End Times, Beginning Times

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It's crystal clear that we've entered "End Times", where the old 3D construct begins to break down and a new one emerges from the ashes. It's a progressive transformation that invites profound change in all of us. Exploring the principles, including Soul-Harvesting and Reincarnation - making sure we align ourselves accurately through these profound times of great transformation.

What are you experiencing?

Time Stamps: (Chapters)
00:00 - Intro
02:19 - The Gross Deception of Society
04:18 - 11:11 Convergence of Cosmic Cycles
05:24 - Gaia’s Gear Change
08:08 - Alien Intervention and Gaia
12:20 - Unplugging from the Matrix
17:24 - The Breakthrough Approach
24:59 - End Times are Emergent Times
27:29 - Soul Harvesting & Reincarnation
37:11 - 11:11 Awakening Code
41:01 - Grand Opportunity of Beginning Times
42:45 - Meditation Guidance through End Times
52:11 - Conclusion: The Veils Fall

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Thank you for this video and the message contained in it.  It provided clarity and answers.  Pieces of the puzzle falling together.  Hope.  I'm feeling very optimistic and welcome the 'work,'

Dear Openhanders, I think it would be good to share and reflect feelings as we enter this new pivotal stage of the shift, what we can clearly call, "End Times". But also Beginning Times. Watch the podcast and then do share how the energetic shifts are impacting you. This is how we equalise with it and master it.

Bright blessings

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