5GATEWAYS: a film for your evolution

Submitted by OpenhandTeam on Fri, 09/30/2011 - 09:35

Have you watched 5GATEWAYS yet? 5GATEWAYS is a feature length documentary made freely with love to help catalyse this amazing revolution in consciousness that is happening to people around the globe. It took several years of dedicated commitment by the Openhand Team and close supporters to bring to fruition. Our heart-felt intention is to provide a colourful and informative tool that can greatly inspire you as you walk the evolutionary path and infuse that higher consciousness into your life for the wider benefit of all. Help us continue to spread the message... Play Video

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Wow I just watched the very last clip again (the dancing), there’s just something about it – touches deep – really wonderful.

I found this film originally on a documentary site I use. I don't think it could have come at a better time. I've recently been exploring my spiritual depth mere months before stumbling upon this treasure. Things are just as they should be. And Trinity's "Touching the Soul" did just that; her words, soft, embracing, full of love. Thank you for such a beautiful video.

It would be amazing to attend one of your events, but my path calls me elsewhere first. If you ever come to Canada though, I'll be there...lol I'm currently preparing for a journey to India. It's an amazing thing to see more clearly, purpose leading the way.

I think you have a magnificent message here, that spiritual evolution is taking place, and more people than we think are growing spiritually, sensing their true connectedness with everything. I look forward to my continued spiritual journey.

with love