How to Raise Your Vibration into 5D?

Submitted by Open on Fri, 09/27/2019 - 10:01

What does it mean to 'raise your vibration' into higher levels of consciousness and how do you do it? The video exposes some of the myths and how to really unwind through inner density to access the higher paradigm of being.

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Hi Owen - in this context it won't be the end of the 3D, just the end of it in a form in which sophisticated 3D life can exist. The earth will continue in the 3D, you just won't be able to live on it in that vibration.

Wherever there is life, there must always be duality or else there's no experience. But you can hold the absolute presence of the One, AND the relativity, at the same time. So inwardly it feels like the duality disappears, yet from this singularity, life keeps recreating as the soul - the relativistic experience.

In the 5D there is still relativity, but just a finer form of it.

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Why does the shift to 5D mean the end of 3D and the physical?  Can it not be the end of duality at the 3D and physical level?  The physical becoming the expression of higher dimensions but without being distorted?



Dear Open,

Message for me directly from the Universe . You say past life experiences and suddenly there is a board for British Heart association . Getting to know those heart aches very well ,I am 😀

Lovely video ,


I had fun making this one, and clearly bee medicine was calling to me!

Some of you may recognise the background setting Crystal Castle in Byron Bay, where we shot some key scenes for the 5GATEWAYS movie.

I felt to speak about what "raising your vibration" truly means. There's quite a widespread view that somehow the "Event" is going to raise humanity's and the earth's physical consciousness in 5D: poof, just like that, without all the pesky inner work. Now wouldn't that be convenient!


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