Age of Aquarius (PODCAST)

Openhand is going to be adding Podcasts to its offering here on Openhandweb and downloadable/playable on a mobile too. Here is the latest, which is an audio version of the Solstice Livestream at the all important Saturn/Jupiter conjunct signalling the shift into Aquarius. It contains a guided meditation to help you harness the energy of the New Age of Aquarius.

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Podcasts have become "all the rage" as we enter the New Age of Aquarius! Openhand's new Outreach Coordinator Jye will be producing plenty more of these and distributing them across mobile platforms this new year. Here's our first with a guided meditation to help you benefit from this tremendous dawning of a new era. Yes, it's pretty dark out there in society right now, but have no fear, the light is gathering and breaking through too!

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