Meditating on the Inner Flame

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Many enlightened masters have spoken of the fire of inner transformation burning away the dross and bringing heightened states of awareness and empowerment. What are they talking about? Is this a real phenomenon and if so, how do you make your inner flame burn brightly?

Recently an acquaintance saw the following visions during meditation:

"I was surrounded by flames, like in a casket form, not yellow but blueish which came through me and sat upon my left hand. When the flames went I could picture a pit of green snakes entwined and from there came a vision of an embryo which sat in both my hands spinning around steadily. This disappeared and in my right hand I noticed a heart above which was a white dove..both then changed into an inner flame."

To me this is a fascinating insight which describes a very real phenomenon that we can all experience. The blue flame represents the energy of unity consciousness which when brought into the body, activates the inner flame in the heart chakra. The experience of this in the beginning is very subtle, perhaps only the tiniest vibration. However if we continue to bring attention to it through specific breathing techniques, the feeling grows and grows until it can be felt as a burning sensation in the chakra. When the fire has started to burn, if we allow it to, it will spread down the spine to the coccyx from where the Kundalini can be activated.

This is the release and flow upwards of previously entrapped universal life energy. It can be experienced as twin streams of energy rising up the spine, criss-crossing as they ascend. It is often described as entwined serpents or snakes rising from the base of the spine, just as was seen in the vision. At this point, much of the experience of separated self will have been dissolved and what replaces it is an arising of the 'true self' experienced as a spontaneous flow of authentic action without internal identity. This is like a 'rebirth' hence the foetus image in the vision.

As the kundalini energy rises, it reconnects with the consciousness of the higher self, represented by the dove and the two unite becoming one in the pineal gland - the third eye. This is all very wonderful of course but it doesn't end here. If we continue to focus on the inner flame centred in the heart chakra, then the energy will continue to flow around the body radiating outwards from the spine. The energy transmutes the lower vibrations of the denser physical matter, healing it, raising the vibration, expanding consciousness through our entire being which then positively influences creative action in your environment.

So is the inner flame a real phenomenon? - yes absolutely!!! If you tune into your body sufficiently, it is possible to intuit the right way to do the meditations but be patient - it can take many years to master. The process can be speeded up by working with people who've experienced this already so why not consider one of the Openhand courses where we teach the meditations? If you wish to bring your spiritual evolution into your own hands, contact us... click here

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