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About a week ago I discovered how to switch on my webcam for live streaming on facebook. It was just to test it, but over 70 odd people tuned in and joined me for a spontaneous sharing on meditation. It was lovely! I'd already been considering how to do more widespread shift activations - meaning the activation of consciousness through energy transmission. I believe the medium is ideal for that kind of live connection.

With that in mind, I'll be doing them at various opportunities regularly in the future. Come join me through the ether. Let's activate the next life changing shift. Here are latest details...

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Hi Open, last weekend I hit what I came to realise was kharma on a large scale. I spent almost a day feeling totally unable to do anything and on the second day it started to dawn on me that the stress and fear was all kharmic. That all my beliefs and fears came from the same event...Sirius. That I could see where I had manifest another event when I first arrived on earth and by the end of the the second day I cleared it ....spent another day integrating it and wow. I felt as though I was living in someone else's head. Things are happening around me and I feel very different. 120 million years of kharma in a weekend. Much love Heather

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Hi Heather,

When I read your comment it seemed to ring a bell for me, not sure how but it was a feeling I got. Would you feel comfortable sharing a bit more detail of your experience with me, either on this site or privately via my email? 

I give my permission for it to be forwarded to you. Namaste.

And Open, thankyou for what you shared, it was very timely and illuminating for me as I was feeling a bit lost.

I tried the bow this am and cried through most of it, though it was kinda hard whilst being all crunched up. I dont seem to be able to feel the lightness streaming through. Am I missing something?or does it take time to feel it? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.


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We had some technology problems last night with the live stream - found myself talking to myself for an hour - LOL - but then managed to fix it and share, what I feel is a really essential view on where the energy stands in the Shift right now and how it will effect you and the choices you make going forwards. Do share your views...

Hi Open,

Thank you for the stream. So cool <3

The first message for me is that it is okay not to succeed for the first time or for a while and try again. You wrote somewhere that the path is defined by mistakes and being lost and learning on the way. That's great!

Concerning following the soul and the split between the 'worlds' - at the moment I wonder whether this is possible to stay in the density, noise and all that bombardment and still stay open and connected. How much can I accept and soften into, also how much is too much. I make sure I have a quiet place to back to and recover. With that I hold the question is it right to stay within it at all and have a feeling that at some point the time for me will come to move away from it. In general, I just pay attention to the next step, without 'forcing'. I found that letting go is not something that can be done artificially or prematurely, it has to ripen out of experience, so even though I know the situation is temporary and I might 'cut it out', instead I wait and watch, learn and trust myself that I will know when the time is right and when changing the something is what wants to happen. Not because I judge, try to escape, not because I want to control the way and speed of my growth, not because I am in a hurry or it is hard to accept the knowing that something is not 'perfect'/aligned, not even because I already know what the attachment is and want to 'fix it'. There is this ability to stay within things as they are, while working with it all just for the sake of it and not to get somewhere, sometimes not even to understand anything, and the sense of knowing that the next step will appear.

The point is that even though the train is leaving the station and I might not make it in time, I make sure I don't have intention to 'make it' and just 'do my thing' at every moment as best I can.






Yulia - that IS being on the train!
Of course it's not a physical journey to anywhere.
It's the constant conscious choice.
Then everything elevates around you.
The key thing I can reflect is to choose the boundaries.
When to engage, when to withdraw.
It's all about fulfilling your own vibration, which of course has many facets.
Sometimes you'll be empathic, sometimes catalytic.
To be the most effective cataylst is to be able to empathise, especially with the field.
Do you feel yourself moving the field?
Surrender into it, but when you hit the boundary, look for the ray 1, bring it through.
Then you elevate it.

Much love and respect

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There are two modes with me:

1. The field is moving through me and around me - I am not moving anything. Then I express in some way, often dance. I allow it to move. Sometimes ray 1 activates on its on as a feeling and expression. Sometimes I need to 'push' a little for things to move or notice something in my own consciousness that makes things stuck, so there is a reflection for me, then too ray 1 comes through - focus and some 'pushing'. Like when surrender is not enough to allow the stuff to move through, or move into the experience or move consciousness in, then there IS a kind of stuck and 'viscous' moment which if I stay there enough, sometimes I stop breathing there or exhale more and more, while the knot in me and the field unravels further, then inhale happens. Or I just keep my awareness there and breath through it. Or feel to move in a certain way. This includes when something from the field as if passes through and out. It is like being a tunnel.

2. When the movement inside me moves the field. I have this energy moving from down or up through me and then radiates though me and I feel it is some kind of influx, harmonising, transcending, balancing or uplifting. Then I usually just make sure not to interfere, but let it flow freely.

