"Gateways of Light": mini movie - your feedback

Our new web-based mini movie "Gateways of Light" draws attention to our journey of Ascension. It addresses many of the key problems we're currently facing such as global warming, peak oil, over population, poverty, financial melt down etc. etc. and helps us to find the light at the end of the tunnel. If you've not yet seen the film, you can play it below. Afterwards, we would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and feelings...

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Hi George,

Many thanks for your support for the film - it helps us greatly when people give energy to it - hopefully then our message will reach more and more people.

In many ways I share your sentiment. It pains me aswell to see what Mankind is doing to the planet and one could be forgiven for thinking whether we are simply good enough to ascend to the higher vibrational reality of the 5th Dimension in which Gaia currently resides.

But lets not be too hard on ourselves. Those of us who are really tuned into the various dimensional realms and in particular the 4th, will know that an "Opposing Consciousness" resides there and has been negatively influencing us for many thousands of years. Its purpose has been to addict us to the external drama so that we release energy when we get emotionally attached - in this way we are being 'farmed' by them.

To many, I know this will sound quite 'far-fetched', a little like science fiction fantasy, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Opposing Consciousness cannot be seen by most and can only be felt by a few; nevertheless its effects are powerful.

It works through the Solar Plexus Chakra through subliminal mental programing. Basically it pushes our inner buttons and continually activates loops of closed behaviour patterns - its just like the techniques marketeers use through their advertising to get us to buy and consume the things we don't really need.

It could be for example that you're enjoying a walk in the countryside opening up to divine unity consciousness when all of a sudden a spurious thought pops in about work, or bills or other 'problems' that we may have in our lives. All of a sudden what began as a peaceful opening up to mother nature gets shunted into a less than peaceful programmed loop of behavioural activity.

To me, this is why our world is the way it is. But there is a way out of this. It is to become the Observer of ourselves and to watch our motivations for doing things. In this way, we begin to disassociate from the external "drama". Then we get more into our feelings and the Heart begins to open. We literally begin to feel more of the surrounding energy field.

When this happens, we start to interpret divine guidance of Higher Benevolent Consciousness leading us on a pathway as directed by an inner pull through the heart or simply as higher knowing "this is the way to go now".

If we follow that pathway, it takes through the five internal Gateways of Light that we speak of which is the path to the higher paradigm - the "New World" - perhaps more appropriately "Renewed World". This is mankind's immediate destiny - or at least for those of us who choose it.

Although at times it may seem quite bleak and dark at the moment, have no fear. As we continue to attune to the love and lightness within, a growing polarity arises between the lighter and darker vibrations - they are separating out. So we will see increasing darkness in this plane.

Have no doubt though, those people that do go inwards and attune to the light, will walk the path to the higer vibrational realm - we will ascend!



Thanks for the question Turtle - yes its an important one.

In the video we say...

    "In every moment we have a choice; either we can attune to the darkness, the density, the difficulties we are witnessing right now or we can attune to the lightness, the joy, the love, the at-one-ment with all things"

What's not meant is to avoid everything that we perceive as dark, difficult and dense. It means to follow the soul into whatever experiences we are guided to but then to realise that we are likely to face two contrasting energies; that leading to greater density, and that leading to greater sense of lightness experienced within ourselves.

We then have a choice; either to get lost in the darkness or to accept the perfection of all circumstances, to transcend the darkness and find the experience of lightness within it - these experiences will be gifts of beingness; in other words, expressions of the soul.

Its a bit like climbing a mountain. The higher we go the more we may feel the muscles aching, the heart pounding and the lungs burning. We can allow ourselves to identify with and dwell in those feelings. Alternatively, we can look through those feelings and find other experiences expressing the completeness and joy of the soul - in my experience, both things exist in all situations.

But as we're climbing the mountain, neither would it help us to completely ignore the pain or else we might overstep the mark and damage the body rendering us unable to proceed (you might say we've disconnected from reality).

So the key is to witness and experience the density and darkness but then to transcend it by attuning to the lightness.

This is what we meant in the film. :smile:


We're absolutely thrilled to release our new 10 minute movie "Gateways of Light" today.

The film happened as all the best things do - without real intention! I was approached a few months back by a small film production team called "The Smiling Dragonfly" (definitely heaven sent!) who were seeking to make a film about Enlightenment and the current expansion of consciousness that is taking place across our planet.

It seemed like a great idea at the time so I offered to give energy to it. From the moment we began, everything just seemed to flow - it was abundantly clear higher consciousness was steering the show.

The wonderful Magdalen Chapel in Glastonbury was made synchronistically available to us to shoot the main interview and then we were taken on a magical journey around Glastonbury for some of the other scenes.

However we weren't at all sure what the end product was meant to be until one of the film crew asked me a question right at the end of the two days filming..."What did I think of the current situation mankind finds itself in?"

I distinctly remember feeling a wave of energy flow up and through me; it seemed to come from Mary Magdalen herself! Fortunately the guys had left the cameras rolling and instantly we all knew this was what the film was meant to be about.

When we came to the first edit, the film just seemed to want to make itself! Without too much effort the film unfolded together with some final "tweaking" to make sure we'd got the message absolutely right.

For five years since my initial awakening in a life threatening car crash, I have felt the infusion of energy compelling me to deliver a message to those who might listen; the movie quite accurately captures the essence of that message so I am thrilled to see its release today.

Why do we feel the movie is important?

There are many films around at the moment talking about the issues we're facing - "An Inconvenient Truth", "The Eleventh Hour", "The Shift" to name but a few and thankfully they are all fueling the debate. In contrast, we felt it important to take the "top-down" spiritual perspective; that all of the events we see around us are interrelated and happening for a purpose - we are being guided to go inwards and reconnect with our divinity. For too long we have been engaged in the external drama of effects rather than the internal world of causality.

Well it seems we can no longer ignore the effects...we simply have to address the cause. It is time to find wholeness within; to discover that we cannot buy happiness; that love is not given by someone else but found within ourselves; that the next chapter of human evolution is not technical but spiritual.

Will people listen? We believe those who are meant to will.

With love and blessings to all :smile: