5 Gateways Demo

I was wondering if you might explain one more time that little demo which you did with Trinity during the workshop in January.

You were discussing aspects of energy in water and how the pull does not allow the other to get close, because of some energetic pull??
I ask this because as you both got up to do this demo, I had had a dream the night before seeing my very self do this EXACT thing with a friend in some water. The person in the dream had many arms like a hindu deity , as I myself did in the dream. There was some kind of energetic struggle, and I did not understand the nature of the struggle , so when you and Trinity got up and demonstrated, I was a bit blown back....with what I had seen in the dream!!!!

Many Thanks, Tess

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Hi Tess,

I think rather than me explain what was really happening within that demo we did, it's important to realise you're making your own interpretation based on what your soul needs you to see.

My intuition tells me that the deity in your dream is nothing other than your own higher self - you "God Head". It is drawing you to it through the waters of your emotions. In other words you have to process out your emotional resistances to life.

Your higher self will draw you towards it. But you'll never be able to touch - because by the time that happens, the false self will dissolve and you will become your higher deity. Does that make sense?

Much love