorus?
We've reached that point now.
There are no half moments anymore.
The veils are falling fast - it's either reality or the illusion.

In every single moment there is a gateway - through the regular, the normal, the expected and instead, turning purposefully toward the choice that makes things harder, tighter, that confronts your fears. For here are the priceless moments of maximum opportunity - to break through and discover something deeper about yourself...

And here's some great photography from Openhanders tuning in:

Thanks Jamie in Alaska...

A great image of Archangel Michael...

Snowy and stormy by Sherri...

Magical Goa by Megha...

Thanks for sharing guys - ripple those waves!

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Hi Open,

This morning I went outside pre-dawn.  I was spending some time with the trees when my attention was drawn up to the sky.  It was still a dark night sky thick with clouds but there was one spot of daylight shining through in the shape of a sword.  I turned my attention back to the trees for awhile.  Then I glanced up and the sword had changed into a circle.  And I started seeing the trees more as energy and less physical.  I looked up again and the circle had morphed into what looked like a protective warrior angel flying in the sky.  I looked around at the sky to see if there were other spots of light but it was entirely dark as it was well before sunrise.  I looked back at the angel and it was now a long axe shape with a curved blade.  I didn't have my camera to take pictures but it was quite a magical way to start my day.


Hey O,
I am having huge tech probs posting and that in itself squeezed out a whole lot of crazy stuff ha ha what a tanty I had.
 I am having another crack today, this time I'm  typing it all out and copy n pasteing it in so I dont lose it like I did 4 times the last time I tried! he he!
I'm not sure what my purpose is at this time and thats ok. All I know is that I have to keep being my flavour, process all the stuff that comes up and not play small!

I am pretty much out of the drama thats playing out except when I have to go to town and shop, then it hits me like a truck, the ludicrousness of it all, though it's  not as bad as the cities so I am blessed in that way.
I have been trying to ripple the beauty and peace of this place out into the ether, I'm  not sure if I'm  doing it right but I just muddle along and try to trust I'm  on track. Its such a learning curve.
I dont have anything profoundly encouraging to share this time. I'm practicing being brave and posting with my real name, at last!!! I've conquered the fear yeehaa! Thats about all my news at this time.
Thanks to you and all the peeps that share here. I always learn something and feel encouraged when I read the posts.

Sat nam
Erin 💚🌳🐎 (from rainy aust) this time last year it was fires! the rain is lovely and lots of rainbows in my valley so beautiful.

16/12/20: Solstice Vlog Update: I had a poignantly powerful last day of my solstice journey in Avebury yesterday. It was divinely magical, with our heavenly Solar Logos speaking volumes. I do sense we'll get some major infusions around the solstice - I would say from Sunday afternoon on the 20th right through until at least Tuesday or Wednesday. And I expect a lot of waves to follow in the days and weeks afterwards. Only time can tell exactly what. I noticed that London has now gone into stronger lockdowns as they're "discovered a new strain of a more infectious virus" (interesting considering they haven't even isolated the first one yet!). Well what a surprise. You'd think they were reading from a script. Oooops, silly me, of course, yes they are!

What needs to be realised, is that (of course) everything is interconnected. And it all flows as the Universe together. When you lock an aspect of consciousness down in this way, then some aspect of consciousness will respond. Like when the dinosaurs were too heaveily exploiting the planet, a heavenly asteroid was sent their way. It's simply the result of cause and effect. I do believe the benevolent energy is currently being very patient with the plandemonium, because it's an opportunity for plenty to wake up and forge soul sovereignty. But there comes a breaking point, when the drama has gone too far. I sense we're reaching that now and that the Universe is going to respond in some way. The Solar Logos is speaking strongly at this time.

What will happen? Only time can tell. But what I can say to all tuning in, these are BIBLICAL times. So do not simply sleep walk along in any given moment. Tune into the guidance. Go where you're meant to be. Let authentic beingness stir and arise through you. Then you'll be channeling the Universe through you and bringing the light to bear. Thumbs Up Sign

As I complete this blog entry, I'll be heading back to Glasto, where I'll be compiling my final two Vlogs: "London's Calling" and "The Solar Logos Speaks". Until then, I welcome you all joining in. It's not for me or Openhand that you're doing it - it's for your own self, the expression of soul and greater emergence of authenticity: when you let it flow, any manner of things might then manifest and reflect back to you (wait till you see the sky dragon from my final Vlog!). With that in mind I'll leave you with a singalong from the pyramid stage Glastonbury. Feels pretty biblical...

