"50% Rule" for inner attention

Submitted by Open on Mon, 12/23/2019 - 17:42
The "50% Rule" for active inner attention by Openhand

On the Openhand gatherings I often speak about the importance of the "50% rule". Which means that whatever is going on "out there", it will be of great help to you to have 50% of your attention "in here". The external is so seductive, especially at busy times of the year. It's easy to lose oneself in the drama. You end up actually enjoying it much less. But with 50% of your attention "in here", centred in your Sacred Ground of Being, no matter what drama others might get into around you, it means you can more often feel and pick up the emergence of authentic beingness wanting to shine forth. It means you'll be more in the flow and find the path of rightness through the moment therefore to mediate successfully through these times.

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