But really, gradually I get the feeling that there is no difference. Eventually I feel it all inside anyway. But in both cases I don't do anything on purpose there. Recently, also after your reflections I've been thinking that maybe I AM too passive and waiting for things to happen on their own. Somehow I decided that when things just happen then it is probably best and that then I won't risk bringing in stuff that will just mess it, like my own distortions, judgment or control. 

Maybe I could catalyse stuff better if I were less mistrusting in myself and being less careful to not make mistakes. Definitely there is some exploration to go through.

Thank you, Open

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So who is not wanting to make mistakes?

Perhaps consider it this way and see how it feels: each in their totally natural flow is as a Toroidal Field. Any reality that is crystalised and dense, like this one, is capturing the Torus and slowing it down. That's when intervention then misshapes it to create the agenda they want. When someone stands in that field and let's their Torus flow, it naturally starts to unleash the field around them and restore authenticity. But that is going to break the crystalised reality apart, which can feel like a heftly burdon when other people are interrelated with it. Even as their souls are screaming for liberation.

When you unleash the full Torus in you, there is no one doing anything, other than letting go of the ego, which can also be a fear of the effect.

Of course ray 4 regulation is a positive thing that empathises with those locked  in the reality construct. But over regulation, if it's happening, is limiting too.

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Yeah, brought some attention to it, I could see the inhibition, work with the barriers... Today I felt an amazing opening and a lot of energies being downloaded and integrated.

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Dear Open, 

A week or so ago ( feels like a long long time ago!) I experienced what I thought was a breakthrough. A deep deep ache in my heart area activated and it felt like I had finally deeply accepted it and normalized it into my field. It was a very deep karmic experience one that I saw when I was on retreat with you in November.

Most times after a deep breakthrough, I feel great. Like the crests balance the trough. This time though I have gone solidly into the flu. I am mucus ridden to the point that my phlegm looks like alien goo. šŸ‘½

After all the usual steaming and imbibing of weird concoctions, I decided I would attempt to normalize with this too. I have been feeling cold shivers going up and down my spine aside from the brain fog. I can also barely hear feels like the top of my head and especially the left side of my face have seperated.

In the midst of this, I had a very interesting dream. I was in a circle and something very significant was happening which I can't remember. I actually summoned you in my head for support. Just then what felt like a Light Being visited me. And sat with me in a circle. He was made entirely of light and even now 2 days later I can still feel the intensity of his Presence.

Thought to share for any other mucusy brother or sister out there. :)


Hi Megha - always good to hear from you, flu or not! Heart

For anyone else reading too, the absolute FIRST thing to do with these kinds of illnesses is to normalise with them. In other words, not to need them to go away, but to feel into every nuance of them with total acceptance, curiosity and inquiry. Why?

Because the pain is the place where the light enters!

So you did this, brilliant, and consequently you experienced an infusion of light. And you were able to form a bridge higher dimensionally.

The flu was a blessing then!

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Hi Megha, thank you for sharing your mucus story! Wink Emoji It brought up my recent similar experience when coming back from the La Palma retreat. I started to feel quite ill with a lot of mucus coming out as well. I figured it was probably the physical release of whatever got processed during the retreat, but I realised it was also about being really conscious with it and normalising in the discomfort, not trying to make it go away asap (it even got to the point where I actually invited maximum discomfort). Interestingly I've also been having quite a few dreams in that period that were about normalising in drastic situations (fires, floods) so I guess the seemingly small things can also be some sort of training ground Slightly Smiling

Hello Hannah,

Such wise words!...

it even got to the point where I actually invited maximum discomfort

Yes! It processes through faster and you get exactly what you need from it.
A powerful form of transcendence.

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Hiya All,

I felt to do another Facebook Live Stream this Saturday, Feb 29th. About what it means to become our Cosmic Selves...But also in a here-and-now grounded way. How do we alchemise the apparently 'ordinary' into the extraordinary?...How can your life become sensationally magical? That's what I felt to explore with you in an FB Live Stream here on our FB channel March 29th. See you then!

Here's the link...
Openhand FB

And here are the timings. Apologies to everyone in the States, but the Aussies lost out last time! A recording will be posted afterwards on FB and here in this thread, so no one will lose out :-)

Just a reminder folks, I'm doing another FB Live Stream tomorrow on Saturday Feb 29th at 9am UK time - see above for world times.

The subject  is your "Cosmic Divine Being" and how to unleash it. In the various travels I'm doing right now and the connections with emergent souls, I'm witnessing incredible gifts of beingness unfolding in people, such as being able to open portals, process karma or speak in light language. What makes that happen, and why should you want to? No matter where you are on the path, it'll be an intriguing inquiry for sure. Starts at 9am UK time.

Here's the link...
Openhand FB

See you there.

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