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Hi Open,

I just felt to say thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for sharing with us these important and special videos, for keeping it real and talking openly and honestly about the current situation, which no doubt helps others more than you could know. All of humanity is being squeezed in a constriction of discomfort nowadays. And what it looks like on the surface levels is a sudden, spontaneous upsurge of crazy situation. Deep underneath, the ancient causes of traumatic echoes….

Coming up to the Winter Solstice, I found myself traveling with the warrior energy.

I have been seeing battle fields recently in my meditations. A war taking place in another dimension, where two extreme polarities, extreme light and extreme darkness, sparked a conflict between each other, and the huge sense of guilt that came out of it.

But the deeper into these realms I travel, once more I am reminded that no one knew what the warrior aspect was before darkness showed up. This is something that it had to be created in order to stand up to the parasitic system. And when used in its purest form it’s a consciousness that keeps you centred, connected and not allowing to lose oneself in the midst of other people’s drama, heaviness, dying, etc.  It’s the divine warrior within.

When I watch the Solstice vlog updates, I can’t think of anything but that it is only going to get crazier until it snaps the collective into action. But how far are we going to have to take this before that moment?

The future requires ancient perception.  The past required new understanding. And we exist in the centre, the culmination of trillions of years of exploration. What a time to be alive! Frozen fields of the human collective are waking up. And yes, you are right – these are Biblical times indeed!





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Hi Desi,

It's great to have you tune in and contribute to the building flow of energies here The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

You said...

When I watch the Solstice vlog updates, I can’t think of anything but that it is only going to get crazier until it snaps the collective into action. But how far are we going to have to take this before that moment?

That's exactly the question I've been asking too.

And each and every awakened person must bring themselves to this kind of action right now too. An infusion of energy is happening and when people simply express it, then it comes through into the 3D - it ripples far and wide.


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Dear Open ,

When you say Biblical ,for some reason I think of Earthquakes. I was in the airplane and I glanced at the book my daughter was reading called ' Enchantress' . I kid you not - the line said something like ' When the raw energies come together in battle ,Earthquakes happen...... ' . 


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Hi Megha,

That rings very true - incredible raw energies coming together.

Last night I was given to camp on one of the key energy ley lines running through the Avebury area, it's on a major magnetic flow around the planet. There was so much energy flowing every cell of my body was vibrating. It was a cold night, but I was sweating from head to foot as the energy grounded through.

Something is building!

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Dear Open ,

Yesterday ,entirely spontaneously , I found myself in the middle of a Nature reserve in Goa where I am travelling . It felt magical being in pristine natural forests .For a split second I could feel a connection to 4 or 5 elemental spirits in the area . We took a trip to the waterfall ( Called Milk of the Gods waterfall) and as I felt into the energy there in a temple ,I felt the Black Snake Energy interlacing with the toroidal flow. As best as I could ,I removed the energy from that area . And also met the Guardian spirit . The whole trip was entirely spontaneous as our 4x4 guide suddenly decided that we could trek up through a magical portion where there were these old trees . 

On our way back ,a green snake crossed the road ,out of the blue . It seemed to confirm the work I had tried to do there . 

All of this seems to be like something building up into the Solstice. I am cognizant of the fact that the Black Snake Energy is what is keeping this whole Illusion upright ( I feel almost compassionate regard towards it !) . And it feels like it's all going to start falling apart ,now . 

Deep Bow from half way across the world. I loved the Vlog. My eyes were guided to the Green orbs in the left hand corner of the screen . 


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Great to hear your sharing Megha Thumbs Up Sign

I often think that most people tuning in here don't really know their full energetic power yet. We each have the capacity to transform the field around. Providing you've tuned into the field and perceived how it wants to realign, then you can become a ready amplifyer for that (just as you clearly did Megha). So feel into the energy and ask the question,

"How can this realign and transform now?"

Then intuit, feel, imagine what wants to happen next. Maybe you'll see a black snake becoming a green one; maybe you'll start speaking spontaneously in tongues or light language; maybe you'll see geometric patterns. If you 'pull on this thread' and give energy to it, then you'll witness miraculous transformations in the field happening. I'll be sharing a brilliant example of that in my Avebury Vlog when I piece it together - beautiful display of dragon energy!

Thanks for your sharing Megha and all tuning in - know that we are powerful beyond measure.

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How wonderful to be taking this trip Open. I can feel the flow and freedom in it, the depth of exploration. 

