STARSEEDS in the 5D Ascension Shift

Submitted by Open on Thu, 07/25/2019 - 10:39

Are you are "Starseed?" Do you feel the call to awaken and support the Great Earth Shift? How do follow your destiny and be in divine service?

We explore these questions in the Openhand Facilitator Program. Here's an insight into the work, and the epic adventures involved...

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Hi all,

Amazing, powerful, loving...this video is all the above but more...there are no words in any language to describe. 

Being a Starseed, of course this brought up many emotions....when you stated " I know you want to go home, back to the frequency you love and harmony you know all too well. That time will soon come, but not yet, not yet" 

It's true I do want to go home but I know the way home is through the density,the turbulence. 

I know I have been officially "activated" now from a recent experience that has set my Kundalini rising.... many emotions now but such a feeling of freedom, power , beauty! 

It's so clear....I'm on the high of it now but know there will be many ups and downs and I hope I am  ready. ..

Like you said, there is no time to waste now...we must dive into center stream and catch the rising tide. 

I'm ready to catch it and working courageously through my karma. I'm so happy to be part of the Openhand family. 

Thank you Open. See everyone down the flow. Sending everyone love and light through the ether. 💙



It was for sure an epic adventure for everyone involved in the Avebury Facilitator Gathering this year. It felt to me like it was another big wake up call, as events begin to cascade in the 5D Shift. Especially our connection in the crop circle was divinely magical. I will remember it for many a sunrise to come!

Love and appreciation to all involved.

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