Prayer for the Day....Ghosts

It is a personal choice on how I want to live my life,
even so, ghosts haunt me.
Shadow sensations lurking in my energy field
hide in vague family patterns deep within my blood.

My eyes catch glimpses in the mirror.
Vacant stares lack compassion but beg for it.
Shadows lurk with a subtle stunned look.
I recognize them as parts of me. Shut down by trauma,
they became lost.

Now, hungry ghosts come back to attach.
I feel possessed by loss of emotion and am shaken.
The world feels surreal.
The ghosts will not let me go without them.
They have waited so long.

Water cleanses me with grace and moves
unconditional love through every molecule of my body.
Give me courage to feel the fear that my ghosts bring.
I give thanks for their service and and take a quantum
step into multi-dimensionality.
I am a sovereign light being and a personality at the same time,
experiencing both things at once.
Recognition sparks the aspects to awaken and I call my ghosts home.

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