Solstice Poem Zombies At the Gate

There is knocking at the door and heavy breathing,
not from me.
Zombies have crashed the gate.
They smell my fear and
I hide under victim patterns from old earth.
Zombies focus on consuming. . . . me.

We have clean out our human collective closet
exposing the darkest of core issues.
It is all about first chakra survival now.
Zombies of dross shadows herd up
and creep up…… on me.

My friends don’t seem to notice and sit
in survival mode, denying this is happening.
Wanting to be part of the group, I almost sit down
but then I take the risk. . . . of not fitting in.

I walk among the zombies, remnants of unhealed
wounds, shreds of aspects who have not known
love for a long time. They can’t sabotage me
anymore than I have myself.

It takes brutal honesty to look past illusions.
Patterns repeating over and over, hoping maybe this
time it will be different. Old stories stuck in unaware
blockages, irritations. . . . .I scratch.

Healing is not undoing the past, it is acceptance
of my choices at the time, the path I was on.
I am a different person now. Reality is a different place.
Besides, zombies are at the door and knocks grows louder.
It is time to heal or simply let it go.

As I do this, awareness, calm and patience take root.
I am safe, supported and can support others.
I take my power back. Sovereignty has voice and action.

At this moment, we as a human collective
are making choices and speaking with one voice.
Because we are not in fear frequency,
we do not acquiesce to untruthful policies.

In Zombie land we no longer default to leaders playing
dark dramatic parts of enslavement and using
the same old zombie script, evoking fear at every level.

Using creative control over our perceptions,
we broadcast a lighter frequency into earth’s magnetic field.
Collectively our awareness allows a great step in human evolution.
A new path, an experience nothing can compare to.

As peace returns to each one of us,
our zombies disappear.
They go wherever the walking dead go.
The last one leaves the
gate open and it swings freely for the first time in eons.

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