Things have been somewhat dense here of late, to the point where on Sunday I expressed that I'd just had enough of people and their identities and drama. I guess I just needed some time to connect back again, releasing some things from my field, just as you have done. In fact I was moved by your video of breaking down at the lake and using the lakes energy to clear some things. So that's exactly what I've been doing too. 

In all this I feel like there is major instability in society. Like everything (and many people too) is just about holding on. It's also been a question for me: what am I holding onto that's keeping me from flowing/moving? Where am I letting myself sink into a comfortable feeling and not taking those extra steps?

So, the infusion of light is very much welcome. I feel like it makes it easier to process that density - like in your video, it doesn't take long to process and reconnect. 

Tomorrow I'll be heading out to a local high-vibe valley. I'll be sure to make some video and send it to you. 

Keep up the good work. It's really inspiring!

Lots of love


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Greetings Rich - always great to have your bear energy join us Thumbs Up Sign

The line that stood out most from your sharing for me was, "Enough of people, their identities and drama". Yes!

When I was in London the feeling came.... "Well this planedmonium is the game they're all playing. If it serves them, let them get on with it. But I'll just get on with my thing". It didn't seem to bother me at all after that.


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Hi Open.

I loved the song you were listening to in your van.

Who is singing? I saw it is sung by Coldplay but this is a woman.

Much Love


My ears are super itchy and feel muffled, high pitch tones going up and down. Feels a bit like the attunement sickness I felt after each level of rieki, but not as severe. 

Also I was part of a shamanic healing, last weekend, the woman had karmic energy hurting and pushing on her. 

As we began to do an initial assessment of what was to come. I was guided to not be involved, to sit back and let it happen let the others do the work respect this.

Anyway I did try to help a bit, the resentment was palpable.  Should have listened, let them get on you must not interact. Wow I feel this so much at the moment! Hold my light yes but don't interact with others for now?

So be it.

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I completely empathise with what you're sharing Keith.

At times I feel to flow as a "ghost in the machine". When the vibe comes through, it feels like you go completely unseen. However I can also palpably feel where and when I'm given to engage.


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15/12/20: Solstice Vlog Update: I left London (phew!) yesterday morning and I have to say I was feeling pretty toxic with all the energy work and processing density through. So I pulled over in a rest area on the way out to clear the energy and raise vibration once more. It occurred to me to share it with you all. I'm so glad I did, because we were treated to some spetacular light effects. I can assure you of no Holywood film set up (!). In any case you can't reproduce this kind of thing. I just went with the flow and let it guide me to the best place to park.

This was actually a couple of hours before the solar eclipse timing. The Solar Logos is clearly wanting to make his presence felt at this time. And what about all those other different colours and shapes coming through - like the hexagons for example? I got a sense the Andromedans were connecting up through the sacred geometry. I saw none of this until looking at the recording - I was having pretty amazing feelings though, which the light show confirmed afterwards.

What do you see?...

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Hi Open,

Today was very heavy for me with low back pain and low energy and my dad telling me Germany news they were closing groc. stores until Jan. 8th.  That constant level of control was really getting to me and I was very heavy.  I'm not a coffee drinker but I love smelling the raw stuff.  I could stick my head in a bag of it and just inhale forever.  I do visit the raw coffee section at the store and inhale deeply.... so I joined with you, visualizing smelling that coffee and your almond milk, something I do use.  I don't have those crystals but just being there with you in spirit,  immediately lifted my spirits and had me smiling and laughing.  Thank you for that.  Heart

About the lights...when you were at that castle made of stone, I told you I saw lights.  I'll try to describe...the stone walls looked translucent and shimmering, I saw lots of groups of lights in a bluish color all over the left exterior of the castle.  All around the entire exterior it was just shimmering lights, like I could see into the stone.  I got no sense of stone.  So that was what I meant by seeing something deeper but there was something there in those walls.  Does that make sense to you and did you notice it?  Many times I "see" but don't really know what I'm seeing.  But the colors and lights were so beautiful!

I make sure to ground myself every day.  Things are crazy here too, we're going into extreme lockdown again which should put the rest of the small business owners out of business.  Many lawsuits are filed but the courts just dismiss them.  I think I'll buy some coffee beans and just keep them for inhaling when things get too dense.  Better than drugs. haha!  And the worms love some spent coffee grounds in the worm bin and compost.  

