The Spiritual Path

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Many people have now awakened in this magical shift of human consciousness. But of course it doesn't end there. Awakening is only the beginning. The question is how do we infuse this expanded awareness into every waking moment? How can we align with the cosmic flows of consciousness that are gathering not just to change our own lives, but the wider world? We've worked to address the fundamental issues of walking the spiritual path in this colourfull video...

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I was redirected to this post; for you see the first time I had seen this post was about a year-and-a-half ago when a deer friend thought I would find the Openhand website of interest, "boy was she right". At that time I was on information overload. This time watching the video I don't know if you get the drift of what I'm about to say, but it was with my eyes closed and my heart open. I do agree with Mike that this post should be reposted often, so not to be missed. I have put the audio of the video on my phone and listened to it when I was in the woods today for a walk and it was a whole new experience.WOW.
thank you Open for all that you are and everyone in the video.

Much Love

Thank you for this beautiful video.
So appropriate at the moment and very inspiring.

With love,

Yea, I really did...
It's like a little melody, effortlessly cascading down the shiny rocks, with the quiet murmur of the trees, and the humble buzzing of the bees, it just brings a tear to the I.

If you couldn't get the "bla bla" (so eloquently put Yulia), because you were enjoying the wonderful visual, here it is...

    There comes a point in our lives
    when we realise we've been running around in circles.
    We've been trying to find happiness and contentment by fixing the external drama.

    But everything on the outside is merely a reflection of what's within.
    We can change our relationships, jobs and even location,
    but these are all just the circumstances, the effects of what's going on inside.

    We may already be awake, but we won't truly change our reality until we discover the purpose of life itself.
    Until we discover what causes the patterns that repeat again and again and again.
    The blockages and veils that limit, must be confronted and peeled away,
    and this is a continual process on The Spiritual Path.

    To us at Openhand, the purpose of life is to express the wonder of our soul,
    the beauty and eternal majesty of pure being,
    it is to unveil what blocks us and allow unbridled self expression to shine forth
    then to trust that this will shape exactly the experiences we need to evolve, expand and grow.

    The Spiritual Path is about having the courage to let go,
    to embrace whatever comes our way with openness, surrender and humility,
    but surrender is not the same as acceptance of anything goes,
    it is also finding the courage and commitment to dive in, and fully explore what we are already creating.

    It's not about trying to manifest a more desirable reality. Whose desire is that exactly?
    The higher self has already chosen. It's already created the perfect circumstances to know yourself as what you truly are.
    Along with the others that you draw to you, your higher self has already cocreated the perfect conditions, the perfect constraints
    for you to expand out of and unleash fullness of expression.

    The Spiritual Path is about confronting the moment with a constant conscious choice.
    Life is continually presenting mirrors saying "this is what you are being now, does that serve you?"
    You create everything in your life. If something doesn't serve you, then why have you created it?
    What is it that you need to learn? What do you need to let go of?

    Take responsibility. Ownership.
    The moment we move into blame of something or someone else,
    is the moment we lose our power.

    The soul is our journey of expression of the One Self, absolute completeness,
    that which is everything and lacks nothing.
    So what is it that you think you need from a situation? Can you accept it as it already is?
    What aspect of beingness are you being invited to find?

    If this were the last moment of your life, what would you choose as the finest expression of you,
    the epitaph that lived on?

    In any challenging circumstance, where we find it difficult to progress or make a choice
    it's never about "shall I do this or that"
    It's always about "what expression of beingness am I now being invited to find?"
    What's the most evolved expression of me?

    Whether it be surrender, and acceptance
    humility and humbleness
    non judgmental discernment
    the passion to speak out
    or the courage and conviction to endure,

    these are all frequencies of beingness, a vibrational feeling you can touch, harness and grow inside,
    just by bringing your attention to them
    especially when you think you need an outcome.
    You'll find there's no need to make a choice,
    simply find the beingness and the correct path simply unfolds before you.
    The Spiritual Path chooses itself.

    So find and let beingness speak through you now
    and in every moment.
    Conjure it as it activates within,
    bring attention to it
    let it grow, well up, and sing through you.

    Finding this authentic beingness can be tricky
    but you'll be supported by signs and synchronicity, the objective voice of the universe helping you be all that you can be.
    What feeling does that cloud formation activate inside, the movement of the trees or the singing of the birds?
    What happens to you when you hear the lyrics of a song that answers all your current questions?
    How do you feel inside when a touch of divine magic ignites your life?

    This magic is already a part of who you are.
    Trust in it, let it breathe through you,
    let pure knowing speak to you
    and the pull of the heart guide you.

    Let go. What have you got to lose?
    Walk the Path of your soul.
    Now and in every moment.
    You'll hear it when you listen.

    But don't expect what you want.
    Dont' expect material abundance.
    For these are only transient effects.

    Expect instead the causality of life
    inner completeness,
    self acceptance and love.
    Love for all life
    and boundless joy of living.

    A way of living that fearlessly embraces all
    even the suffering of pain and discomfort.
    They all become transient,
    they flow into your life as a fullness of expression that you are,
    give yourself entirely to them,
    but without attachment
    And life will become like a powerful wave rushing through you,
    filling each and every waking moment.

    This is The Spiritual Path.


Love the video! Thank you so much for your warm welcoming during my short visit to Glastonbury. It truly felt like coming home! Now back in Sweden, I try to find out what really happend? Im not sure yet, but.. Im shure that I have started my path! Looking forward to see you both in januari!!
Love! Martin

I enjoyed the video so much I couldn't focus on all the blabla :D
I'll have to watch it a couple more times to get the messages, I guess :P


For some weeks I have been trying to put down in words some things around my own confusion as I try to walk my own spiritual path. I watched this video this morning and the power of the images and words melded to really move and uplift me. It hit me in my spiritual solar plexus! Thanks you so much for such a timely message. Mark (very :) )

Crikey, thats awesome!

Such a beautiful blend of sound and images, I feel like I was taken on a journey to a higher paradigm, can I go back now please. :)

Great job guys, and yes, it was well worth the wait.


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