How Does Our Garden Grow?

Seeds germinate by attention. Even manure or ignored thoughts grow.
Add good compose, focus on what you want.

Great gardens begin with the smallest of acts.
Micro-nutrients of smiles and kind gestures enrich the soil.
It can change how we feel. Like green shoots of hope,
these acts cultivate endless garden varieties.

While toiling in the rows, notice the deadheads.
What in life triggers you, causing anger or joy?
Drupes of awareness creates hardy tendrils of understanding
self and that our plots are inter-connected.

Cultivate blooms daily to alter lives.
Like a monecious plant, heart and mind link up. Rational and emotional blend into easier decisions.
Our garden becomes healthier.

Tilling the soil, the body leads and heart-mind follows.
When doing acts of kindness,
be aware how you feel and how you affect others.
Pay attention to small clues, nodes of propagation, Note it in your farmer’s almanac, get to the bare root.
Keep trying activities that feel good to discover what you love.

Gardening is not always easy. Take a moment to be in the moment.
Wipe the sweat from your brow and breathe. Organic loam is not limited to talent or aptitude. Everyday practice is what counts.Note daily smiles coming your way and watch our garden grow by leaps and bounds.
See how the fruits of our labor ripen on the vine
and feel the excitement of harvest time.
Our garden is ready.

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