Liquid Gold Meditation

Meditation releases powerful endorphins into our system which can block the effects of negative energy and make us feel more joyful, empowered and rejuvenated. That is the purpose of this "Liquid Gold Meditation" with "Open" (formerly Chris Bourne) which we recorded on one of our retreats. Be uplifted...

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so I was reading along this article, reading and reading until coming across this Liquid Gold Meditation that naturally I just followed through with my eyes closed, of course. So naturally and wonderfully all around me was filled with the golden light and warmth, from the evening sun? as I was sitting beside a window with the west sunlight around 630pm. Just love it....thanks again Open for everything! with lots and lots of love Ellen

Beautiful meditation to set one's soul aglow with light and love. Thank you, Open. Catherine <3

This was my first time listening to Liquid Gold Meditation and it was just beautiful.The sense of this golden ray of light flow through my body warmed me so. Thank you from my entire soul for these tool you share with us, to light up this path we follow.

Thank you! It was wonderful to hear this meditation. I feel full of golden light :)

I love this website and all of you. Thank you so much for this meditation. I cried of happiness at the end. This is my 3rd month been awaken and enjoying my new life now and looking forward to what is ahead of me. Love
Dania :)
PS: sorry for my grammar, English is not my first language but learning and loving it too :)

This is a beautiful and empowering meditation, I am listening to it regularly and the vibrations get stronger and stronger, I love it. Thank you so much. Love Myra x

I have only found your audio meditations today Open.
Have had a lot of tension headaches radiating from the base of my skull over the past few days.
This vice like tension accompanied with neck and shoulder pain has left me feeling very fragile.
This Liquid Gold meditation has really helped ease some of this tension,and will become a favorite meditation for me from now on.---Sincere Thanks


PS.also liked the Ascension meditation for its early morning intimacy, but could not hear audio on Higher Guidance meditation.