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Welcome to Openhand!

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Openhand is dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness. We maintain this global web community to help people unveil their true selves and realign with the natural evolutionary flow of the universe.

Core spiritual philosophy

Our core spiritual philosophy centres around the connection to a profoundly evolved benevolent presence of the universe we call "Openhand". It's purpose we observe is to help unravel blockages and assist realignment with the natural harmony of life, both in individual sentient beings and the wider cosmos.

Openhand Inspirational Book Series

Key tools of spiritual evolution:

  • Breakthrough...simple but effective spiritual breakthrough process
  • 5GATEWAYS...an illuminating route map for evolution
  • Divinicus...catalysing the destiny of Mankind
  • Openhandway...a spiritual compass for walking the path
  • soulmotion...moving meditation for attuning to your soul

Spiritual Courses, service and support

Find out more about our full palette of activities. We'd welcome your involvement...

Find out about the Openhand Team:

Openhand is led by it's founder "Open", supported by close colleague Aspasia and a network of facilitators. You can read our brief biographies below...

  • Open: a Higher Dimensional Bridge...click here
  • Aspasia: Community Coordinator...click here
  • Openhand Facilitator Network: facilitators around the world...click here

Openhand contact and mailing

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