5GATEWAYS 5day Retreat: Kiama/AUSTRALIA, 12th-17th March

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We're moving into times of profound evolutionary change.
People everywhere are ascending into the Fifth Density.
This is essential in the tumultuous shifts taking place.

But with so many philosophies and practices, how can you be sure you're accurately aligned with this Great 5D Shift? 5GATEWAYS is a profound spiritual routemap set down by masters through the ages. It has the capacity to illuminate your pathway. This Openhand 5GATEWAYS retreat will take you on an experiential journey, processing limiting karma and thereby catalysing your next evolutionary leap. It's an approach that's been helping thousands of people all across the planet...

    This retreat is happening at the energetic Emergence Studio, in the stunning coastal town Kiama.
    It's being organised and brought to Australia by Claire. Email: clazinyo@hotmail.com

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