Integrating Cosmic Shift Energies

Submitted by Open on Wed, 09/13/2023 - 01:27

There's an increasing influx of solar and cosmic energies coming into our atmosphere and into our lives. It activates the soul in a powerful way, but can be very discombobulating unless we turn into it and work with it. Here's a "Spiritual Short" on how to approach it.

Check the Openhand lead article for more complete illumination and guidance...

Working with the Solar Logos to Support our Evolutionary Shift to 5D

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The Team felt to reinstigate these Short Spiritual videos catching an important topic of the time.

Non could be more important than the activities of the sun and how it's likely to be impacting our being.

What are you experiencing?

Do share. I'll happily offer a reflection.

Bright blessings

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