The evolution of reality through the 5 gateways - what's next?

I had something landing on me and would like to summarize/reiterate a couple of things and ask about this additional landing piece of info I got.

What's the difference between the states after realignment, after, then after transfiguration, and enlightment and on and on?

What I sense is that in the first case it is me, who is experiencing, there is "I", and the soul is in the background, mainly suppressed.
The reality is first percieved limited by the ego, i.e. looking at the universe from the box and focusing mainly on the 5 senses and the mind, and also intuition, to the certain extent.

After the realignment - I am still hanged between the "I" (false self, or ego), and the soul, but there is a commitment to follow the soul,
while seeing myself fluctuating between the two. I'm still in the box, but get glimpses of how it is to drop out of that box and taste some repulsion from this emptiness outside it.

Then after the transfiguration I do follow the soul, now the ego is in the background, but it ia highjacking on the authenticity. And here, it feels to me that the box is now bigger, wider, with more degrees of freedom.

After enlightenment (still blurred vision of that one) - coming from a soul, and looking at everything from there, including the ego, which doesn't disapear, it seems, but it functions in a different way, it's more of stairs, rather than obstacles now. (is that right?) And I might think that there are no boxes here, because it feels as if it's not me experiencing anymore, but the universe is experiencing itself through me, BUT, it feels like there is still a box!

And then begins a spiritual university (smth like that ;) )

So, it seems, that as long as I have any form whatsoever, be it physical or energetic, even if I don't identify with it, I am still in the box. The way become out of the box is to dissolve into the Source or "disappear".

What landed today is:

My contemplation went like this: I felt there's some dynamics: individual and collective, and we are now evolving in both of these aspects. After everybody is enlightened and ascended, there will be the next stage of collective evolution, etc etc etc.... and then we all dissolve into the Source...ok.

And then I got that even the Absolut is not the the real thing, it is temporary and illiusionary just as a separated world is! (it landed like realisation, not a thought).
And there is something more "real" than the Absolut.

But... I wasn't shown what that is. Maybe this realisation is more about my perception and experience of the Absolut at the moment, that it is still not "real", but I anyway decided to raise this statement-question, just in case :)

The universe is going to evolve after recollection and integration of all the fragments, in this I have no doubt, even though I don't know where, but after that... what's more than the Absolut?


P.S.:Coming not so from the mind, I share it as a contemplation, which made me feel really uplifted, curious and open :D

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I am not so great in articulation nowadays, still :D

What I mean by the Absolut is the universe, the pure presence, like this clear space, where everything is one and also there is nothing. This is what I meant :) Not the "absolut" perception (feeling like everything is inside me, part of me).