Dealing Spiritually with Gaia's Dramatic Transformation

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I strongly sense that the world has now edged into a new phase of its evolution. During the Divinicus Tour, people in the Openhand Community had the sense that Gaia was 'waiting'. Waiting for what? The Shift into the fifth density is not a time-line, but an event-line. The pathway must be opened progressively. Humanity is beginning to emerge from eons of darkness. He may not yet be fully ready, but the Earth cannot wait any longer. Realignment with the divine flow must now start to happen on a global scale. Due to its injustice, inequity and misalignment, the old reality will be steadily broken down, over time, so as to provide breathing space for more souls to break through, break out and ascend...

Onwards and Upwards we Go

At the conclusion of the Divinicus Tour, I was given to ascend Table Mountain in Cape Town. It was a 'Prayer for Humanity'. The jet lag of 9 weeks traveling, the tiredness of 13 workshops, and rapid dehydration, made it a very challenging ascent; it felt like I was staggering two steps forwards and one step backwards. The beads of sweat from my tired brow, were as tears into the heart of the Mountain - the heart of Gaia. I could feel her, and she could feel me. As I encountered various people on the path, in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and states of physical ability, it spoke to me as a metaphor: of the challenges each face on the ascent up the spiritual mountain. It felt like a statement was being made:

"We may not yet be ready to ascend, we may have our challenges, but we are ready to begin"

Even though intensely challenging, my soul was observing, with every step: an opportunity to breakthrough and transcend the physicality - the pain. I felt no egoic need to either ascend or to give up and descend. But when I opened the contraction of any mind-led intention, my soul simply emerged and said... "Onwards and Upwards we Go".

Ascension is entirely natural, like love, when we remove all barriers in the way.

Onwards and Upwards we Go

Since returning from the Tour, I've felt several key things beginning to happen in the underlying field - the fourth density - which is beginning to materialise in the physical. Although I would add, it always takes the material time to respond to the energetic (because of its density). The sense of extreme weather on the increase was a definite indicator: the tour concluded as "Bombogenesis" (extreme weather 'bomb') began. It feels like the global economy is also reaching a new state of over-extention and exposure.

I also had a strong connection with Pele - the Goddess of Volcanoes. Let's remember that Gaia is herself a deity, and all life on the planet is maintained by devic consciousness - deities that coordinate and animate the various species of plant and animal life. That includes the elements earth, water, fire and air. A collapse mechanism of this old reality is now beginning, and it will involve all of these devas.

I sense that Volcanic Activity is on the increase, steadily bubbling and shifting the ground beneath our very feet. The science is inconclusive: more volcanic activity is being reported; some say it's simply because of mans increased ability to report. To me though, as with so many of these shifts now taking place, we have to get out of the head and into the heart to truly know what's going on. As we've seen so many times before, the science can - and is - purposefully manipulated to support whatever resistant case an ego wishes to put forwards.

If we really want to know what's going on in this great shift, we've got to go into stillness, to empty, to clear out all mind-led intention, desire and resistance to the flow. Only then will we begin to hear the subtle interplays of consciousness.

Time to confront any fear

Right now, it feels to me as if the world - society - is hanging on a precipice. There's any number of reasons why it should begin to steadily breakdown: from extreme weather and natural upheaval; breakdown in the biosphere, including radioactive contamination; dwindling resources and energy; food and water scarcity; financial instability; civil unrest; disease, war and poverty. These are all potential 'trip switches' that could easily initiate a chain reaction.

Can you also feel the truth in this? I'm not raising these vitally important issues to spread fear; fear does not exist in a fully self-realised being. Fear is caused by identification with the small "I", the physical/emotional sense of small self. Mankind has for too long been imprisoned and enslaved by such limitation. If fear does arise, it provides an invaluable opportunity: to bring the unconscious blind spots out into the light so that we can work on them...

If we are each "the One", as many in spiritual circles believe, and the One cannot die, then in the grand scheme of things, what is there to be afraid of?

That said, we are 'the One' flowing as a stream of consciousness - the soul - just like being the ocean and a wave on the ocean at the same time. And each soul is here to honour authentic beingness: to fully unleash and express who we are.

Islands in the Storm

The matrix limits full expression of the soul. Many may as yet have to break through the fears of dramatic upheaval and change. Many may still prefer the soft shoulder of society. But is not the continuation of the dehumanisation and degradation of the current status quo worse than dramatic upheaval?

It is understandable that we might have resistance to change, especially if it's going to push buttons by challenging the very nature of our physical existence, including those of friends, family and loved ones. But that's exactly what we Warriors of Truth have been put here for: to make sense of what's going on; to help others through times of great change, which this evolutionary Ascension of Gaia is all about. There are ways in which we can prepare. In my book Divinicus, I've talked about this upheaval, but also the strong sense that there will be "Islands in the Storm": places where the soul will draw you; preparations you can make - in order that you will have time and space, for friends and family, to support one-another as you transcend into the Divine Being - mankind's next evolutionary chapter.

Prepare for sudden, dramatic change

It is with these things in mind that I felt to share the dramatised documentary below. It's about the supervolcano under Yellowstone Park. It has erupted three times before, and some believe we are due for a fourth any time soon. That may or may not be the case. I do believe volcanic action and earthquakes are now on the increase and will likely affect many in due course. But that's not specifically why I feel to share it and encourage you to watch.

It's because what's depicted in the movie is highly plausible. It's the kind of chaotic event that could happen for any number of reasons in today's extremely exposed world: from earthquakes, volcanic activity, super storms, tsunamis and general civil unrest, due to the challenged global supply infrastructure.

So as you watch it, consider what it activates in your consciousness. If there's fear, why? If it causes you to get tight inside, how can the Divine Being in you soften and open up instead? And also, what physical preparations might you make - right now - in case of disruption to the global supply chain (at the very least, I suggest a store of bottled water and food). It's about buying you some time and breathing space, as you begin to walk the Path between Worlds.

In loving support
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