How to continue for the next steps?


It is the first time that I write here. I was reading all messages and all questions about the five gateways to understand how I can continue. I always looking for the truth. What truth? Well, the truth that can answer my all questions about life, god, why I'm here and why I can feel many things.
The five gateways could answer it for me. I really understand now the universe and why I'm here. I'm now at the ascension. I like to say that I'm at the stage of compreension and change. It's really magic. I can see and I can understand all of it. I can feel this energy call me back as never before showing me all about the real truth. I always was linked with the spiritual world, but now I have the real compreension.
But I'm habing some problems to continue. The "ilusion" of this planet is strong and I have some dificulty to continue for the next steps. My job, my family, my friends sometimes make me forget all about it. The five gateways says that I need to change my old and bad behaviors. I had already started it before to know all about it.
For example: I am vegetarian more than one year. I felt that I needed to change it in my life, but I didn't have support of my family, my wife or my friends.
It's so hard that sometimes I forget the ascension and go back to the "ilusion".

What can I do about it? How can I continue for the next steps with no support of people around me?

Better energies for all

Rodrigo Pestana

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Hi Rodrigo

I really feel what you are saying. Yes living consciously amongst family who don't have the slightest idea about it can be challenging. Im doing the same and i'm with you. Challenging as it is i also think it can be a good thing. Because it's exactly these challenges that causes us to confront our inner demons and ascend. It would have been a whole lot easier to meditate in the top of a mountain and ascend. But now you wouldn't see yourself in others. The people close to us whether family or friends can show us where we get tight and in need of an outcome. They are showing 'us' the conditioned programming that has been built in 'us' from childhood and its exactly these which limits us. When you start to question these programming and make conscious choices with acceptance and without needing an outcome from any situation then you find that things get easier and you will be much more at ease with them. I used to give spiritual lectures to my mother but it was all an attempt to change her but when i accept myself as im i can accept them as exactly as they are. And i think this is the greatest gift we can give to them. To give you another example i have always considered my mother as the special one amongst others. This is a distortion as it brought forward a lot of conditioned programming that happens between a mother and child like need for attention , validation etc. But if I can sit in my own space without any need for external validation I find that this distortion can change without any effort from me. And it's likely the other peson changes too. I think it's ok to be in the illusion if you can watch yourself in it as often as you can. Then you will see you didn't have to change it at all. I say this because when I see myself in a drama there is a tendency to change it according to what's spiritually correct - to be all peaceful for instance . This is self defeating because it's not so much how the illusion changes but the way i see it. So if i summon the will to observe myself in the drama no matter how distorted it is with persistence then finally I start to make aligned choices.

Best wishes for your unfolding :)


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I'm happy to know people as me around the world. Your experiencie shows me ways to live with people "inside of the matrix".

It's so hard to live outside of the "matrix" inside of the "matrix". The challenge to live at the matrix with the real Knowledge about the universe is a daily task. I always liked to write and today I write about it. It makes me more strong because it makes me remember all the time the reality of the ascension.
I understand it. It is as the Open said, this is the path and, as you said, this is the challenge. I agree with you.

What conforts me is to know there are people that see what I see and understand it :-)

Best energies.

Rodrigo Pestana


Hi Rodrigo,

Greetings and welcome to Openhand - you are welcome here :-)

What you describe in being with a family who don't support you is very common for people in this community. Many people who truly step onto the spiritual path find themselves in environments that don't support their feelings and actions. It's a challenge indeed - but at the end of the day, it's about YOUR spiritual mastery. No one can walk the path for you. No one can do it for you. If your beliefs, feelings and truth are tested by those around you, then I see it as a good thing - because it causes you to question what's really real for you and to work into that.

There has to come a natural commitment to the path, that wells up from inside of you, so that it doesn't matter what others think. The only way to get to this point, is to keep exploring within, keep inquiring. If you slip from the ways that you know best serve you, if you close down and 'go to sleep again', then at the point you catch yourself, ask, "does this kind of living really serve me?". Inquire into that. Keep looking at the situation and asking yourself what really serves.

There will come a point where you realise that living in the illusion serves no one - not you, nor those around you. At this point there comes a commitment to following the ways that you can feel in your heart, no matter what others around you may say.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*

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I agree with it. It's a challange and I feel it every day. Sometimes I miss someone who understands me. Here, in Brazil, the people are very spiritualist, but their feith make them not accept another ideias. Sometimes I look like a crazy to them. I understand it but, sometimes I need to talk about it and to do something about it. Are rare the moments that I can reserve for myself and, because of that, I'm afraid to go back to the "matrix". Today, I don't believe this is possible. I don't believe that can be possible to forget or ignore the "ascension", but I'm afraid of don't have ways to continue.