Namaste,  Praying EmojiHeart


We're getting some degree of contribution here now on the Vlog. It's taken a while!

Are you feeling this? Are you feeling what I'm feeling? We're building to something BIBLICAL.

But for it to be historic for you, you have to put yourself out. Growth, evolution, elevation of soul always comes at a cost to the ego. We have to be willing to pay the price - to risk expressing yourself; to challenge the norms; to unpack the narrative; to pulverise the propaganda.

So are you ready? Ready to begin - to join in?...

At the completion of London and since, the Solar Logos has been coming through strongly, as you'll see in the video I'll share tomorrow. The energy of the sun feels to be building as we head towards the solstice. Heaven knows the inertia of the situation in society could use an infusion of energy right now:

"Come on baby light my fire!"...

14/12/20 Solstice Vlog Update: I've spent the last 36 hours in London, enough for a lifetime! It was a pretty intense time for sure, and quite shocking how life has changed in the capital as a result of lockdown - from my observation, gone is the vibrancy that it used to be. And a great density with it too, which left me feeling pretty toxic after the various aspects of energy work I was given to do. There were also some light spots about it, and it was highly informative as to the current situation in the shift as we lead into the solstice. I shot plenty of video clips but don't have the capacity on my little laptop to weave them together. I'll be heading back to Glastonbury tomorrow, so I should have a vlog to share by the end of the week.

The unplanned timing of this trip is quite remarkable. As I leave London this morning, there will be a total eclipse today on December 14th at 1:33 GMT. It feels to speak volumes, as if the light has been eclipsed there. BUT, I also felt the resurgence of strong solar activity and the sense it would build into the solstice. Maybe that's a part of the "quantum shift"? We'll see.

Today I head back to the place my solstice journey began from - the wonderful energy grounds of Avebury. I'll take some time drawing things into perspective and shoot some more video there to share.

In the meantime, here's a little clip from Openhander Gwyn, of a simply beautiful Solstice Mandala she made. From the heart, "thankyou" Gwyn - the love you put in is soulful and heartfelt The Sun EmojiHeart. I guess it's dedicated to fairy energy, however, for me, I see the sun in it too. To me it speaks synchronistically of the eclipse and also the emergence of solar energy on the other side. But that's me, what do you see?...

PS - I also want to thanks Fiona for the lovely sharing from Findhorn today (see below). I have to say I felt pretty toxic after my visit to London. It seems the pixies and the angels have appeared to uplift!


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Hi Open,

Lovely to tune in to your journey! As you know I lived in Roslin until recently and so it was beautiful to see your visit there. It truly is a very special place and it clearly moved you too :)

I'm now in another powerful energetic spot, Findhorn in Northern Scotland. I'm sending positive vibes with this video from the beach here - life is around us -

With deep peace to you and all, Fiona

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Thanks so much for sharing Fiona - lovely rays of light coming through your vibe. I can tell you it's like a tonic having spent the last 36 hours in London!


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After I completed the vlog I posted today, a strong pull drew me down to the capital - London was calling. So I high tailed it down the backbone of England passing by various castles along the way. And today I spent the day there, garnering a sense of what the energy is now about. I can tell you it was shocking - the level to which the plandemonium propaganda was being perpetuated and how the majority were so acquiescent. Still I did find some shafts of light breaking through, which I'll share in tomorrow's vlog. In the meantime, this "new wave" tune came to mind that seemed to express the sense of it so well - warrior energy breaking through with some vibrancy. Of course there is spirit in all things. We're not all the Buddha!...

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It's terribly bad here in the states too.  The banks have been closed to going inside for a while now and signs say they'll be taking temps. The atm machine is outside the main lobby so not sure if they'll require temp. check to use it but I'm NOT going to allow them to shoot my head, so there's no drive-up at my small bank, I will drive 35 mi. to use their drive-up.  It gets worse daily but I'll stand to the end. They now have people crying, begging, telling horror stories on tv and how we have to take this seriously and wear our masks.  Ha!  The propaganda is shameful.

I'm still finding ways to laugh and get others laughing to keep the energies much lighter.   My friend is having a contractor build me a nice greenhouse as he said world situation means I need a better place to grow my food.  I'm being well taken care of in spite of the plan-demon-ium.   Even people who are still asleep are being used to help others.  Angel Halo

Enjoying your vlogs Praying EmojiHeart


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I love this post. London Calling was the first LP I ever had. My older brother's friend David gave it to me for my birthday. I was really young and was so excited to have it. My parents used to blame that album for my later rebellious youth!! X

13/12/20 Solstice Shift Vlog: Here's my latest vlog sharing from the Solstice Tour, captured at Stirling Castle in Scotland, of Braveheart fame. What place does the warrior spirit have in today's society and circumstances? What part does it play in the spiritual journey? That's what I felt to explore in the latest sharing...

