5GATEWAYS is a relaxed framework for exploring and understanding your spiritual journey in greater detail. How can an understanding of the routemap help make sense of your experiences?

My 5Gateways adventure...

Hi Open,

In reading the 5Gateways book that arrived recently, I'm realizing in Gateway 5 that I have had so many of those gifts in operation long before I started to awaken.  How can that be when I'm just certain I'm only at the beginning of Gateway 2?  It's very obvious I still need to remove more of the karmic and shadow parts, which the book says can take years.  That's really a downer that it could take so long, but I know the surrendering is very important.  I don't even know yet how to find those karmic events or what they are.

Too much Kundalini?

How do I know if I am activating too much Kundalini through meditative, pranayam and Bhakti practices for where I am at on my journey. I was just going back through the 5Gateways book and saw the line about “premature kundalini activations by forced meditation practices - these can be very destabilizing and counterproductive without first having cleansed the density within….”. I have been doing the same meditative practices for almost 18 months and my Bhakti and Pranayam exercises for 9 months or so but it seems like the energy has really exploded in last few months.

5GATEWAYS remastered movie release

We've released the remastered 5GATEWAYS movie today! We made the film with YOU in mind. We've always known just how helpful the 5GATEWAYS routemap could be on the path. So it's always been our hearts' yearning to share it with humanity. It came with no small expense - of time, of commitment, of passion, including resources and money. We have no 'great' marketing budget.

The evolution of reality through the 5 gateways - what's next?

I had something landing on me and would like to summarize/reiterate a couple of things and ask about this additional landing piece of info I got.

What's the difference between the states after realignment, after, then after transfiguration, and enlightment and on and on?

Which Ascension Gateway are you in?

People often get lost and wonder where they are on the Spiritual Path? The 5GATEWAYS can provide an invaluable pointer, removing unnecessary pain and suffering. Exchange with us here in forum your feelings and experiences. We'll gladly provide some reflections and pointers.

To begin with, here's an overview of the 5GATEWAYS...

Five Gateways question

I was wondering about our experiences between Gateways? For instance, what is the likely experience of someone who has recently transitioned Gateway 2. I would suspect that for a time there would be further integration and deeper exploration around aspects associated with the second Gateway, so for example, perhaps a continuing, deepening appreciation of following inner guidance and synchronicity and increasing sensitivity to life energy. Then gradually would aspects towards the third gateway begin to emerge and unfold?

"Gateways of Light": mini movie - your feedback

Our new web-based mini movie "Gateways of Light" draws attention to our journey of Ascension. It addresses many of the key problems we're currently facing such as global warming, peak oil, over population, poverty, financial melt down etc. etc. and helps us to find the light at the end of the tunnel. If you've not yet seen the film, you can play it below. Afterwards, we would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and feelings...