Hemp Hummus for Conscious Eating

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High vibrational foods can help to expand our consciousness; help us feel the inter-connectivity of all life; help us to remember who we truly are and make us increasingly aware of ourselves on a soul level. These foods can also help to look after us on a physical level; to nourish our physical vehicle (and emotional/mental vehicles) so that we have a healthy body into which our vibrant soul can infuse.

I'm busy making sure you get the highest-vibrational plant-based foods

When it comes to vibration, hemp seeds are one of my top 5! If you've ever followed my recipes, you'll have most likely found them appearing somewhere on the plate. If they aren't in a topping, sauce or pie base, you'd likely see them appearing as part of a salad dressing or a decadent raw chocolate brownie. That means whilst you are doing all that evolutionary journeying on retreat (or joining through the ether), I am loving creating away to make sure that you'll get the benefit of the highest vibration plant-based foods to support you.

Versatile little gems...

They are very versatile little gems! Aside from making hemp everything, I've made many versions of hemp hummus over the years. Each version (most of which I've never written down) contains a unique blend of deliciousness. Today's recipe is one of my favourites, so I am thrilled to share it with you here. It actually reminds me of traditional hummus, except of course it has a nutty, hemp seed twist. I give it an extra infusion of lemon to tantalise the taste buds too. You are gonna love this one! Here's a short video tutorial that I created to show you how easy it is to make...

Why are hemp seeds so good for us?

It has to be said - Hemp is one of the most amazing plant foods that exists on our planet! It is a protein power super star, having one of the most complete protein profiles in the plant food kingdom. It contains a fabulous balance of essential fats (essential fats are crucial to include in your diet for health) including omega 3. It's excellent for skin health, cholesterol levels and is especially high in beneficial antioxidants. Read more about the health & spiritual benefits of hemp seeds here: All about Hemp Seeds and their health benefits

Which hemp seeds should we use?

Hemp seeds are available in all good health food stores (in most countries). I am not talking about the hemp with the high THC levels that gets you high though... I am talking about the culinary hemp seeds. It's important to buy shelled hemp seeds (also called hemp hearts or hulled hemp seeds) without the crunchy outer shell on them; this makes it very easy to blend them into your cuisine. In the UK, I use these ones all the time: RealFoodSource Organic HEMP SEEDS. They are excellent value (you can get their non-organic version for even more of a bargain) and also grown in the EU - yay! I absolutely love them. Using them on a daily basis I probably go through about 1kg (2lbs) every two months - for my own personal use. If you don't use them all the time, they'll probably last you longer and you could buy a smaller packet. When I visit North America I've purchased these ones: Manitoba Harvest Shelled Hemp Hearts and used to my hearts delight.

My Special Hemp Hummus Recipe

Ingredients: 250g cooked chickpeas 75g hulled hemp seeds 2 large cloves garlic 2 organic lemons juiced ¼ teaspoon organic lemon rind 6 tablespoons tahini 2 tablespoons hemp oil 4 tablespoons water 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ground coriander Instructions: Please watch my video above for a quick tutorial on how to make this with more tips. Crush garlic. Juice lemon (make sure it is organic, unwaxed and give it a wash first). Finely grate lemon rind. Blend all ingredients together until creamy smooth with hand-blender/jug blender or food processor.

I do hope that you enjoy!
with love

22 years ago Trinity had a profound spiritual awakening that interconnected her with the deeper consciousness of life. What followed was a journey of compassion for all sentient beings, and a passion to share conscious eating for the benefit of all. Trinity recently published two recipe books: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen & Angelicious - Food for a New Paradigm. Find Trinity here at: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen Website

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