Dead Reckoning

Set sights
to see where you are.
Dead reckoning, its all maps and bearings.
Triangulation into a new land,
the compass points to schisms.
The needle wavers about in a course correct,
love is cautious.

Ground, release the tipping points
of my own dark programming.
Patterns jiggle in this game changer,
Breathe and be confident flow will
get me there.

Life is simple,
natural rhythms connect
to consciousness
woven from ancient stories from seers.
Whispered impulses invite us
into enchantment of imagination.

Fears rattle.
Dead reckoning, regain bearings,
Tacking, always up against the wind.
Where am I still holding a lower vibration?
Release. Self doubt is swept away.
Feelings guide beyond the matrix,
Inner compass amplifies, will not steer one wrong
to new patterns of forgiveness and focus.

At the helm, master truth checks coordinates.
Not everyone swims in our water.
Small cracks of truth do their work
against the current narrative.

Light cleans up everything.
Breathe and feel abundance flow.
BE the Balance.
Dead reckoning with my sense of the world,
I am free. Free to make empowered choices.
The wind is shifting
and soon will be at my back. It is full sail ahead.

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