Injustice on Planet Earth stretched to Breaking Point

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A report by the charity Oxfam has recently revealed a staggering fact about injustice and inequity on our planet: 62 people, just enough to fill a reasonable sized coach, now own as much wealth, as the poorest 3.6 billion. Does that not bowl you over? And the wealth of the poorest, in comparison to the richest, fell a whopping 41% after the credit crunch. Doesn't that tell you something else? The level of injustice and inequity on our planet has reached breaking point, and those that lead, seem either ignorant or careless. Such injustice is woefully misaligned from a consciousness viewpoint. It won't continue. It can't continue indefinitely. I do believe we're fast reaching a climatic crux point. What can evolving people do?...

Expansion of Consciousness

First of all, it's important to recognise the redundancy of this old reality - like a worn out car, done way too many miles, that's guzzling gas and pumping out noxious fumes. Don't hide the fact, don't bury your head in the sand. Although such staggering inequity is enough to make you want to turn your back on it all, resist that; instead, look it square in the eyes...

Evolutionary growth is most invigorated by souls yearning for change. When you consciously witness the old way of being just doesn't work anymore, and you feel that in every fibre, let your warrior energy well up and ripple through the field, with an energetic roar - "It's time for change!"

You don't have to fight, effort or struggle. For people on the path, expansion of consciousness is the most powerful tool you have. Use it!

Live the New Paradigm NOW!

It's also vitally important that you don't wait for the New Paradigm simply to come. You have to move to it. Inside of yourself. There's a new density of being, a new frequency. What are its facets?...

  • The sense of interconnectivity: equity, with all life. When you see something - a bird or a flower or a tree - don't just pass it by. Work to feel it inside your own consciousness.
  • The language of synchronicity: in the world of the 3D, everything is considered separate, random, haphazard that you're supposed to control. In 5D reality, everything flows as spontaneous knowing, confirmed everywhere by feedback loops when we're paying attention. Pay attention!
  • Life is a Lesson: the purpose of life is to learn, evolve and grow. Your soul draws to you the very people, situations and circumstances you need to see yourself - both the distorted and aligned. Look in the mirror, see what you're being. Ask, does that serve me?
  • Be and express YOU: "the One" continually manifests mirrors of experience through which to know itself. The whole universe is just such a reflection. You're most at one with The One, when you're expressing your soul. Get to know your soul. How can you be more of that?
  • The sense of timelessness: when you're in the flow and expressing your soul, hours of 'time' can zip by in a flash. It feels like the past has dissolved into some distant galaxy, and future is landing now. Embrace the moment, the sense of timelessness.
  • Creating with the One: we create in unison with the One, recognising that all is interconnected and every action impacts every other part of the whole. Embrace your part in that creation, feel it infusing into you, unleash divine creativity through you - self-actualise through you.
  • Only ever take what you need: there's no such thing in 5D as 'storing resources', 'saving for a rainy day'. There is a constant flow. You receive with one hand and give with the other in equal measure. Don't be afraid to give. It's only through giving that you can receive.
  • Witness the infusion of energy: as you focus on the lightness of the soul within, energy infuses, carrying you progressively through 5GATEWAYS of expansion. Honour this lightness, follow the path of expansion. Let it become your new reality now.

These are only some of the main points to focus on - they're a good start. Time to begin!

Watch and live the transition

The universe is a continually flowing and reshaping Quantum Soup - where everything is interconnected. If there are lumpy coagulations (like the staggering fact that just 62 people own as much as 3.6 billion!), then reality bends around that blockage and starts to flow into it, working to unwind it and find balanced harmony again. So expect that change will happen - the only constant in a flowing universe is change.

  • So don't expect that when such a bottleneck in the flow has occurred, that all will simply continue ad infinitum. It won't!

Watch keenly for the changes happening in your life: in the nature of your relationships, your living environment, and how you work. Embrace and honour the changes, then you infuse the new consciousness into them. However resistant the situation may on the surface appear, underneath, things are shifting.

Take that step

So watch and live the transition now. Even if the changes only appear small. Take them, and watch reality begin to change. It needs to, for the good of all sentient life here. Take that step...

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