Icy visitors from outer realms
race in predawn splendor towards the sun.
ENCKE particles alight in excited rhythms.
Flares trigger LiNEAR memories that hurt.
We have to release them sometime
and its time to change the story.

Four notoriously fickle messengers
gain our attention or lack of.
We the collective need this
exact amount of drama.
Our intention is to be on this version
to activate giving or receiving wisdom.

Incoming energies are balanced by grounding.
Breathe and focus
on new ways of creating heart potentials
for self and others.
The wake up call IS-ON.

Sun messengers tantalize us with tails of
health, LOVE-JOY and tranquility.
We look to the stars but
the final decision is ours to make.
Meanwhile celestial dancers
twirl (or knock) us around and around.
So spiritually we better ground and ground.

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