The Reset Boogie

The Reset Boogie

And so it begins . . . . the future.
Clasping hands, moving to an inner voice,
dance is the only friend I know.
Solar flares communicate an expansive waltz.
When I push, nothing pushes back. It is strange to be feeling bored.

Reset: Detached from back bending limbo and
leaps that press against gravity,
my inner male-female gracefully merge into a slow dance.
Pause. My mind taps nervous fingers.

Reset: Country western music plays. Hands on hips, right foot, left foot
stepping-out, co-creating relationships, freedom and adventures.
Why do I feel so uneasy?

Reset: Music fades. Spotlight stills and dancers stand frozen.
Lack of self-compassion and not feeling safe causes fatigue.
My body cries even in sleep. Completely frustrated, I sit it out.

Reset: Photonic belts explode me forward.
Tapping a frenzy tempo of clicking toes and clogging heels produces rapid beats.
Shamanic drumming calls me.
I long for home.

Reset: A fun dance of jazz originality perks my interest.
Bold, dramatic improves sweep my feet away.
Lack of connection makes isolated movements.
At times I am so lonely, where are you?

Reset: Soft hula of mellow movements. Hips swaying right, left
while arms lift filters. Triggers move towards consciousness.
I question the status quo but why am I so unsure?

Reset: Zumba trips me up. Is there judgment? Issues seem to be clustered together.
Shaking causes contracting and releasing, people change their tune.
It makes for an interesting pace.

Reset: Ballet, arms in fifth, high position becomes too rigid,
some obligations hold no joy.
Time to reframe the issue or just say no. It is time for gratitude.
I feel a stirring of passion.

Reset: Even boredom has purpose in Modern Dance.
Body weight enhances a deliberate fall on the floor.
Uncomfortable slogging keeps me moving to find something better.
I focus on what is right, hold the frequency and
dance in relaxed, broad strokes.

Reset: Hip Hop’s creative energy requires skill and experience.
Perfect basic steps set intention of know thy self.
Movements that appear simple when performed take
continual practice. Habits offer opportunity to
hold and pulse out heart frequency.

Reset: Flamenco, I stand motionless to gather momentum.
Timing comes right when you need it.
Hand clapping, percussive footwork and intricate hand,
arm and body move in divine order.
My human journey expresses passion, rage, ecstasy and boredom.

Reset: On stage, The Soul Family Band plays on.
My dance communicates my innermost to the audience.
After fierce stomping, a new lighter style breaks out.
I surrender to slow breath and steady heart beats.
I am feeling hopeful.

Reset: Pointed toes express the I Am twirl.
Embracing my life force,
I dance like if it is not expressed in the now moment, the mystery will be lost.
Sharp, jagged shadows become light and airy with a discovery.
I am home.

Reset: Curtains fall, I sit on a bench and take off my ballet slippers.
Long pink, satin laces integrate human emotions through movement.
I hang them on a hook and place my red reset button on the bottom shelf.
I close the locker and grab my water bottle.
Boredom gives way to patience.

Reset: Stepping into a new vista, my unique song plays inside my head.
My head tilts, arms saunter, steps lighten, my being shifts
and suddenly, I’m doing the Reset Boggie.

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