Playing In The Rain

In a time gone by,
we played under first rain drops and
dashed in between. Watched them steam
on hot concrete and cool into dark wetness.
Worms emerged on sideways, dirt turned to mud
squishing between toes.
Completely drenched, we swam standing up.
Thundering dark clouds pounded
until lightning pushed us inside the house.

Now a days,
carry a compact umbrella to protect yourself.
Don’t play in the rain, could be toxic,
perhaps today or maybe in days to come.
You can watch from the window
unless, it’s just not worth it.

I understand,
that’s how my soul works too.
Sometimes I can’t help myself and
go walking in the rain anyway.
Soul freedom is conscious knowing.
that vibration attracts, creates health and just is.
I welcome the drizzle and
wrap muddy earth around me.

I salute you,
young, awaken ones already so expanded.
Play it how you feel it. Enjoy the rain, inside or out
for we are conscious creators with this planet.
Live like the golden survivors you are.
We are not going anywhere. We are here to stay.
Soul freedom.

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