Energy Workers Unite!

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Mon, 06/17/2013 - 07:12

The old fear based reality is beginning to fracture and fragment. A new consciousness is breaking through. In these difficult and challenging times, know that as Energy Workers, everywhere unite, we each have a unique and special gift to embrace and radiate into the wider world...

Energy Workers Unite from Openhand on Vimeo.

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This is so relevant right now !!! We are softly detaching from things. Opening up to our awareness of life.

It's so incredible, in fact, that I shall have to ask if you could send me the audio without music, so that I could use the wisdom, which from flows from Open's mouth, in my next musical composition! Please I do beg you of this, and I shall pay you in ways I don't even know.

Love & Peace
Ps. I will atleast ask for the audio from 4:30 till 4:51. I don't want to just rip it because of the background music!
pps edit. I've just realized that this was posted over a year ago. If you have deleted it then don't worry...

You beautiful people, this mini movie inspired this prose.


Seeing the perfection of purity of movement in the expanding Mudra's in marriage with Tai and Chi… before an awakening Sun tells us this is indeed happening.

Yes Kindred Spirits, Ancient Ancestors are standing shoulder to shoulder with us even now empowered by the Central Sun rising within us.

Bidding us soon to Dance in Celebration, of the end of this seemingly hard worn out Iron Age, replaced with a Golden One.

We see this in all of your eyes, movements and lives.

For you are using a lens, like a paint brush wet full… of Living pigment, colors imbued with Love, Courage and Creative Vision…yes like a Universal Rainbow that is and will flow into form, that will never fade away.

So we rejoice in the ever wide empty Canvas of Consciousness that allows the myriad of possibility of that New Day Dawning, reflected most profoundly in this streaming pictorial undeniable view.

Yes… Glimpses of these Encouraging Visuals point to a brilliant metaphoric December 22nd we will Celebrate together.

Thank You for your Service and such inspired Heart Living Art.

Oh that's a lovely film, thank you so much. It has finished a powerful evening off perfectly. How blessed are we all to be given to do this, I love my work.

Much love to you all.
Michelle xxx

Trinity, this was a welcome reminder of the link between us all, and although I have been working quietly alone, going deeper inwards to find my truth, it was a lovely gift to watch your video, and to feel the energy from all in it. I love doing the Openhand movements and it put a smile on my face thinking of people doing them in different parts of the world. It was just what I needed today. Thank you. Mark

I am struggling to string a sentence together. The battle between head and heart is very stong at the moment. But I won't let that stop me sharing a few words of: appreciation - Thank you, Upliftment, togetherness, great work guys.


for this video.

These days I am contemplating a lot on the responsibility I have with everything I do, what am I sending out there to the world?

Also sometimes it feels like there is an ocean of denseness all around me and that I am powerless to do anything about it at all. And only recently I learned to just believe! to really trust and just do whatever is needed, what feels right.

And I am just overwhelmed to see how strong the conditioning is for people. That even after we talk and do some energy exchange and they just feel it, they feel it all, but then, 5 minutes later, their minds builds a protection and rationalizes it all and entraps them back into the artificial reality, the one that says that we are disconnected and that this physical world with all the rules is all there is. It makes me so sad. But I am learning to accept it too, to respect the choice and see love in it. The universe gave people the ability to chose, and this is love too. And what do I know? "I just let it fly" :)

And I begin to feel more and more that I am not alone. I have both brothers and sisters spread around here on Earth, even if I don't know them all, I definitely feel them more and more. I am not alone!

And this video is just talking about these things and there is a feeling of family in there.

I also increasingly feel the connection with the higher guidance and, maybe I am nuts, but it became hard to say it is not real... many times I feel as if we have unmeasurable support from all around the universe, from higher realms. As if we are being watched from up there and a huge amount of good intent descending on Earth.

So yes, all this cheers me up greatly and fuels me to get up when I am down.

I am very deeply grateful.

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