Morning shower meditation

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Want to feel invigorated in the morning? Try this... Here's a morning meditation that you can do in 5 minutes while taking a shower and is sure to rev you up better than any cafe latte. Turn the bathroom light off - you'll see why later. Set the shower to a warm comforting temperature and begin by feeling the warmth on your skin as the water trickles down your body. Imagine you are stood under a cleansing waterfall of golden light...

Then bring your attention to the crown of your head and visualise the golden light beginning to penetrate your head.

As it does so, it is bringing with it universal life energy and cleansing away any polluted energy from the previous day. Watch the darker energy flowing away from your feet. Move your awareness slowly down through your head bringing the golden light to those areas where your attention rests, all the while the denser energy flowing away from the feet. Work your way down through the body.

Notice if you encounter areas of particularly strong resistance and dwell longer in these places until the blockages are removed. Work your way all the way down to the feel so that now your whole body is filled with golden light and all the darker energy has been released. Stay as long as feels appropriate feeling all the while the warmth and joy of the life energy within you. Then get prepared to switch the water to cold - as cold as you can get it (no pain no gain!).

Prepare yourself before you switch temperature - be in the place of the observer, know that you are about to invigorate your entire endocrine system. Switch to cold and immediately take your attention to your feet. Visualise clear blue/indigo/violet light rising quickly from your toes all the way up your body to the top of your head and out into the universe. Stay in the cold water as long as you can. Then switch the shower off, close your eyes and cover them with your hands. Raise your eyebrows and watch the light effects which are representative of the energy now coursing through you. Now you're ready to meet the challenges of the day cleansed inside and out with the full energy of the universe at your finger tips!

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