3D/5D Hybrid State Forming on Earth

Submitted by Open on Wed, 09/02/2020 - 05:03

There's so much terraforming in the field right now, so much is shifting as the light breaks through the cov1d control drama. The whole bedrock of society is changing, including the financial system upon which we depend. What's going on exactly and how will it come to effect our lives? That's the subject of this Openhand Facebook LiveStream on September 1st...

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absolutely beautifully expressed, Thank you dear open

I really liked the way you said, when a shift happens it does not do so in discrete steps but is kind of a metamorphosis and so also how everything is involved in the process

we can truly accept when we come from the soul, ego is wavering or could be; how relative because generally ego is depicted as being fixed and the soul more pliable............haha

watched it today

thank you for your expression



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