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Dear Open ,

Thank you for the beautiful journey through the vlogs. I felt the energy in both the Temple to Mary Magdalene as well as the very forceful masculine energy in Sterling Castle. 

It feels like an inquiry I am having at the moment. My partner ,who doesn't consider himself spiritual at all ,remarked to me how my very strong stance during the lockdown had held the energy both at home and in my workplace. I have maintained (against the face of significant outrage at the hospital ) that this whole thing is bogus . This has had some very interesting side effects . My home life has been very calm ,joyful almost after I decided to stand tall and strong ( took me a couple of months :)) . In my community ,my husband has taken on Ray 4 and translated the concept of "Let's just calm down and not get our knickers in a twist " very well. Unlike most other housing societies ,ours has been a light in the storm ,partly because they have respected my husband's medical mediation and not gone bonkers. The kids have been playing ,albeit with masks on . All attempts at becoming "strict" with regard social distancing have been rebuffed and mass testing has been discouraged . 

There are many many twists and turns in the offing . I can feel it . But for someone who identified herself as very much in the " Feminine " end of the spectrum earlier ,I can see how I am embodying some of the very forceful ,firm ,linear,consistent energy has changed me . Strangely enough it seems as though I have a lot more deep compassion as well. 

I loved the line in your video about how this is about the emergence of Soul . 

Namaste from India 


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Hi Megha,

When I felt the healing of the divine masculine at Rosslyn, which felt like forgiveness, it gave permission to express the warrior more openly, hence the martial arts. Providing it's done without any anger. This version of "Bassai Dai" (storming a castle) I actually did after Rosslyn and Stirling at a castle in the Lake District. It was closed due to "covid". But nevetheless the energy was insistent. I had to go in via a circuitous back route so as not to be seen getting in: across several boggy fields, over walls, barbed wire fences and ditches. Like Flanders in the First World War! But the fascinating thing was, I needed to keep the softness of the divine feminine open to feel the best route in, to allow the masculine to express at the castle. It was wonderful to watch the interplay of feminine/masculine in oneself.

A great experience - similar to yours.

Open Thumbs Up Sign

12/12/2020 Solstice Shift Vlog: After getting a new battery (in more ways than one!), my journey continued on into Scotland, and how Bonnie it turned out to be. I was drawn to the Rosslyn Chapel on the outskirts of Edinburgh, made famous by the Dan Brown novel and film "The DaVinci Code". It was indeed the perfect place to experience the divine feminine aspect of the shift, and how it is healing itself and the divine masculine too.

For me, quite simply, it was one of those peak experiences of life.
When you watch the video, take your time to breathe and tune into the energy of the space,
it is simply amazing, beyond words...

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Oh Open, that was beyond beautiful. I was in that very place two years ago and watching your vlog and the palpable wonder and awe you were experiencing reconnected me to that amazing space instantly. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. You are indeed igniting the flame. Love love love xxx

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🙏thank you Open🙏  It is not only the Divine Feminine that has been suppressed , but Sacred Sexuality. Was thinking this morning how the Cassock worn by clergy, both male and female,  (most often black) effectively blocks the genitals. Sexuality is a force, a creative one. To suppress it has given rise to all manner darkness..............To use it rightly is another thing all together.  Holy Holy Holy

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Hi Open,

Heartfelt thanks for this beautiful video from the Rosslyn Chapel! <3 It also struck me as interesting, that for a few weeks now, I've been feeling 'medieval' energies coming in, and this video reminded me of that, too. I've even been feeling drawn to listening to gregorian chants, canons, medieval tavern music. I don't know if and how it might be connected to the energies of and the video about Rosslyn Chapel, I just felt to share it.

wishing you all well,



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Open--as you brought the Rosslyn Chapel to my heart and home, both Mary Magdalene and Hildegard von Bingen rejoiced in this reunion.  

Our Hearts <3 are saying yes to this sacred, vivacious and passionate, and homecoming energy. The Divine Feminine IS here ROARING in melodic whispers for our souls to hear, heal and help usher in the power.  

Another mandala stirring the spiritual sprites, angelic realm and solar will within us all. 

