Five Gateways question

I was wondering about our experiences between Gateways? For instance, what is the likely experience of someone who has recently transitioned Gateway 2. I would suspect that for a time there would be further integration and deeper exploration around aspects associated with the second Gateway, so for example, perhaps a continuing, deepening appreciation of following inner guidance and synchronicity and increasing sensitivity to life energy. Then gradually would aspects towards the third gateway begin to emerge and unfold? I realise that it's difficult to tease such aspects apart and that it will be unique for each individual following their own path, but wondered if you have any thoughts to share...

Thank you, love, Fiona

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Hi Horse - welcome to Openhand :-)

The passage through an inner Gateways is the passage through a density of being - through a 'dimension'. But the dimensions exist here and now, in the same place, inside of us, just at different frequencies.

We are each multi-dimensional, meaning that to varying degrees, we are unfolded and unleashed into those various densities. So Yes! You are likely to begin to feel them all as you progress down the path - you will see reflections of them all.

However, passage through a density - the completion of one - is always marked by some external 'ceremony' to mark the completion of your movement through a density. And these happen sequentially, just as I've outlined in the 5GATEWAYS book.

If we're being profoundly honest with ourselves, we will know when we've completely processed attachment within a particular density - such as existential, physical issues in the first density for example.




As I watched 5 Gateways, I feel like a little of each gateway was already part of me. I have been on this path alone for about 6 mths and now have been get places in my thoughts that are being explained be you in 5 Gateways. Can this be, a little from each Gate. A friend told me I may like this and boy was she right. Thank you for your time


Thanks for that, yes it was helpful! And I guess it's the same or similar for the other gateway transitions.

When you speak about the Gateways being like a corridor, I sense that even though we walk through a doorway (gateway in this instance :) ) and are moving onwards down the next corridor there is still an awareness and working with the door/gateway that we've just come through. For a while, along our metaphorical corridor, we are actually much closer to the door/gateway behind us rather than the one in front. We may continue to move forwards at whatever pace, until we gradually approach the next gateway on our journey and feel more of it's influence. I guess the "tasters" you describe could be compared to glimpses down the corridor of the distant approaching Gateway, until we get closer and closer and then it is right in front of us and the roller coaster begins!!!!

Thanks, Love, Fiona


Thanks for the question Fiona - you raise a very interesting point - I'd say you've hit an important nail on the head.

Gateway 2 is all about the landing of that inner realisation that nothing is really going to serve us in life but walking the path of the constant conscious choice. This is what's been previously called "The Baptism" and I've termed "The Realignment" in my book. It's that deep "aha" upwelling from within that can leave one moved to tears for days (weeks even). It feels like coming home.

So now we're committed to walking the path in every moment, but that doesn't necessarily mean we know how to! So yes, there can be an integration period that goes on where we start to figure out how to make the highest choice and where the moment really leads us - to the confrontation of our distortions and the revelation of our gifts of beingness.

It's after we've been consciously walking the path for sometime that the pull towards Transfiguration may then kick in. It's normally tipified by the resolve to purify mind body and spirit in quite a powerful way. We'll be drawn into circumstances that bring out the inner child and teenager conditioning for example. But the full processing of this energy is only really going to begin in earnest once we've truly started walking the path. We may get tasters beforehand, but ultimately we'll know when it begins because it feels a bit like riding a rollercoaster!

I trust this helps