5GATEWAYS remastered movie release

We've released the remastered 5GATEWAYS movie today! We made the film with YOU in mind. We've always known just how helpful the 5GATEWAYS routemap could be on the path. So it's always been our hearts' yearning to share it with humanity. It came with no small expense - of time, of commitment, of passion, including resources and money. We have no 'great' marketing budget. We simply trust that it will find its way to those who can benefit from it. Do help support the project by offering a positive comment below and sharing widely with your friends. Thankyou!

If you haven't seen the movie yet... PLAY HERE

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Greetings all! I had the wonderful opportunity to view the full-length movie and found it very informational and moving. The myriad of emotions felt throughout was quite remarkable.
I believe I've been in the second gateway for some time now- fully knowing the the choices I'm faced with, resisting what I know the answers to be, attempting to balance between two worlds, causing much dissatisfaction. While I at first became frustrated with myself at viewing this gateway- ego says "how disappointing you haven't made your move yet!!!"- I decided to be kind to myself and accept this as part of the process.
I really, really thank you for helping to put things into perspective and I can't help but think of different ways to share this documentary with others (individual sharing, public screenings, etc). I feel my discovery of this website, it's contents and supports will help me a great deal along the journey.
With much gratitude,

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I forgot to mention the dream, or part thereof, I had last night after viewing the movie. The part that I remember was that I was part of a group that arrived at a very large swimming pool. And I was unprepared, wishing I had a swimsuit, as I wanted to go into the water. Then I was on a very small, narrow boat, with a woman showing me how to ride the waves (the pool turned into an fairly choppy ocean or lake)- bracing and leaning so as not to capsize but also go with the flow.
Thank you again. Have blessed day



I had the opportunity in be at the second screening in Halifax this weekend past.This screening was held at The Center [http://www.thecenterhalifax.com/]. The energy there was just like the last showing,amazing, along with a great turn out of 15 very excited viewers. Joann was remarkable from start to finish. Great discussion at the end and some great treats. Looking forward to another showing of 5 Gateways,in March. Joann you are a warrior.

Much Love


Hi Green Warrior,

Thanks for your sharing! Fantastic that you found and resonate with the Openhand community in your search for liberation!

Maybe see you in Glastonbury later in the year :)

Namaste, Fiona

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Thank you so much Fiona. I have been experiencing my journey alone for many years, in my connecting with Open & watching the movie I feel a joining to your community which has (for the first time this life) shown me the oneness we are. No words only a divine sense of gratitude and grief. My soul is calling me to my ancient home to meet you all.



Having been exploring the path for some time I was drawn to Openhand via this link - http://www.psychedelicadventure.net/2015/05/how-deal-psychic-attacks-en… I was seeking for understanding around dealing with these kinds of experiences from a loved one that I am separated from.
I since connected with Open via your Facebook Page and gained the kind of recognition that has had me decide I want to be a part of a community committed to the way. I have never been touched by a collective group before.

The interesting things I got from the 5 Gateways movie is that I am more grown than I had given myself credit for, and am celebrating the connective-ness I feel with all those that featured in the movie and those everywhere that are evolving (feeling this is a breakthrough for me).
I also realise that my energetic attachment to my lost partner is fuelling her darkness, in learning this I feel that I can now free her (and myself) to source and the love/light.
This search for liberation is what bought me to you.

I am planning to come to Glastonbury later this year and will be checking out your calendar of events.
As a Conservation Arboriculturist I loved the interplay between British and Australian vegetation (I know both well) in your movie...

Love and Light to us all.

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As acknowledged I found Openhand in my search to deal with a life challenge that was hurting me. On the flipside of finding you, watching the video and experiencing a very deep healing (I actually experienced a re-wiring of my brain in light) I feel a oneness to her (my primary choice soul-mate) and a love that has liberated me from my attachment to her. In this I have found a sacred space where our bond is alive (I feel the presence of her higher-self in my aura in gratitude as I type). I share this in support of my first post as I wish to reach out to others who may be experiencing separation from a soul mate. We can find not only peace in such loss but also the love...


I was moved beyond words, at friday night's showing of the 5 Gateways' movie, here in my home, Nova Scotia, Canada, with my friend Joann. From start to finish this evening was full of amazing energy. Housed by two awesome people, Michelle And John at their Fall River Yoga Studio.

My Love and Gratitude to Joann, Michelle and John for making this viewing possible
and to Openhand for the making of this amazing 5 Gateways Documentary


That's absolutely wonderful Joann - it sounds like a truly fantastic evening. It's so heart-warming the enthusiasm I can feel in what you're sharing - it's a great booster for Openhand and the work. From the bottom of my heart - thankyou!

And yes of course, it will be wonderful to be coming out there next year.

Profound thanks

Open *give_rose*


Last night around 20 people attended a screening of the 5 Gateways movie. The evening was hosted by John and Michelle at Fall River Yoga Centre. In large part because of their commitment to creating loving, awakened community the evening was a smashing success. They certainly set the vibe with their loving presence, beautiful centre, treats and drinks. Of course, the movie speaks for itself!! The audience were captivated as evidenced by silence and the nodding of heads at parts that clearly resonated. Afterwards we broke out into three groups and discussed a couple of questions given by Michelle...what resonated and how is that related to your present journey? Rich conversation and agreement on the profundity yet simplicity of the beautifully-made movie.

