The Storage Unit

Not really home cause
we don’t live there no more.
A lone storage unit protects our stuff
somewhere on a highway
resurfaced with potentials.

Calm before the storm,
dust devils start to roll.
Making order out of chaos,
emotions tumble inside my head.

The key is rusty.
Our things are a past collection,
no longer our story.
Can’t remember what’s in the boxes,
Maybe there’s forgiveness
taped tightly inside.

I shovel a path through the past.
Limited by the storage unit’s dimensions,
old habits haunt me.
It’s so heavy, holding on to this.
What to do, reuse, sell or toss?

Picking up a cracked glass frame,
I blow dust off a past perfect memory.
Your smile tugs at my heart.
Roses and tears, it was out of control.

Cobwebs shine in the sun, move in the breeze.
Cleaning cords in every corner
again and again, I forgive you.
A satin robe drops to the floor.
I leave it behind. No more spillovers.
I let it all go until
the storage unit is empty.
I forgive us.

The door is left open,
Nothing is left anymore.
Won’t forget but feel lighter now,
more balanced.
I forgive you and I forgive me too.

Going to a place where the forgiven go.
Learn how to love my own self
enough to believe it.
Happiness may be a perception
but I am fully capable
to enjoy the day’s beauty.

I start my engine.
Drive off in a new inner direction
stirring dusty potentials.
Traveling past forgiveness
on a path just right for me.

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