11:11 Awakening Code

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We're deepening into a Global War on Materiality as the old 3D construct goes into its terminal death throws. In the bigger picture it's to be expected and entirely necessary where the reality has gotten so out of alignment with the cosmic cycles. So an awakening clarion call is being sent out across the planet for all those with the eyes to see and ears to hear. It's the 11:11 Awakening Code.
What is it telling us?

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God bless you John. Although we only shared a couple brief exchanges through online retreats, a great warmth just fizzed through my heart upon reading of your transition. The impermanence of the physical body is again reminded. Safe travels home brother. πŸ’™

I'm given to announce to the Openhand Community the passing of John Marzulli, which came as a suprise and deeply saddened several of us who first heard it. You can see John in the photo to the far left - I have my hand on his shoulder. He passed yesterday, following a reasonably routine medical process, which unfortunately caused unexpected internal bleeding. He was found by Ann on the top right of the picture. Blessings to Ann for supporting the safe passage of the Soul of John.

It seemed appropriate to share some thoughts, feelings and words about John's passing here with the 11:11 Awakening Video - because John for sure was a valiant warrior of the shift.

What can I say about John? Plenty, and my heart is filled with joy when I reflect on the time he spent with us all on retreat. John was a lion of a Soul, which is why the picture outside the Red Lion in Avebury seems so appropriate. He was a warrior of the heart, tremendously stoic and stalwart, but loving and friendly too.

(John far right in the foreground)

John had suffered a major spinal injury earlier in life through a martial arts accident - which he came to realise through journeying with Openhand that it was the manifestation of past life karma during the Sirius Shift. It left him severely constrained in his mobility. But never once did that put him off doing anything. If we went out across the hills or fields, he'd be there right behind us, just taking one step at a time. And although he needed quite some routine to get his body moving in the morning, I never once heard him complain. He was a man with a ready smile and a "wisecrack" to always uplift the mood of the moment.

John was a fearless warrior and entrepreneur - always innovating to find new ways of doing things. Always knowing there'd be a solution in the end. He worked through his karma and inner density with courage and commitment at all times - he dug into the mud and always came up smiling. He will be sorely missed by his Openhand family.

(John warming himself by the fire at Cae Mabon)

That said, in the Openhand retreat here in Glastonbury yesterday, with the group I invited him to stay on in the 4D and act as an angelic bridge for Souls passing on in the Shift. Providing of course that served his own purpose and mission. I have very much felt his presence since then. I'll wait to see what confirmation might come back.

Let us all send our love and well wishes for John and his onward journey, wherever that might be. No doubt he will be serving the shift with his warrior-like gusto in some form or other.

(John in Egypt, centre frame)

Remember John: "What we do in life, echoes in eternity".

You are deeply loved and missed.

Open πŸ™

For all those who want to get a blast of John's positive and exhuberant nature, you can see him in this Openhand film, sharing his thoughts on his involvement with the work. You'll see him at various times from the sharings at 3:33...

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Thank you for sharing that you connected with John during the Glastonbury retreat.  It sparked the following message to come through.  John very much wants to stay involved. He feels being involved with the work while he was in the 3D allowed him to gain an understanding of what the Openhand work is all about.  With your guidance (I got permission but I think the right word might be guidance), he is ready to serve however he best can.  He is looking forward to an "official" Openhand mission assignment.  Praying Emoji

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What are you playing at John? I knew you were the eternal journeyman, but hopping over the veil into the ether....did you remember to take all your pills and powders and that giant elastic band you used to exercise at 5am? I quickly learned not to sneak up behind you, as you were a highly trained warrior. In the end, as you were part Italian, we named you kato Corleone. I knew that being limited in form shouldn't stop us from expressing soul and you really demonstrated that. Despite having a spine full of pins and plates, you were still off like a rabbit in the field with your two sticks. You even toppled into the odd ditch to show us how you could navigate a quick escape. You were unstoppable buddy. Your image on zoom retreats, wall festooned with weapons as you gave your no nonsense contribution, will be missed. However, we look forward to your contributions from the other side. You so often had me in stitches with your 'hang em high, sock it to em' approach. But however direct your language, it was always underpinned with a razor sharp intelligence. Your perspectives in the Openhand work always added welcome clarity. In Egypt you hit the Karma jackpot. You wandered around the night train to Cairo, barely able to stand. I thought you were a gonna, but you bounced back. I learned a lot from you John. You demonstrated strength and resiliance while maintaining humility. I really love you buddy and would feel super sad but I know you're still around. Stay in touch, we'll still have fun, and I look forward to working with you. ❀️