I sat at the back and the whole time I felt presence moving through me...I was energised beyond words. I felt so close to all of you and so happy that this message is getting out there. One of my happiest moments was to hear the question: Can we bring them here? You now have a building community awaiting your trip to the east coast of Canada. I'm also screening it again in the new year at a centre in the down-town core of Halifax.

Thank you Trinity for all your help with posters etc. and special thanks to my friend Charlie who made your chocolate cake for me which we ceremoniously ate before the screening. He also took the pics I'll try to embed here.

Profound love and gratitude for your ongoing dedication and devotion to awakening humanity.
Sending pics in e-mail
Much love, Joann xo


Really feeling the creation within the Divine flow running in and through the film... deeply resonant, tear and soul stirring, beautiful truth.
I was contemplating whether it is the energy of the film which is carrying a greater depth or a change in my energy connecting a greater depth, then realised that they are entirely connected, one in the same...

Feeling Bundles of Gratitude and Big Love to you guys x x x


Open, Trinity, Lesley, all involved,

Clarity, energy, consistency, honesty, love, and above all, Soul, throughout.

Such a wonderful, generous, inspiring, invaluable work you have offered us.
I am extremely glad and happy to avail myself of that offering.

Maximum gratitude, y'all.
Thank you.

The one thing that inspires me above all the many inspirations in this, is that Freedom is there for us all, not just, as Lesley says, for the occasional spiritual master.
It is our birthright, our natural state of being.
All of us.

On and up.
Oh yes indeed.

Love always brothers sisters sisters brother always Love.



I watched the 5 Gateways again last night. It was great to see all the added footage and you can tell so much went into making it. No matter how many times I see this documentary it always brings up something new for me to hear. I can feel a change in consciousness from taking it all in. Thank you to all involved in making this and offering it out to the world.


What a joy to watch the 5 Gateways Movie Remastered. Richer tones. Waters gleaming even more brightly. Deeper chords. Colours more radiant. Ah, my soul remastered.

Open and Trinity's splendid pas de deux at the end is pure magic and my favourite moment. The dancer becoming the dance. And Trinity's final words say it all, "There is just flow."

x Catherine


Thank you again - That clip of the kestrel appearing over the clifftop is so, so profound! I have watched 5 Gateways several times now, each time gaining a little more understanding and knowing, but this time was different. From the moment I hit 'play'I could actually 'feel' the energy changing dramatically in my solar plexus and radiating outwards and upwards. That sense of not understanding everything, not knowing where I am (on my journey)
or where I am from, has just suddenly became ok. Love and blessings - Heather <3 <3 <3


Every time I watch 5 gateways, it comes with another realisation, another glimpse and a mirroring of an experience I'm going through.

I also feel so much joy at seeing it.

Thank you


Wonderful film and it was good to watch again remastered, This time it had a different taste and meaning for me, the timing was just right for me.

Thank-you Trinity and Open for being you, much gratefulness and appreciation <3


Thanks for the lovely support guys.

Jen, your sharing was amazing. Sounds like you were creating your own Noah's Ark!

Wonderfully kind and moving words.


Open *give_rose*


Just finished watching the remastered film! Breathtaking and beautiful... Brought me to tears of joy. Just feeling inside as you all speak of your experiences touched me deeply. There was a moment when Lesley said "this is it, I am going to know who I am" and the tears just came flooding. Thank you all for this incredible production. So many animals joined me as I viewed the movie from my window seat that faces the back yard. First it was all yellow butterflies... And then a surprise visit during the 4th gateway of my black garden snake, whose head popped up into view and stayed motionless for the entire 4th gateway, as if he was listening and how did that make me feel? Slightly tight right in my solar plexus... Facing the darkness. Finally at the end as you spoke of ascension and the two worlds, oodles of birds landed in the yard... First a family of four red cardinals and then a pair of morning doves. For a long while the male bright red cardinal and one of the doves just sat together in the grass in front of me... For me it was a reminder of being grounded and flying free, of being focused/ direct and gentle. Just so amazing. Thank you all for everything you shared so openly. So much love to you, Jen


The title ( without my full attention ) got to a previous post prior to the july Belgium workshop and wrote itself back again . Oupsss . In the same time , it shows how much i enjoyed your full presence in July and still enjoy the depth of the wave effects ... that will surely bring u back to Belgium next year .


Thank you Open & Trinity for this new release . It's actually thanks to the movie i stumbled upon one night in February 2012 that i connected to the amazing Openhand energy & inspiration . It's such a great gift for all of Us evolving Souls . Sending loads of Love and best wishes for the launch .
It is a delight to watch the new version tonight , at home , with openness and joy .


Both Trinity and myself would just like to say a huge "Thank YOU!" for all the love and support we've received about the 5GATEWAYS movie. You've touched our hearts.

Open & Trinity *give_rose*