Woman shares touching Near Death Experience of being held in White Light

Submitted by Open on Tue, 05/27/2014 - 20:25

I found this video testimony of a young lady sharing her Near Death Experience deeply moving. Having slipped into a coma after a shattering car crash, she experienced being held in white light, a sense of being completely immersed in love, then taking a review of her life. It's an inspiration to anyone who might still question existence beyond death; and what strongly resonates, is the sense of expansion and joy in moving beyond physicality - like coming home. It's a definite must see...

I can recall something very similar from the Car Crash experience Chris was involved in. Although for him, the expansion and reconnection was done in full consciousness without leaving the body. What I also found quite fascinating was her sharing the experience of coming back 'down' and into the body. Because it's very similar to a walk-in experience too - something like what I experienced in the sacred agreement I had with Chris. Additionally, it's lovely, compelling evidence of the longevity of the soul.

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