The "Seer" of all things

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The search for the Holy Grail
There is something which humanity has been searching for since our inception. Something which is the answer to every single question, every single thought, word, deed and feeling. It is our destiny, it is the beginning and end of everything...the circle completing itself. We can search, question and create as much as we want to in the external world of effects, but unless we've found the source of our inquisitiveness, we're guaranteed not to have satiated our desires. Yet even when we eventually give up the fruitless external struggle and embark on the inner journey, we still won't find it whilst someone is looking for it. So what am I talking about? It is the HolyGrail. The "Seer" of all things...

That which is sought cannot be found

This is the problem...God is everything and nothing at the same time. It exists in and through all things and we are that. Time and space is but an illusion; indeed the Universe is an elaborate dream. How could such wonder be real? How could such magnificience simply be created from nothing? Unless of course it is nothing. Indeed everything is nothing and nothing is everything. Quantum science tells us that if I was to take all of the space from between the subatomic particles of a human being, there wouldn't be enough matter to fit on a pin head! And even that which is left, cannot truly be defined has having mass and a definite centre. We can only speak in terms of our atoms having a probability of being in a certain place at a certain time. This is completely inline with what the mystics, gurus and sages have been saying for centuries...

"Know that this Universe is nothing but a dream,
a bluff of nature to test your consciousness of immortality."

Paramahansa Yogananda

Phoenix from the ashes

But I wouldn't expect you to believe either me or them, unless that is, you've already knowingly experienced that which is beyond experience...the mythical, magical Seer which arises like the Pheonix from the burned out ashes of identity. Yes, when we're no longer efforting or seeking and when we're no longer afraid of a particular outcome or circumstance in life, then suddenly the state of the Seer can simply arise within us. It is pure non-identified presence.

It exists in and through all things. It is everywhere and nowhere. When we experience being the Seer, it is as if no one is inside of us. It's as if we're being a blank canvas. And herein lies the "problem". We're so used to noise, distraction, efforting, searching or fear of the moment; we're so used to the space being filled, that when it isn't, we either find it so supreme that we want to own it, or so terrifying that we want to grasp onto something, anything to take the void - the sense of abandonment - away.

A simple choice to be free

Yes, society has invested so heavily in our identity. We have particular needs, wants desires, foibles, habits, skills and we've built elaborate stories around those - whole life styles have been created for us. We have expectations and the need to fulfill other people's expectations - our parents our friends "can you just do this for me please?" "Sure I can". "Oh you're not going to do that are you? That's just not how we do things around here".

And then one day, we might find a partner and have kids. Suddenly we're burdened with responsibility. But could you simply walk away from all of that? (not that you should, but if you were meant to). Could you have the world cast it's judgments at you and still be at peace within? Could you watch everything you've toiled, strived, efforted and succeeded for ground to dust and simply leave? Could you look into the face of that 9am appointment and walk away? Could you watch as they repossess your house and know it really doesn't matter? Could you sit in the middle of a field and simply starve knowing you're beyond anything that is material?

When you've fully embraced the Seer, you can do all of these things. That's not to say you'll have to, just that you could if you were meant to. And here's an important point...EVERYONE can embrace the Seer simply by making a choice to be free inside. By not allowing ourselves to be victimised by external events. By holding attention within and simply deciding to let go. There is nothing more to it than that.

An experience of the experienceless

The problem is that just as soon as we experience the Seer, something else arises from within it, apparently to take that experience away - our soul. Our soul takes us on a journey of experience and discovery. And yes, it takes us right into those experiences where we get stuck, where our buttons are pushed, where we identify with the illusion once more. So is the soul having some great cosmic joke at our expense? No, not at all.

The soul is choosing for us to discover deeper and deeper, more complete experiences of the Seer. We're being asked to walk down the blade edge of life. To be in it, but not of it. True mastery of this life experience is to be able to ride the wave of the soul, moment by moment without needing to know, or being afraid of what is coming next. So the journey of the soul takes place over countless lifetimes losing itself in this incredible illusion continually perfecting itself though learning experiences.

In other words, it finds ever more perfect ways of experiencing the experienceless. It does this by causing us to stare in the face of all our identities - our needs, desires wants fears etc and inviting us to overcome them. Not to be determined by them, not to be victimised by them. When we can master not being attached in this way, then we master life itself; we are enlightened, we get to have our cake and eat it!

Coming home

So have you experienced the Seer yet? You certainly have, but for many people, it gets clouded by the tired haze of life. And yet it is always there in the background. You'll know it when you experience it. It has been described as 'crystal clear clarity', 'isness', 'being', 'the void'. When we give up the fruitless search to shape the external drama in some way, when we give up needing a particular outcome in this moment, the Seer will come knocking and it will find you. And when it does, it feels like every light in the Universe just got switched on simultaneously! This is it. This is reality. This is what I've been REALLY looking for. It feels like coming home...coming home to who we truly are. And all we have to do is let go of the need to look elsewhere for something other than this pure, non-identified presence that we are...

"Don't tell me how wonderful things will be...someday. Show me how you can risk being completely at peace, truly okay with the way things are right now in this moment, and the next, and the next, and the next..." Oriah Mountain Dreamer

It is the answer to everything you're currently looking for and you can have it right now. Are you ready to look into the face of the moment and let go of what you think you should do next? Can you simply rest in the pure presence of that moment? Can you dare to be awesomely free whatever is happening? The Seer in you can.  

In loving support
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