SO much love, g

The Choirs of Angels



11/12/20: Solstice Vlog Update: Well, I guess with so many miles to cover, it had to happen at some point! As you can see from my "Vlogget" below, I exploded the car battery. I hadn't anticipated I'd be shooting and editing so much video. I hasten to add, it does feel like exactly the right thing to do - it feels wonderful and rightly aligned to involve you all. That said, with all the travel and energy work too, I'll have to be careful I don't explode my own batteries too!

As you'll see though, this Breakdown cloud had a very silver lining...

While watching today's video I found my attention drawn to the sky and the thickness of the gray clouds.  In every camera shot of the sky I felt a heaviness but I could see glimmers of light just behind the darkness working to break through.  The energy of the light felt really hopeful and angelic and I found myself focusing on that.  Several times during the video my body started twitching and shaking.  It seemed to start in the solar plexus and radiate from there.  I'm not sure but it felt more like an embodiment of some kind rather than a release.  It subsided after the video ended but as I share this is starting to build again and become active. 

10/12/20 Solstice Vlog Update: Here's my latest sharing, from a highly alchemical place, Mow Cop, in Cheshire. It's been a place of spiritual pilgimage for centuries. And for me the visit captured so well the vying energies between dark and light in society at the moment - the need for us to break down the density and emerge through.

The night before I went there I had a very viivd dream of driving up a hill in my camper and coming to an S bend in the road where I met, head on, another car coming in the opposite direction. I knew I couldn't back up as there was another car behind me, so the other car had to back out. Exactly this happened on the way up to Mow Cop. And as the car reversed, I saw "SB" on the number plate - it said, "The Black Snake is reversing!".

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Hi Open, I just wanted to tell you how much I'm am loving these daily vlogs of your journey. I am tuning in everyday and feel inspired to go out in the weekend and bring light as well. I will attempt to share with some video, however I am technically challenged 🙂🙏 thank you for sharing. Shar. 

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Hi Open 

Thank you for sharing! 

I came across this song/video and I thought to share it with you all:

We are also in lockdown so it is not that easy to get out of the city! but everyday I have my own journey to the mountain and every time nature surprises me! It feels like I am traveling everyday to a new location... 

It is lockdown but somehow I've managed to see it as an opportunity to slow down and to change the things I was waiting to find the right time to do so ... 

I got the Time and I am very thankful :)

Thank you for Vlog 🙏🏻

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Hi Open,

I've really enjoyed the videos.  I've never felt the rain and storms were depressing or not fun.  I LOVE the rain, the storms, I feel so alive out in it or watching from inside or driving around in storms.  Have always loved them since I was a child.  They bring my soul alive in a great way.

I don't have a clue how to make a video or any way to do it, but I do have a photo from my laptop files I'll see if I can share.  This place is said to have a vortex.  I'll see if I can upload 2 photos, one sunny, one a stormy day.  I love the energy of both and love the little black birds.

Well I don't know where to find the icon to upload or post photo?  I'm not real techy literate... lol  Can you tell me how to do it by any chance?  I've got a Chromebook laptop.....

Thank you for sharing the videos.  Namaste, Praying EmojiHeart






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Hi Open,

I emailed a photo but don't know if it was too big, didn't get any email back saying it was or not.  I know you have to deal with that battery exploding so wasn't sure if the photo would be posted.  I couldn't find the one with the birds by the beach, so only emailed one photo to you.

Hope you get that battery fixed quickly!

Praying EmojiHeart




Hi All

I just wanted to share a link which briefly explains some of what is going on on the 21st December on the solstice and another way that we can join in by being part of a mass meditation.


Aside from doing my own inner work, I'm part of other groups and one of these groups is meeting on the Tor at sunrise on 21st. 

I'll try to post a video if I can film!

Thanks for sharing all this stuff Open and keep up the good work all

With love


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Hello everyone.  I will be giving out luminaires to our neighbors as i have enough to share.  I will ignight a few on Dec 12 Saturday, in the predawn light as a prelude to Dec.21, when every household will then be lit with them, then dimmed again until Christmas Eve.  Such a special beautiful time, and i journey with you , dear Open, several times every day and alway share your journey on fb.


Sandra Zarins

09/12/20 Solstice Vlog Update: I had a truly heart warming connection with the Pleiades yesterday, earthing their energy through 7 young oak trees in the Midlands. Come and enjoy with me the wonderful energy of the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades...