Ascension Symptoms 2021 LiveStream

Submitted by Open on Sun, 02/07/2021 - 07:01

What are the key Ascension Symptoms experienced in 2021? This LiveStream recording explores the question from 3 angles" planetary, societal and at the human level - highly energetic sharing channeled from higher dimensions. Also see forum: 21 Symptoms of The 5D Ascension Shift - What are Yours?

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I want to address this negative comments that were present during livestream, trying to distract, lower vibration, clearly OC at work using someone. Synchronistically, just before that I watched a video explaining exact the same thing, different kinds of mind attacks will be rampant in 2021. Numerology also says that while in 2020 most pressure was on the body (2020 sum is 4 which represent body), in 2021 mind will be in the center.

Here's this video from an angel I just found recently, more details about 2021, clearly resonates with Openhand work, so high vibration, beautiful mind...



so appreciated!💜 one question: been catching glimpses of vertical columns of light...any ideas as to what it is i'm seeing? please tell me if i'm hallucinating lol!...

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