Stepping Stones

My feet touch mossy tops above the flow.
Abundance of misty moments,
how do I trust?
Discernment turns unseen stones
into a visible course.
Landing on an edgy surface, breath pauses.
I see bigger, smoother stones
but this is about confidence
and allowing the best match for me.
I play a slip and slide game of opportunities.

Stones bridge conscious and subconscious.
Past dams the present.
It loops, do I stay here?
Intuition jumps boundaries and
holds space of a peaceful eddy.
Trying to balance,
I practice being an observer.
Pulled down by a vortex of gravity, my feet
get stuck on the muddy bottom. Ouch!
Spiritual baited hooks undermine my confidence.
Deep breath, catch and release: let others off the hook.
Lifted, spirit splashes me into a smile.

Water sounds resonate with my cells
our pulse holds a different signature than technology.
I am here because it provides the greatest service
and it is the best water hole in town.
Steady one foot and then the other,
I step towards neutral.
Water springs gurgle wonder, creativity and joy.
Waiting and wading, a heart-shaped stone appears.
I have arrived, I just know it.

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