The Highest Mysticism in Day-to-Day Life...The Modern Day Shaman

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We're all shamans at heart. What compels us is the intrigue of the moment, the curiosity of the cat, the mysticism of the crow. Take a look at technology & social media (can you avoid it?!), it's continually presenting the quick fix titilation. Yet it's prescribed and bloated, like some ravenous predator, voraciously consuming consciousness. It works because it preys on the mystic in all of us. But there is a way of becoming the Modern Day Shaman nevertheless. It's going to require us to become exceptionally attentive, accute to the subtlety of the flow. Because even here, in the desert of the real, there's always the nuance of the divine to discern.

Raising the Titanic

I absolutely marvel at society. There's nothing I like better than to sit in a coffee shop, having fasted for 24 hours, to feel the bean accelerate the external, raise the speed of vibration, until the patterning renders the deeper movie, the deeper meaning, even amongst the crass of consumption. It's like watching the Titanic being resurrected, right before your eyes, from her deep and watery grave, all sparkling, before embarking on a new voyage of great excitement and adventure.

It's the contrast you see. Make the inner quiet and pure, test the boundaries of the subtle inner contractions through plenty of meditation. Burst through that which would limit and make you small. No matter that the body aches and the mind wanders. You are NOT the body, you are NOT the mind! These are all just experiences that a part of you is judging. And judgment is much more than 'good' or 'evil'. A judgment is where you form any kind of fixation, any condemnation. Sitting for hours? What is an 'hour'!

In the Void of the Source, time expands to an eternity and likewise contracts into an instant. It renders you peacefully slow and lightning fast, all at the same time. That's when the mysticism comes into its own, that's when it speaks compellingly through the noise and the glitz and the glamour. Listen for it. Pay attention. For these are the real pearls of perception.

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Pearls of Perception

I'm at a crossroads in the car, lost, not knowing whether to go left or right. In the space of a nano second the guy in the car behind is frantically peeping his horn. Patience is another sad victim of society!

Before I can stop it, my soul is compelling me to confront. That's the Shaman too, not allowing the control to contract you, not dismissing in denial because of any latent fear. But as I'm walking across to his car, I can also feel the danger. He looks angry, pent up, frustrated, like some T-Rex whose not ate for a while. But the shaman must be courageous and soft in the space before the moment is born. That's when the magic flows most poignantly. You need it, your soul is compelling it, but you must stay open for it all to flow. "Show me, what would you have me do now?" as I walk the last couple of steps of this particular gang plank.

He's winding the window down as I bow to connect. The moment expands to eternity. Here's where Swarzenneger offers some immortal "I'll be back" one liner before decking me into the tarmac! But what follows is an unexpected gem, a priceless pearl, an ancient artefact. As he's opening his mouth to speak, flexing neck muscles, a pearler of a question parts my lips, not from lower ego mind, but a shooting star from some far off distant dimension..."ever been lost mate?"

What happens next you don't see in any Holywood Blockbuster. No, of course he doesn't deck me with some Will Smith karate punch. All the blood drains out of the veins pumping in his expanded neck. The body relaxes. All the pent up energy dissolves from the moment, like some distant desert mirage.

So the veil falls, revealing in the chap a miracle of beingness - an astonishing chord of empathy: "yes mate, where are you trying to get to?"

It's the chords and harmonies of being that are the medicine bundle to the Modern Day Shaman. You're looking for frequencies, upwelling impulses, or that darting flash that tells you that the sail of your soul has found the right tack. As you get out of the car it's the ray 1 warrior responding to the 'battle' cry; walking across the tarmac it's the ray 2 of heavenly surrender and unconditional empathy; stooping down to connect its the ray 4 diplomat in you, before finally delivering that piece of divine magic, where the ray 7 of the wizard and the witch sparkle through.
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Mind the Moments of Maximum Inconvenience

The Modern Day Shaman must be especially attentive to those moments of maximum inconvenience. That's when truth strikes, like an arrow shot through the clouds. It's when you least need 'it', most want 'it', when you just can't afford 'it'. What is the 'it', if not your limitation? And so here is the gateway through which to pass. Here is the boundary to break. It's in all the 'little' things, the apparently inconsequential. What if you'd taken just a little more time, been a little more patient, made more space for the intuition, trialed that new route to work - what might you have seen or experienced, what moments of magic might have materialised?

And it's not in the 'peak' plant medicine experiences either. It's the nitty gritty of the inner inquiry, the transmutation of inner layers. Yesterday there was a degree of resistance to the 'ordinaryness' of the moment - what if we take off and experience some mysticism and magic?

But the flow had apparently deserted me. So embrace that, be in it, don't resist, deflect or divert. In every moment there is a miracle waiting to be born.

Deep into the ordinaryness I venture. It's 'grey' and 'boring'. Already I've gone far enough to catch this thread of illusion. Sit in it. Compel it. Blow it up into your surroundings. Amplify that which the spiritual identity least wants. There's an ache now, a sense of loss - the magic has deserted, like some bolted mustang. Let it go. Let it gallop away. Let the moment become totally ordinary, awesomely ordinary. Be deeply intimiate with every nuance. Then suddenly the illusion bursts. 'Ordinary' peels off the veil that had been shrouding...'Simplicity'.

Consider the infinite potential of the Source, the calm before the storm, the eye of the hurricane, are they not all Simple? And now I'm lying on the floor, journeying, travelling on astral planes to places I don't no where. So is the simplicity of the Modern Day Shaman.
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The Shaman in Me Calls the Shaman in You

So the Shaman in me calls to the Shaman in you. How do you choose to live your life? In the immediacy of text and technology feed, in the distraction of the deferral and soft comfort? Or, is it breaking down the barriers within, the judgments that we so easily project out into the world that render it grey and bleak. There's a cosmic miracle in you just waiting to happen. Yes, it's in the Sweat Lodge and the Fire Walk, but it's also in the stroll through the shopping mall, the sweat of the day job. How can you pierce the veil today?

Why not look through the ordinary into the awesomely ordinary. Heaven only knows what the Modern Day Shaman in you may find.

See you down the mystical flow!

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